Blackstaff Tower Timeline

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Book One: Undermountain


The name of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun, the Archmage of Waterdeep, is known far and wide. An ally of the Harpers and suspected Lord of Waterdeep, the Blackstaff is a force for order in the sometimes wild North.

He is also well-known as a master to a great many wizards of note in the North, including Malchor Harpell and Savengriff. His many apprentices all show a flair for magic that others can only envy, and those who survive training with him inevitably go on to excel at the Art.

Mentorship with him is not easy, of course - he is often away tending to his other responsibilities and agendas. Even when he is in residence in Waterdeep, he is frequently embroiled in one task or another. Not only must his apprentices show willingness to comb through the materials he leaves them to study, but they must also demonstrate the motivation to get out and find their own opportunities to sharpen their mastery of the Art; indeed, it is no wonder that many of his finest apprentices are skilled adventurers in their own right.

But above all, they must demonstrate cunning and resilience, for all too often the enemies that Khelben makes while tending to his interests seek to follow him home - or try to lay waste to what is his in his absence.

Year of the Arch (1353 DR)

  • Chapter One: The Return of Demisante: Ches 23 - Tarsakh 2nd. In which Evendur first comes to Blackstaff Tower, the apprentices meet the Magister of Mystra, and Aelandelia is framed as a pick-pocket by the notorious (in her own mind) mage-thief Demisante. They track her into Undermountain, where Glim dies (for the first time) and they encounter Ahmadar's twin, a slaver who works for their father. With some well-timed treachery (and raise dead magic) from drow, the PCs escape Undermountain with Demisante in tow (though Ahkhalan swears revenge against her).
  • Chapter Two: An Absent Master: Tarsakh 3rd - Tarsakh x. In which Khelben is expected back, but does not return in time, and their aid is needed in Silverymoon. After attack by a mind flayer, they are introduced to the Refuge of Maldiglas in Waterdeep, and from there to Silverymoon to research the strange ailment that has befallen Khelben. Though forces (including dopplegangers and manticores) attack the Vault of Sages to stymie their efforts, they discover the source of the contagion afflicting the Blackstaff, allowing the Magister and Alustriel to affect a rescue by attacking the Beast Lord of Dekanter. They are rewarded with some relaxation time in Silverymoon.
  • Interlude: The Vintner's Crown: Greengrass. In which the PCs are invited by House Melshimber to the great Vintner's Crown event held at the Spires of the Morn. There, they meet all manner of personages of importance in Waterdeep, including the Open Lord Piergeiron and his daughter Aleena (whom Ciro takes a liking to). While they party well into the night, skipping House Melshimber's victory party, some nefarious person steals away the Vintner's Crown from them.
  • Interlude: Back In Order: Mirtul. In which Aelandelia leaves the tower, Ahmadar finds a place for Demisante at the Tower, Glim chats with a Selûnite named Arathka at the Old Xoblob Shop who knew her mother, Ciro ignores his duties at the Plinth, and a bunch of aranea interrupt a party at the Yawning Portal.
  • Chapter Three: A Brother Taken: Flamerule. In which Evendur's brother Olegh has disappeared, the PCs discover he was whisked away by slavers called the Steel Bracers as revenge against the actions of Orlpar Husteem, and they venture back into Undermountain with the help of Ahkhalan to take on the slavers in their subterranean lair and rescue Olegh (and a bunch of other slaves in the process, including some goodly drow faithful of a goddess called Eilistraee). Ciro is killed by umber hulks, and Ahkhalan guides them to Skullport.
  • Chapter Four: Into Skullport: Flamerule. In which the PCs meet friendly drow who worship a moon goddess, a less-than-friendly drow druidess who aids them regardless, a friendly mind flayer cleric of Oghma who returns Ciro to life and treats him to some tea and gossip while he recovers, and Ahmadar meets his father, Ahmaergo the Horned Dwarf. The faithful of Eilistraee ask for the PCs' help in clearing out a portion of Undermountain nearby for use as a temple space, and the PCs agree, clearing out piercers, eyes of the deep, carrion crawlers, an otyugh that eats (but does not kill) Glim, mind flayers, and some myconids they convince to work with the drow.
  • Downtime: Flamerule - Nightal. In which Ahmadar remains in Skullport to get to know his father and learn from a local necromancer, then spends some time in Silverymoon, helping his mother move there and settle down with some of the funds he acquired from Undermountain; Evendur is re-accepted into his family's good graces, renamed Heir, and takes a commission apprenticed under his Aunt Coremita in the field with the Thunderhelms; Ciro returns to Waterdeep's social scene and continues researching his book, continues to gain his aunt's confidences; and Glim begins her training as a Harper, accompanying Daemera of the Bow on a mission to Daggerdale.

The Year of the Bow (1354 DR)

  • Downtime: Hammer - Tarsakh. In which Ahmadar accepts an invitation to Citadel Adbar to teach some of their Thunder Children with magical potential and study with some of the elders of the Adbarrim about ancient dwarven runic magic; Evendur winters in Waterdeep, studying war magics at the Tower, and welcomes his family back from their winter; Ciro spends winter with his family at the vineyards in Scornubel, returning at the beginning of the season with a new/old love interest; and Glim returns to Hero's Rest after a long winter at the Tower brushing up on her own magics.

Book Two: The Magister


The Year of the Bow (1354 DR)

  • Chapter Five: At the MageFaire: Greengrass. xxx