Crimson Crush

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Crimson Crush

Colors Red & Gold
Uniform Red leather jackets with logo on back
Size Medium
Type Street • Orks, plus a few trolls and human ork-posers
Leader x
Lieutenants x
Other Notables x
Members x
District Redmond
Area Bargain Basement, the Verge
Hangouts The Scumpit, a dive bar in the Basement
Establishments None known
Operations Neighborhood protection, business extortion, BTL trade
Traditions x
Initiation x
Rituals x
Allied Gangs x
Rival Gangs First Nations
Syndicate Ties Yellow Lotus Triads
Other Interactions x

The Crimson Crush is an ork gang with turf in the Bargain Basement neighborhood around 228th Ave, though they have also begun expanding into the Verge of late. They wear red leathers and operate somewhat like a "neighborhood watch," protecting the local orks from various racist and other dangerous elements of the Barrens. The Crush clash regularly with human gangs aligned with the Humanis Policlub and Human Nation. They make money extorting protection money from the locals, along with some small-time smuggling and dealing. The Crush doesn't work closely with any of the syndicates, though they do get a lot of their BTLs from the Yellow Lotus Triads.

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