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Race: Aarakocra, Class: Monk (Kensei)
Background: Faction Agent, Alignment: Chaotic Good
Patron Deity: Syranita
Factions: Harpers 8, Stationers' Guild 1
Ability Scores
Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 20 (+5), Constitution 10 (+0);
Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 9 (-1)
Bonus: +3
Saving Throws: STR & DEX
Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, History, Insight, Religion, Perception (x2 Proficiency Bonus for Sight), Performance
Tools: Calligrapher's Supplies, Cartographer's Tools, Herbalist Kit, Pipa
Languages: Common, Aarakocra, Auran, Chondathan, Espruar, Auld Wyrmish, Alzhedo
Armor: None
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Short Swords, Longsword (Dadao), Longbow, Battleaxe
Flight Speed 65, Natural Weapons, Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts, Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, Step of the Wind, Armored Movement, Path of the Kensei, Agile Parry, Kensei's Shot, Way of the Brush, Deflect Missiles, Slow Fall, Extra Attack, Stunning Strike
Sky Warden

+1 Battleaxe: +9, 1d8+6 Slashing, Versatile;
Dadao: +8, 1d8+5 Slashing, Versatile;
Longbow: +8, 1d8+5 Piercing;
Unarmed: +8, 1d6+5 Bludgeoning or Slashing
Armor Class: 20/22, Initiative: +5, Speed: 40 ft
Hit Points: 54, Hit Dice: 8d8

Personality Traits: PERSONALITY
Ideals: IDEALS
Bonds: BONDS
Flaws: FLAWS
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Racial Traits

  • Flight Speed 65
  • Natural Weapons (1d6+5 Slashing/Bludgeoning)

Class Traits

  • Unarmored Defense - Add Dex and Wis to AC
  • Martial Arts
  • Flurry of Blows (1 Ki) - +2 Additional unarmed attacks as Bonus Action
  • Patient Defense (1 Ki) - Take Dodge action as Bonus Action
  • Step of the Wind (1 Ki) - Disengage or Dash as Bonus Action; Double Jump Distances for Turn
  • Unarmored Movement - +10ft to Movement
  • Deflect Missiles - 1d10 + Dex Mod + Monk Level; (1 Ki) Make attack with projectile as monk weapon as Reaction
  • Slow-Fall - Use your reaction when you fall to reduce any falling damage you take by an amount equal to five times your monk level.
  • Extra Attack - You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.
  • Stunning Strike (1 Ki) - When you hit another creature with a melee weapon attack, attempt a stunning strike. The target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of your next turn.
  • Ki-Empowered Strikes - Your unarmed strikes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage.
  • Quickened Healing - As an action, spend 2 KI and roll MA Die. Gain HP equal to result.
  • Distant Eye - Make a ranged weapon attack, spend 1 ki to prevent attacking at disadvantage at long range.
  • Evasion - When you are subjected to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, you instead take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you fail.
  • Stillness of Mind - you can use your action to end one effect on yourself that is causing you to be charmed or frightened.

Specialty Traits

  • Path of the Kensei - Choose two weapons (Longsword, Longbow). Proficient with said weapons as monk weapons
  • Agile Parry - +2 AC until start of next turn if an unarmed attack was included with kensei weapon attack.
  • Kensei's Shot - add 1d4+5 Piercing damage to archery attack as bonus action
  • Way of the Brush - Calligrapher
  • Magic Kensei Weapons - Attacks with Kensei Weapons count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage.
  • Deft Strike - When you hit a target with a Kensei Weapon, spend 1 ki point to cause the weapon to deal extra damage to the target equal to your martial arts die. You can use this feature only once on each of your turns.

Background Traits

Faction Agent

  • +2 Skills
  • +2 Languages



Sky Warden

Prerequisite: Aarakocra
You are trained for both scouting the skies and aerial combat. You gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Dexterity or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency in the Perception skill if you don’t already have it. You add double your proficiency bonus to Perception checks that rely on sight.
  • Once per turn, if you are flying and dive at least 30 feet straight toward a target and then hit it with a melee weapon attack, the attack deals an extra 1d6 damage to the target.


Rapid Volley - Rank 1 - Short or Long Rest

When you make a ranged attack using a weapon against a creature, you can make one additional attack against a creature within range. If you target the same creature for both attacks, you gain a +1d4 bonus to each damage roll. If you target two different creatures, you take a -2 penalty to both attack rolls.

Heroic Effort - Rank 1 - Long Rest

Bonus Action: When below half HP, each ally within 50ft of you who can see/hear you gains 1d4 on dam until above half HP; When Activated, receive 2d10 Temp HP

Skirmishing Stance - Rank 1 - Long Rest

Bonus Action: Enter the Skirmishing stance. Until the stance ends, whenever you move at least 20 feet away from where you started your turn, you gain a +3 bonus to AC and a +4 bonus to Dexterity saving throws until the start of your next turn, and your next attack before the end of your next turn deals 1d6 extra damage.


  • Coins: 108cp • 1442sp • 0 ep • 2161gp • 50pp • Other coins: 0 Favor from House Malshimber
  • Gems: 1 Alexandrite (100gp)

Magic Items

  • Quiver of Ehlonna - Each of the quiver’s three compartments connects to an extradimensional space that allows the quiver to hold numerous items while never weighing more than 2 pounds. The shortest compartment can hold up to sixty arrows, bolts, or similar objects. The midsize compartment holds up to eighteen javelins or similar objects. The longest compartment holds up to six long objects, such as bows, quarterstaffs, or spears. You can draw any item the quiver contains as if doing so from a regular quiver or scabbard.
  • Journal that always has a page at the back to turn
  • Alchemical Ink that can be any color
  • Vial of Dark Eye Oil - 60ft Darkvision - 1 hr - Charges 3/5 - Blind if Blinded
  • Potion of Greater Healing x2
  • Eyes of the Eagle (Attuned)
  • Cloak of Falling Stars - +1 AC, +1 to all Saving Throws, 7/7 Charges, 2d6 Radiant, 120ft, 1/2 damage on DC 15 DEX Save, 1d6+1 Charges regained at Dusk (Attuned)
  • Bladed Bracers - +1 AC, Silvered Attacks
  • +1 Battleaxe - 1d8 (1d10 Versatile)
  • Hat of Disguise (Attuned)


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: +1 Battleaxe
  • Worn: Quiver of Ehlonna (Dadao)
  • Belt: x
  • Backpack: Explorer's Pack, Green Hag Office Supplies (Shiny parchment and super black ink), Deed for Merry Garland

Stored Equipment

  • Longbow
  • Pipa (Stringed Instrument)


  • Modest: (1 gp/day).

Downtime Actions

Downtime: 80/80 days

  • Stationer's Guild Training 40 days
    • 5 of 9 Tendays complete towards rank 2
  • Pit Fighting 10 days
    • Week 1: 3 - 0 +200gps
  • Exploits 20 days
    • Rapid Volley
    • Skirmishing Stance


  • Born to a small aarakocra colony in the southern Sword Mountains, though you have no memory of this.
  • According to Master Dumak, he was in those mountains when he saw the red dragon attack. He arrived too late to stop it, but found you huddled under some brush on the outskirts of the village, still quite young. He took you with him back to Waterdeep.
  • As there was no way to raise a child in the Monastery of the Sun, he asked a friend, Denabria Faez of the Harpers, to raise you. She and her wife Zavelinda brought you up in their inn, the Dusken Glade Inn.
  • As you hit adolescence, Master Dumak took you in for training as a monk, teaching you his own sword-monk disciplines.
  • You have been around Harpers all your life, so it was only natural that you should become one, which Denabria gave you the chance to do recently.

Important Individuals

Dusken Glade Inn

Denabria Faez
Mom + Harper Handler
Denabria has raised you for as long as you can remember. She has provided a roof over your head and food on your plate, and lavished you with as much affection as you felt comfortable receiving. She is always there with a laugh and a kiss on the head, and has always been your first protector and advocate. You have become a Harper under her guidance.
Denabria's ladywife, and your other mother, it was Zavelinda who first taught you beginning martial arts techniques, before Master Dumak decided that you were mature enough to begin his training regimen. She is the carefree one, the contrast to Denabria's careful management, and you know that she is wildly proud of your developing martial talents.


Master Dumak
Swordmonk Master
Master Dumak is an incredibly skilled sword-monk, wielding a strange, silver blade that gleams like quicksilver when he uses it. His teaching style is caustic and severe, quick to belittle your failures and stingy with praise, although you've known him long enough to be able to recognize when he is proud of your progress. He is very protective of you, although he would never step in to fight your battles for you. He has a dry sense of humor that you're fairly certain only you, Zavelinda, and Abbot Alger ever witness.
Abbot Alger of Amanautor
Abbot of the Monastery of the Sun
Distant but kind, even Master Dumak treats Abbot Alger with respect and deference. The abbot has always kept his distance to some degree, although as you've gotten older you suspect it's simply out of respect for Master Dumak: a student should have a single authority, and Abbot Alger is very observant of such boundaries. It isn't uncommon to find the Abbot out and about in the neighborhood where you live (Trades Point North), getting his hands dirty helping the locals out in some way or another.
Lessemas of Lathander
Sun Soul Adept
A senior monk at the monastery, Lessemas is quiet and contemplative, always rising before the dawn (along with the other Lathandrite monks). He prefers the space to work in the courtyard outside the monastery proper. He has acted as something of a big brother to you during your time, helping to explain certain things that Master Dumak is too impatient to bother with, or things that the monastery expects you to adhere to that are confusing.

The Stationers' Guild

Master Ilvaro Dunaer
Master in the Stationers' Guild
Your master in the Stationers' Guild is a no-nonsense man who was somewhat hesitant to take you on as an apprentice. Your diligence at work has won him over, though he does nothing to protect you from the rude stares and whispers of the rest of the guild.

The Copper Dragon

Young Adult Copper Dragon
Though old enough to have accumulated a respectable horde for himself (mostly because he's an avid orc-hunter), Tantialtannus has only just achieved adulthood as a copper dragon. Clarc and Heinrich worked with Zavelinda to help stop the Griffins from selling the information on where to find Tantialtannus's hoard to the Zhentarim, who are always after an easy coin. Tantialtannus's lair is located just north of Waterdeep, in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. As far as he's concerned, you're welcome anytime, especially if you bring your instruments! (He does so love music. And beer. He is also fond of beer.)