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Free Council Ascendant


General Information [1]

Large Map [2]

Awakened Bronx

  • New York Reclamation Project: The New York Reclamation Project is a cabal made up of a group of fiery young idealist magi, formed in response to the news that Hierarchs from a variety of cities had put together a “perfect cabal” with the intention of continuing Consilium rule in New York City. Unlike the Cabal Et Astrum, however, the New York Reclamation Project (or Project: Golden Apple, as Phinia and Heliophilus enjoy referring to the cabal) isn’t made up of young magi chosen by authority figures: each of them were among a number of Free Council volunteers who wanted to take action against the perceived authoritarian formation of the Cabal Et Astrum. The NYRP declined to join the Consilium of the Phoenix, instead choosing to pull its people out of Manhattan and begin entrenching themselves in the Bronx.

Locations in Awakened Bronx

District 1

  • Downtown Bronx
    • Dr. Caldwell’s Apartment: Caldwell maintains a small apartment in downtown Bronx, near the police morgue. (Sanctum 3 [Space 2, Security 1], Library 2 [Middle Eastern death rites, world funerary customs]).
  • Port Morris [3]
    • Tzim-Tzum’s Workshops: Tzim-Tzum maintains his workshop and apartment in the middle of the Bronx, in an old industrial district undergoing renovation to a residential/commercial district. His workshop is actually located in the top of the building, along with the Hallow. (Sanctum 5 [Size 3, Security 2], Hallow 3 [Resonance: Technology], Library 3 [Techgnostic theory, radical Qabbalism, cyber-/cipher-punk theory)
  • Mott Haven [4]
  • Melrose [5]

District 2

District 3

  • Claremont Village (Housing Development)

District 4

  • Concourse (Housing Development)
  • High Bridge [9]
    • Phinia’s Shop: A body modification shop in XXX, Phinia and Heliophilus live in the loft apartment above the shop. (Sanctum 4 [Space 2, Security 2])
  • Mount Eden

District 5

  • Morris Heights [10]
  • Mount Hope
  • University Heights [11]
    • Phobos’ Townhouse: A nice two-story house along the East River in the Bronx, Phobos’ townhouse currently serves the local Free Council as a Lorehouse. Phobos also runs his private therapy business out of an office here. (Sanctum 7 [Size 4, Security 3], Library 3 [Psychology, Mystery traditions, Greek mysticism])
  • Fordham [12]

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

  • Soundview [24]
    • SMM: Sex, Money, Murder is a set of the Bloods local to Soundview. [25]
  • Parkchester [26]
  • Westchester Square
  • Unionport
  • Castle Hill [27]
  • Clason Point/Southview [28]

District 10

  • Throgs Neck/Edgewater Park/Schuylerville [29]
  • Country Club [30]
  • Pelham Bay [31]
  • City Island [32]
  • Hart Island [33]
  • Co-Op City [34]

District 11

District 12

  • Baychester [39]
  • Olinville [40]
  • Williamsbridge [41]
  • Edenwald [42]
  • Woodlawn [43]
  • Wakefield [44]
    • Wakefield State Hospital: A mental institution, around which the neighborhood eventually sprang up, and was named for. This asylum formerly housed the Mad Mage of Wakefield. These days, Phobos has arranged to occasionally check up on the residents and location, to make sure that nothing strange remains in the wake of the Mad Mage.
  • Eastchester [45]


  • Van Cortlandt Park [46]
  • Bronx Park [47]
  • Pelham Bay Park [48]

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