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Daven Tchazzem(?)was born of (insert important male family member here)and Leawen Sunsong a high elf Bard and Druid who was his mistress for many years. When the normally infertile elf became pregnant, Lord (IIMFH)panicked and set her up on a large estate just on the outskirts of Neverwinter. It was there that Daven was raised by his mother with occasional, and increasingly sparse, visits from his father. As he has grown into a man, Daven has come to resemble his father more and more, with only the slightly pointed ears and angular jaw indicating that he is anything more than human.



Character Record

Neutral Good Male Half-elf Ranger & Guide. DoB: 12th day of Marpenoth in the year 1331.

  • Ability Scores: Strength 18(+4), Dexterity 14(+2), Constitution 16(+3), Intelligence 12(+1), Wisdom 16(+3), Charisma 12(+1)


  • Saving Throws: Dexterity, Wisdom
  • Skills: Perception, Stealth, Survival
  • Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor
  • Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Shields
  • Tools: Mounts (Land), Climber's Kit

Traits & Languages

  • Traits: Wanderer: Good at maps and geography, can always find food
    • x: x
  • Languages: Common, Chondathan, Espruar (Elven)


  • Ideals: X
  • Flaws: X
  • Bonds: X


Age 22 in 1353 Born 12 Marpenoth, 1331 DR. Year of the Leaping Dolphin Born under the Sign of the Swan and with Waning Selûne under the sign of the Butterfly Those born under the sign of the Swan are discriminating, authoritative and set high personal standards. They appear cool and detached but are secret romantics and can be sensitive, vulnerable and self critical. Keenly perceptive, they have an eye for detail and refined aesthetic taste.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Butterfly are restless, sociable and good natured. Cheerful, expansive and magnetic, they win friends easily and dislike offending others. Although often indecisive, they are not weak willed and tackle difficult tasks with infectious optimism.


  • Armor Class: 15 (Armor: 13 + Dex Mod: 2 + Shield: 0 + Other: 0)
  • Hit Points: 13, Hit Dice: 1d10
  • Initiative: +2, Speed: 30ft
  • Attacks
    • Weapon: Bonus: +4, Damage & Effects: 1d8, Weight: 4 lbs



  • Platinum Pieces: x
  • Gold Pieces: 3
  • Electrum Pieces: x
  • Silver Pieces: 8
  • Copper Pieces: x
  • Other Coinage: x


Carried: Backpack, Bedroll, Hemp rope (50ft), Navigator's tools, Tent, Tinderbox, Traveler's clothes, Waterskin, Winter cloak, Studded leather armor, Longsword, Short bow, Arrows (20)


  • X Lifestyle: x



Important Individuals


Projects and/or Downtime


Experience Points

Earned: 80