Dontall Station

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Dontall Station

Astrographical Information
Region Outer Rim
Sector Durallian (Dontall Subsector)
System None; located in deep space
Suns None
Orbital Position None
Moons None
Coordinates xxx
Rotation Period None
Orbital Period None
Planetary Information
Class Space Station (formerly Hyperspace Beacon)
Climate Pressurized
Atmosphere Type I (breathable)
Gravity Standard
Primary Terrain Constructed Interior
Societal Information
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Varies
Primary Language Galactic Basic Standard
Government xxx
Population xxx
• xxx x%
Major Cities None
Major Imports Everything
Major Exports Trade
Affiliation xxx
Mechanical Information
Astrogation Durallian Line: Minor.
Knowledges {{{Knowledges}}}
Rarity Modifier {{{RarityModifier}}}
Other Mechanics Outer Rim: +2 to Item Rarity • Hyperspace Port: -1 to Item Rarity • Center of Civilization: -1 to Item Rarity
  • Dontal Station is a truly massive freestanding space station located in deep space between several systems but along on of the minor hyperspace trails.
  • The Station was built over the millennia out of the hulking remains of one of the great hyperspace beacons that allowed interstellar travel before nav-computers and astromechs.
  • This incredible object dwarfs even the massive Star Destroyers of the Imperial Fleet. The Station has declared itself as neutral and 'sovereign' territory, but the Empire does have a permanent presence on the station and operates one element of its Sector Fleet here.
  • This mammoth base is also home to an Klatooinian Trade Guild corporate office, headed by a powerful and charismatic Hutt.
  • Several corporations have offices on the station including Meeronal Mining, TransCast Aerospace, and dozens of others.
  • Further more the station is known for its expansive and opulent casinos, pleasure houses, and slave auctions.
  • Was recently locked down and seized control of by Imperial forces.


  • Satomis Brun: Entertainment Organizer. A particularly sleazy male human party organizer and entertainment "manager" who specializes in providing the entertainment to others' events.
  • Arhargus the Knife: Fixer. A Twi'lek male that specializes in establishing and maintaining contacts throughout the criminal organizations of the sector and the Station in particular. Also a small-time spice dealer.
  • Vilia Domaxi: Mob Boss. A successful mid-level mobster who makes her reputation as a go-between between larger criminal cartels. She owns a club and casino.


  • Domaxi's Club: Nightclub. Owned by the mob-boss Vilia Domaxi, where Chanda Aziva's Imperial warrant was served during a performance, just before Dontall Station as a whole was locked down by the Empire.
  • Chanda's Apartment: Apartment. A luxury three-bedroom apartment purchased for Chanda by an admirer several years ago. The Imperial presence on the station has prevented the entertainer's return.