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A small social group founded by Elemia Eltorchul and Kylleen Majarra, the Crownstaves are a group of young noble wizards - the most notable young wizards of their generation among the Waterdhavian social set. Though they do occasionally trade arcane secrets among one another, in truth they are more about having a peer group who understand what it is like to be both noble and a wizard, the sorts of demands that come of living both such lives.

Elemia Eltorchul
Priestess of Mystra
An ordained priestess of Mystra and a wizardess of some ability, Elemia's skill with the Art is eclipsed by her own sort of "magic": her standing in Waterdhavian society and her understanding of its subtle ebbs and flows. She is something of a social powerhouse, and enjoys the high esteem and regard of her fellows. Though she is not the most powerful wizard among the Crownstaves, she is certainly their leader. Before she joined the priesthood at the House of Wonder, Elemia studied the Art at her family's academy.
Rinorr Eltorchul
Student of the Eltorchul Academy
Elemia's younger cousin is a bit more awkward and retiring than his older cousin, whom he idolizes. He is a student at the Eltorchul Academy. He has a distinct affinity for corvids, and is never without his raven familiar Blackguard.
Kylleen Majarra
Apprentice to Shalara Malarrkin
Elemia's best friend, and a notable beauty in Waterdhavian society, Kylleen is an apprentice to Shalara, a wizardess with many would-be suitors herself (and who is the former apprentice of the noted mage and loremaster Kappiyan Flurmastyr). Where Elemia's comfort with social situations is a natural sort of grace, Kylleen's is clearly an honed skill, sharpened with many hours of study and practice. One wit has noted that Kylleen seems to love parties the way some generals love battlefields: an opportunity to test their skill against opponents, and increase their glory thereby.
Rurlar Majarra
Kylleen's Twin
A notorious duelist who shares his sister's dark good looks, Rurlar has not an ounce of magical talent. Despite this, he is definitely one of the members of the Crownstaves: handsome and influential, with a rogueish, devils-may-care attitude that makes him a favorite of Elemia (with whom he has an off-and-on fiery romance).
Tylarn Estelmer
Apprentice to Maaril the Dragonmage
Rurlar's best friend and boon companion, Tylarn is one of the apprentices of Maaril the Dragonmage. He happily trades on his mentor's sinister reputation as often as he can, cultivating his own villainous demeanor. Of course, Waterdeep being what it is, this merely entices rather than repels his peers (and some who ought to know better). He and Lamen are the only paired-off members of the Crownstaves, though this doesn't stop them from playing the romance games the others play; it simply means they are usually hunting for a third for their entertainment.
Lamen Ilzimmer
Apprentice to Maaril the Dragonmage
Quiet and watching is Lamen, and others often make the mistake of comparing her to Elemia and Kylleen and finding her wanting, socially. Too many make that mistake, though, and pay dearly for it. Lamen has a nose for scandals, and delights in discovering the nasty little secrets that others try and keep hidden, and she does not hesitate to use them to her advantage.
Costoth Thunderstaff
Apprentice to Marle Thunderstaff
One of the many Thunderstaff mages, Costoth is the oldest of the Crownstaves, nearing his thirtieth year. He is also the surliest of them, less capable at social games than the others, and so frequently sneering at them as "childish games." He is capable of maintaining that kind of distant contempt because he is also the most skilled mage of the Crownstaves, with access to the third-circle of magic. He is apprenticed to the Consort of House Thunderstaff.
Ilentyra Thunderstaff
Apprentice to Marle Thunderstaff
Costoth's younger sister Ilentyra has a kind smile and a simple beauty. She is eternally tolerant of her surly older brother, although she is the first to tell him when he is out of line or acting petulant. Elemia once described her as a "armored juggernaut of the social battlefield" - she is content to sit back and allow the intrigues to happen around her, largely immune to the cut-and-thrust of others, and choosing when to respond. Though she and Elemia aren't close friends, it's clear that there's something in their background that causes Elemia to treat her with respect.
Opert Thunderstaff
Apprentice to Marle Thunderstaff
A young cousin of Costoth and Ilentyra, Opert's Presentation was only this year. The sixteen year old is the youngest of the group, and brash in a way only very young nobles can be. He clearly idolizes Rurlar, who takes great delight in "winding up" the young man and setting him loose to see what kind of trouble he causes for himself (the answer is usually "plenty").
Dran Wands
Former Blackstaff Tower Apprentice
Formerly one of the Blackstaff's apprentices, and now Maskar's right hand, Dran is probably the most level-headed of the group (which is saying something, as Dran had the reputation as something of a wastrel with his family until recently). The Crownstaves is where Dran lets his noble tendencies - those that pull him toward hedonism and excess - free rein.
Lamthrinne Wands
Apprentice to Maskar Wands
Dran's younger cousin is a shy young woman with a very sharp wit, one whom Elemia has somewhat taken under her wing (to a small degree of alarm from Dran). She is a very capable wizardess, however, and her talent for the Art grows in leaps and bounds.