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Born as Robert Daniel Winters, Jr., Danny is Malachite's younger brother.

[edit] Notes

  • Unlike Malachite, Danny was adopted after being removed from his parents' custody
  • divorced
  • works in construction
  • has an adopted brother named Mickey
  • currently lives in LA (no longer true)
  • Malachite has a data-clone of Danny's cellphone
  • has a ferret named Calamity
  • Issa confirmed him to be terminally straight  :(
  • in order to protect Dany from possible danger from the LA Guardians or anyone else who might seek to harm Malachite through his brother, Dany was moved to Astoria
  • Dany lives at the Hotel Regina & is employed as a full time resident fix-it guy
  • Dany, Issa & Tanya spend a pretty decent amount of time together playing video games
  • Dany witnessed a little too much magic during the Verge storm that left him a little poorly sorted in the head. Rasayana did a little mental work to assist in convincing him it was all just confused hallucinations caused by the concussion he suffered when the condo collapsed into the river.
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