Danyk Deltario

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Danyk Deltario

Danyk Deltario (sometimes called the Sandadder due to the snake-like scar on his face) of House Deltario


  • Rumors circulate about how the silver tongued Deltario got his distinctive scar. To further add mystery, Danyk seems to have a new story each time he is asked. Some have suggested that Falcone may have given the man his mark, and that secretly the Braavosi Bladesman resents Danyk for bringing his sister to Westeros. If the two men's interaction are any indication, there seems no truth to the rumor.
  • It is widely known that the handsome Deltario has a taste for women, but rumors have surfaced recently that he may have a particular taste in married Ladies. While none have come forward to confirm this, several retainers to Angelo have become concerned that , if these rumors are true, it could cause complications to the House. A large number of messengers sent by the Deltario head off in the direction of Lealgrade.
  • Danyk may have some unresolved business in Braavos. Ships that sail for Essos often carry missives on behalf of the man. Much like his scar, each time he is asked, Danyk has some new story...and that's if he answers at all.
  • Danyk is rumored to control an extensive spy network.




  • Tall, dark, weathered and handsome -- Danyk is a true Salty Dornishman.
  • Quick to smile and possessing an extremely well practiced innocent and honest face, few are able to discern Danyks true levels of manipulation and deception. Danyk's good nature, however, is rarely more than skin deep, and when angered and provoked, his temperament can change as fast as a desert wind, becoming truly threatening.
  • Danyk has a taste for women, and while It is commonly known around the Castle that Lucia is his paramour, he has taken many short term lovers since he arrived in Dawn's Point a year ago. Further, he has become widely known as a habitual gambler, but tends to avoid games of pure chance, favoring cards instead.
  • Having spent many years in the Freecity of Braavos, he has adopted many of the their mannerisms, and he speaks with an odd ascent -- a melding of the trade houses of Sunspear and the canals of Braavos. While he may often act in bravado, he has a soft spot for babes and children, and when the Daytowers come to Dawnsport, he is sure to make time for their daughter, Melesa, entertaining her with tails of Essos and the many faiths of Braavos. It is unclear where he developed the habit, but Danyk appears to have a 'pet-name' for the women he frequently interacts with.
  • While technically a Knight, Danyk was... absent for his vigil and thus was never anointed, further he finds the seriousness with which most Knights take themselves to be too humorous for words. He rarely, if ever, demands to be addressed as Ser Danyk.


Agility: 4 (Acrobatics: 3B)

  • All results are increased by 4.

Animal Handling: 1
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 4 (Empathy: 2B)

  • All results are increased by 4
  • Passive Awareness is increased by 4

Cunning: 5 (Logic: 2B)

  • When testing for control of an Organization: +4

Deception: 5 (Act: 2B) (Bluff: 2B)

  • May reroll Three 1's in each test.
  • Increases all Deception results by 5.

Endurance: 2

  • +1B Healing in Deltario Holdings

Fighting: 4 (Fencing: +1B)
Healing: 2 (-1D Flaw)

  • Common: 4
  • Braavosi: 1

Knowledge: 3 (Streetwise: 1D+2B)
Marksmanship: 2 (-1D Flaw)
Persuasion: 3

  • Reroll any 6's and accept second result.

Status: 3 (Reputation and Tournaments: -1D)

  • Reroll any 6's and accept second result.

Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 2

  • (May reroll 4 dice testing Tactics)

Will: 3 (Coordinate: 1D+2B+4)


Intrigue Defense: 15 {4(Awareness)+5(Cunning)+3(Status)+1(Lifestyle)+2(Falcone Cohort)}

Composure: 9


Combat Defense: Base: 14 {4(Agility) +2(Athletics) +4(Awareness) +2(Blood of Rhoynes)+2 (Falcone Cohort)}

  • Acrobatic Dodging 22 (Base 14 + 6 Acrobatics + 2 Defensive)
  • Not attacking: +1

Attack: Braavosi Blade 4D+1

Damage: Braavosi Blade: 4(5 with Off-Hand)

Health: 6

Armor: None


  • Castle-Forged Braavosi Fencing Blade: Damage 4 Attack +1, Defensive +1, Fast
  • Left-Hand Dagger: Damage 3 Defensive +2, Off-Hand +1

Destiny, Benefits and Flaws

  • Destiny Points: 2


  • Blood of the Rhoynes: Danyk's Combat Defense is increased by 2. In addition when testing Tactics he may reroll 4 dice due to his Cunning.
  • Disarming Looks: (Reskined Attractive) Whenever Danyk rolls Deception, he may reroll three 1's (1/2 of his Deception).
  • Cohort: Falcone Bramati: When Danyk returned from Braavos with his Paramour, Lucia - her brother Falcone came as well. Falcone and Daynk are often inseparableg, and their dynamic relationship as led many to believe that the two men are also lovers. Because of their strong bond, Danyk gains +2 to his Intrigue and Combat Defense whenever Falcone is near.
  • Treacherous: During Intrigues, Danyk increases all Deception tests by 4 due to his Cunning.
  • Water Dancer I: Whenever Danyk tests Awareness, the result is increased by 4 due to his Fighting. Danyk's Passive Awareness is increased by the same amount.
  • Water Dancer 2: Whenever Danyk tests Agility, the result is increased by 4 due to his Fighting.
  • Expertise: Coordinate: Daynk is skilled in ensuring the efforts of a group of people are put to their best uses. He gains +1D when testing Coordinate.
  • Expertise: Streetwise: Years of living among the dangerous canals of Braavos has given Daynk an intuitive understanding of the streets. He gains +1D whenever testing Streetwise.
  • Logical Course: Able to see the larger picture better than most, Daynk is a master of using this to put his allies in the best possible positions. When testing Coordinate, Danyk may add double his ranks in Logic to the result.
  • Puppet Master: Daynk's skill in directing others has given him a natural affinity with managing organizations. Whenever Danyk rolls Cunning to direct the actions of the Spy Network, Assassin Cult, or Sabotuer Holdings, he may add double his rank in Coordinate to the result.
  • Acrobatic Dodge: With a Lesser Action, Danyk may add twice his Rank in Acrobatics Bonus dice to his Combat Defense.

Drawbacks and Flaws:

  • Debt: SECRET Danyk is deeply indebted to moneylenders in Braavos. The prices for all goods and services are doubled. He will go to great lengths to protect this secret from being discovered. He will go to even greater lengths to keep the reason of his debt a mystery.
  • Marked: Danyk's face is marred by a long curving, very snake like, scar. Because of this, whenever he rolls Persuasion, he must reroll any 6's scored. Those familiar with Danyk know that each time he is asked about the scar, he invents a new dramatic story about how he got it.
  • Intolerant to Injuries (Flaw: Healing) Though extremely skilled with a blade, Danyk has a revulsion to injuries and blood. While this does not seem to impair him when fighting, he is all but incapable of treating even the most common of wounds. On several occasions he has even fainted at the sight of blood. Danyk suffers -1D to all Healing Tests.
  • Animal Antagonist (Fear: Animals) Beasts of all kinds, even the most docile, become fearful or aggressive in Danyk's presence. Because of this, Danyk has become quiet uncomfortable around animals and avoids them if at all possible. Danyk's starting Animal Handling is 1. In addition, whenever threatened by animals (either trained beasts or wild preditors), Danyk is at -1D to all tests. As a free action each round, Danyk may roll one die and on a roll of a 6, this penalty is removed.
  • Poor Aim (Flaw: Marksmanship) Danyks aim is terrible. All tests made with Marksmanship are reduced by -1D.
  • Contempt for Knighthood: (Reskined: Haughty) Danyk has no respect for the customs and traditions of Westeros Knights, believing them to be laughable at best. Whenever he tests Status(Reputation or Tournaments) he is at -1D. In addition, anytime he is confronted by individuals who staunchly support and enforce such social conventions, or Knights who take themselves too seriously, his starting disposition is Dislike or worse.
  • Low Reputation: (Reskined: Marked) Danyk was technically Knighted in the War of Ninepenny Kings, but failed (or refused) to take the vows and accept the title. Because of this he has a somewhat sketchy reputation among certain circles of nobles. Anytime he rolls Status, he must reroll any 6's that are scored and accept the second result. Unlike Ignoble, this is more of a small social stigma and not an outright social outcasting.


  • Coin: 660ss + 76gd
  • Notable Items:
    • Fiddle
    • Myrish Lens
  • Garb:

Danyk favors the Braavosi cut if not the outlandish colors. His clothing tends to be loose, but often bound by soft straps at the upper arm and wrist. Unlike many other nobles, Danyk rarely, if ever, wears robes, instead favoring a dark hooded cloak.

  • 1GD worth of Nobles Garb - Black Dubblet trimmed in silver with soft black leather breaches. Accented with Silver Jewelry
  • 1GD worth of Nobles Garb - Fine Vest and cloak in sea foam blue-green, trimmed in gold. Accented with Gold Jewelry
Danyk's Braavosi Blade


  • Danyk has long since become fixated on mastering Water Dancing, though it is likely to take a lifetime.
  • SECRET Not a day goes by that Danyk does not think of his scar, and dreams of repaying it in kind.
  • When drunk, which is often, Danyk openly shares his vision of mounting an expedition to Old Valyria
  • Jack would like to see Oberyn Martell come to foster at Dawn's Point...


  • Lady Euphemia Wyl - Amiable
  • Ser Meribald Daytower - Indifferent
  • Ser Josian Lukas - Friendly
  • Lady Lelya Lukas - Friendly
  • Princess Naerys Martell - Amiable
  • Lord Edgar Yronwood - Unfriendly
  • Lady Amaya Sungold - Malicious
  • Tywin Lannister - Malicious


Earned: 193xp
  • Story One: Earned 35xp + 1dp
  • Story Two: Earned 125xp + 1dp
  • Story Three: 30xp + 1dp
  • Story Four: Chapter 1: 3xp

Spent: 150xp; Unspent: 40xp

  • Status 3 (10xp)
  • Coordinate, Empathy +2B (40xp)
  • Bluff +1B (10xp)
  • Cunning 5 (30xp)
  • Deception 5 (30xp)
  • Acrobatics +3B (30xp)