Blackstaff Tower Wanderers

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The Magister

Imrul Athelzedar, the Magister
Imrul Athelzedar
The Magister
A friend of Khelben's, and the Magister of Mystra. Imrul is an unassuming man, and kindly spoken, though when the need arises, his quiet power is palpable. Like many previous Magisters, he loves to introduce people to magic, using his Art in kindly, useful ways, and passing on interesting, rare spells to those mages (particularly mages new to their Art) he meets.
Nouméa Drathchuld, Magister's Apprentice
Nouméa Drathchuld
Magister's Apprentice
An archivist at the Vault of Sages, Nouméa is an old friend of Ciro's from his days at the Vault. She came to Silverymoon as a young woman, desperate to learn magic, but too poor to afford the training from any of the magical collegia of the city. When she discovered that Vault archivists are often trained as wizards, she quickly found a way into an apprenticeship there, where she has discovered not just a talent for magic, but an affinity for the work of the archivists as well. She and Evendur spent a night of intimacy together in the High Palace of Silverymoon, before they parted ways: he to return to Waterdeep, and she to accept an offer of apprenticeship with the Magister.