Cathlamet Bay Pack

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Cathlamet Bay Pack
The newly formed pack belonging to Alice & Donaldo, based out of Svensen, OR.
Alice (Bitten • Alpha)
Donaldo (Born • Beta)
Minerva (Born • Beta)
Cameron O'Reilly (Bitten • Beta)
Territory (Rating Unknown)
Den: Unknown
Area: None (Ours now) • Defensibility: Unknown
Loci: Unknown
Attunement: Unknown
Pack Tactics
Minerva Holman
Beta • The Local
A native of Svensen, Minerva was the first of the pack Alice gave the Bite to (or at least, the first who survived). She is a quick learner, and seems to have tamed her Feral Wolf faster than anyone Alice has ever seen before.
Common Locations: Svensen, OR
Cameron O'Reilly
Beta • The Pup
When Alice began watching the Astoria wolves, she couldn't help but notice the tumult the arrival of a new baby brothr for Jace seemed to cause. Taking an interest in the listless young man who accompanied him, but was chased away by the Evans, Alice found Cameron at a house party, blasted on some narcotic or another. She gave him the Bite that night, and he's been with her struggling to control his Wolf ever since.
Common Locations: Svensen, OR


Alpha of the Cathlamet Bay Pack
Formerly of the Coast Range Pack, Alice stole the alpha spark when she murdered Aedia against Volk's will, and fled shortly thereafter. She has apparently been busy putting together a pack and learning from the old wereowl, Heida Alders, with whom she has struck an alliance.
Common Locations: Svensen, OR
Beta • The Enforcer
Alice's ever-present companion and bodyguard, the two obviously had a very close, but very undefined relationship. He was tall, strong, and very threatening. He was killed when the Astoria Pack attacked him when he was away from his pack, invading his pack's territory. He was badly injured by attacks from werewolf claws, but it was Abe's silver filigreed sword that beheaded him.
Common Locations: Svensen, OR