Crossroads Nightclub

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Crossroads Nightclub
A great place to get drunk and get laid, the Crossroads aims to attract the university students and other younger crowds of the area, and does a great job of doing just that.
• Gain one additional roll on any Social Maneuver involving sex, seduction or excess per Interval when the roll is made at the Crossroads.
• Exceptional successes on seduction-based Persuasion and Subterfuge rolls require three successes rather than the normal five.
Staff: Stephanie Condon (Bartender), Mitch Simpson (Barback)
Regular Patrons: Jace Evans, Thomas Michael Craig, Tommy Halloran, Lisa Hall, Zane Connley, Linda Dennison, Melissa Thompson, Haywood Nixon,Lysa Amber Godfrey, Carter Smythe
Occasional Patrons: Dane Ryerman, Lena Wahlman, Miranda Barnes, Sandy Roberts

The Crossroads is an unexpectedly swanky nightclub spot in Astoria near the waterfront, in the historical Franciscovich building. It has even attracted some attention from the Portland party scene, although is still by and large mostly an Astoria phenomenon.

The building that houses the Crossroads has held a number of other businesses over the years, all of which did moderately well in Astoria's pre-University economy. With the opening of the school, the brew pub that was here was bought out, the business shut down and the club opened just in time for the arrival of the university's first year of students.


The entry opens into the large lounge, with access to multisex bathrooms (single occupant rooms) on either side of the building, and a bar serving as the back wall of the lounge. Doorways on either side of the bar lead into the larger dance floor and DJ booth area, which is surrounded by a handful of wide upholstered benches that run the edge of the room, providing plenty of resting (and make out) space for patrons.

Dance Floor & DJ Booth

Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: Quite a few of the characters frequented Crossroads, and the club saw quite a few strange events, from werewolves discovering alcohol no longer affected them to them fighting for control in the sensory overload of the night life to Miranda disappearing suddenly one evening (taken, as it turned out, by Volk's pack).