Coast Range Pack

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Coast Range Pack
A long-standing pack of decades, the Coast Range werewolves are feared for their leader Volk, who has a reputation for violence and a strange code of honor.
Volk (Born • Alpha)
Ulysses (Bitten • Beta)
• Sasha (Born • Beta)
Abel (Bitten • Beta)
Amanda (Bitten • Beta)
• Desiree (Born • Beta)
• Miranda (Bitten • Beta)
Harris (Bitten • Beta)
Gabe (Bitten • Beta)
Territory (Rating Unknown)
Den: Old campground in Tillamook State Forest
Area: ••••• • (450 sq miles) • Defensibility: Unknown
Loci: Unknown
Attunement: Unknown
Pack Tactics
Volk Yuriev
Importer, Pack Alpha
Volk has been revealed as the alpha of the Coastal Range Pack, and a terribly cruel monster according to the Astoria pack. He has also been identified as the one responsible for the death of the Astoria pack's first alpha.

Season One: Volk demonstrated significant interest in Stella, eventually revealing he bit her in order to bring her into his pack so she could help "raise" his wolves. She turned him down multiple times and eventually called into question his leadership, sending him Feral.
Ulysses Deneveu
The Ritemaster
A man older in appearance than Volk, and heavily tattooed, Ulysses keeps some degree of distance from the rest of the pack. He is clearly Volk's right-hand man, though, and his closest confidant.
Desiree Yuriev
Volk's Daughter
Like her father, Desiree was born a wolf. She has been part of his pack even from before she manifested her Wolf. The others consider her somewhat stand-offish and keep a respectful distance (partially because of how overwhelmingly protective of her Volk is).
Sasha Maldonado
The Dancer
Though the Astoria pack has never met her, they do know of another of Volk's pack: Sasha, who is apparently a dancer. She was the one who kidnapped Renee and took her to the warehouse, and is also the one who led the attack on the ranger station on the night of the Blood Moon.
Party Organizer
A relatively weak wolf physically, Abel has money and contacts that his pack puts to good use, however, and more than a small degree of devilish charm that he knows how to use to his best advantage.
Amanda Wade
Wrestler at OSU
A varsity wrestler at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR, Amanda's strength and skill are belied by her physical appearance. She is fairly quiet, and according to those who know her, practically worships Volk.
Miranda Barnes
Psychology Major (Sophomore)
One of the small clique of girls who seem to orbit Aedia, Miranda was bitten at the Bonfire, and taken by Volk. She participated in the Hunter's Moon attack on Astoria, attacking Stella in the ranger station.
Gabe Gerhardt
Conservation Major
A shy kid that keeps to himself, Gabe is a natural in the outdoors, having spent much of his time out in the wilder areas of western Washington. Gabe was a UoA student, and part of its GSA, until he was turned at the Bonfire, and taken by Volk. He is also wanted by the police in connection to some stolen university equipment. Gabe participated in the Hunter's Moon attack on Astoria, attacking Warner's loft.
Harris Clayton
Mathematics Major
A math major, Harris was a notably bright student. He was among those bitten at the Bonfire, and taken by Volk. He participated in the Hunter's Moon attack on Astoria, attacking Stella in the ranger station.


Maisha (Deceased)
The Knife Fighter
Former military, Maisha was a tremendous knife-fighter and all-around soldier. She was killed by Henry Mulgrew when he went Feral and ripped her throat out.
Common Locations: Unknown