Bonfire Clearing

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Bonfire Clearing
About 3/4 of a mile down a trail in the forest west of the university is a large cleaning. It is surrounded by trees on all sides, and the remnants of a large fire pit is quite apparent. It is now filled with tents and various archaeological equipment, and is in the early stages of being treated as an archaeological dig site. During most days, there are a handful of archaeologists, all working under Dr. Elaine Litchfield (who can often be found here herself), as well as one or two locals representing the Clatsop tribe of the area.
• Rolls for shifters to resist their savage natures (Feral Tests, Rookery Tests, etc), are made at a -1 penalty while here.
University of Astoria Faculty: Dr. Elaine Litchfield

University of Astoria Students: Renee McDonnell (Freshman), Carlie Banks (Sophomore)
Clatsop-Nehalem Tribal Members: Victor Sutherland, Oakley Gellert
Parks Department Staff: Douglas Mayhew

Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: Warner finds the clearing for the Bonfire party Henry is in charge of organizing, and helps to clear it and build a big enough firepit to hold a big bonfire. The Bonfire party is held, with a great turnout, though it is interrupted by what seems to be a rabid wolf attack. As police are examining the scene, they come upon a very, very old set of human remains - as it turns out, the clearing was once a major burial site for the Clatsop peoples. After some wrangling, local archaeologists and Clatsop elders broker an agreement that will allow for the exploration and documentation of the site.