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A very old book, at least three hundred years old, the Crossroads Codex is a sheaf of parchment sewn together and bound between two thin rowan-wood covers. The covers themselves clearly once bore engravings or burnt lettering of some kind, but it has been badly burned and scorched, along with the edges of most of the papers in it.

[edit] The Man in Black's Grimoirum

The Crossroads Codex, written in a combination of Old English, French and German dialects, claims to be the tome borne by the Man in Black - the magister of Europe's witches, who traveled from coven to coven, teaching the witches of those covens magic.

  • The Codex teaches the Mysteries of the Magical Tradition of Witchcraft. Its lore is sufficient to teach the basic Magical Tradition: Witchcraft, the Traditional Adept Merit and the higher Mysteries of the Tradition as well.

[edit] Rotes

Additionally, it contains a variety of rotes, all of them Witchcraft Tradition rotes, but usable as normal rotes by anyone.

    • Tongue of Ash and Wormwood: "Speak with the Dead", Death •, Manipulation + Occult + Death; Placing a spring of wormwood under tongue +1, performed on new moon +2; Traditional Rote: Must be performed on a night of the new moon to be considered a Traditional rote
    • Shake the Restless Shades: "Ghost Summons", Death ••, Roll; Shaking a set of bone chimes +1, sprinkling ash from burnt wormwood on the grave or place of death of ghost to be summoned +2; Traditional Rote: This must be performed as extended spellcasting to be considered a Traditional rote.
    • Witch's Orison: "Winds of Chance", Fate •, Presence + Persuasion + Fate; Touching forehead of target with rose oil +1; Traditional Rote: The target must be someone who has done something kind or good for the caster to consider this a Traditional rote.
    • Rout and About: "Soothsaying", Fate ••, Wits + Subterfuge + Fate; Speaking the charm "Rout and About, Cast Untruth Out!" where at least three others can hear +1; Traditional Rote: This is considered a Traditional rote if it uses the "Rout and About" charm.
    • The Green Breath: "Cleanse the Body", Life •, Stamina + Occult + Life; Breaking or cutting any plant and smelling it while casting +1 (+2 if rosemary or sage); Traditional Rote: This must be performed first thing in the morning as a Traditional rote.
    • Enchant the Swain: "Pheromone Production", Life ••, Manipulation + Craft + Life; Drink a potion of damiana, hensbane and rose petals +1; Traditional Rote: The potion must be consumed to be considered a Tradition rote.
    • Hag's Eye: "Second Sight", Spirit •, Wits + Occult + Spirit; Gaze through a hagstone while casting +1, cast on new moon +1; Traditional Rote: A hagstone must be utilized to consider this a Tradition rote.
    • Parting the Veil: "Place of Power", Spirit ••, Dexterity + Occult + Spirit; Traditional Rote: This must be performed in a sanctified circle or temple space to be considered a Traditional rote.
    • Faery Time: "Tempus Fugit", Time •, Manipulation + Expression + Time; Singing a song about Thomas Rhymer one turn before +1 (+2 if full song is sung for one minute before), touch target with rowan or apple branch; Traditional Rote: To be considered a Tradition rote, this spell must be cast at dawn or dusk, or on a Solstice or Equinox.
    • Spirit-touch: "Psychometry", Time ••, Wits + Composure + Time; Spitting on hand before touching object +1, one minute of trancework before casting while holding object +2; Traditional Rote: Both the spittle and the trance are necessary to consider this a Tradition rote.
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