Dusken Glade Rumors

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Tarsakh 1491 DR

  • Festhall Fliers: Some of the festhalls have started hiring pickpockets to put fliers and tokens INTO pockets! There must be several of them working for the various festhalls. (Source: Spending time at the Cliffwatch Inn.)
  • Curious Curios: A curios collector recently purchased several crates of old adventuring curios and the like from the Old Xoblob Shop - it turns out that there was a powerful mage's staff polymorphed into the shape of an old tin cup to disguise it. The proprietor of the Old Xoblob is demanding it be returned to him, but the curios collector is refusing.

Greengrass 1491 DR

  • Another Dead Alchemist: Galissil Olbiir, an alchemist down in the Dock Ward, was found killed yesterday evening. She was apparently stabbed with a poisoned blade, and her lab ransacked.
  • Ghost of the Black Viper (pt1): They say that the ghost of the Black Viper – a notorious burglar, pickpocket, mugger, and assassin from over a century ago – has been seen haunting the back alleys and dark streets of the North Ward.
  • Temple Burglary: Some burglars broke into the Font of Knowledge in the dead of winter. They ransacked part of the library, but didn't take anything according to temple officials.

Greengrass & Mirtul 1491 DR

  • The Halruuan Airship: The Open Lord Laeral has received emissaries from a Halruaan airship which has parked itself over the Open Lord's Palace. Everyone is wondering what this may mean, as the nation of Halruaa was thought destroyed during the Wailing Years.
  • The Red Gauntlet Demon: Several nights ago, a shapeshifting demon of some kind attacked an unknown mercenary at the Red Gauntlet tavern in South Ward. The beast shrieked something about "returning the cup and gem to its master" the entire time it attacked. Fortunately, two adventurers present there with blades were able to slay it, but the unknown mercenary disappeared before the fight was over.
  • The Red Duelists: Two unknown figures - a man and a woman - in and around the Court of the White Bull have taken to dressing in masks and doublets of brilliant red and gold and attacking known members of the Auld Hornies street gang. No one knows who the "Red Duelists" are, but many folk are raising glasses to them in the taverns around the Trades Ward.
  • Gangland Talks: They say that some of the gangs have started talking to one another, maybe planning something. They don't usually get along so well, so whatever it is they're discussing can't be good for Waterdhavians.

Kythorn 1491 DR

  • Holyhands Burglary: The Holyhands House in the North Ward was burglarized a few nights ago. They say whoever did it managed to get away with some very precious goods, and the priests at the temple are unhappy with how the Watch is treating the crime.
  • Dead Smugglers: The Watch has found a handful of sites where the bodies of known smugglers were dumped. Rumors are rampant about who could be responsible, from the Xanathar to the Zhentarim to a new power who wants to consolidate all the smugglers in the area under their control.

Flamerule 1491 DR

  • Market for Joystone: There's a thriving market on a drug; it is called joystone, the merrymaker, and glim-glee. It's something that the nobility are doing their best to keep all for themselves, and not even all of them can get their hands on it – which is why it's being sold for as much as it is, to those nobles who want it but can't have it.
  • The Lordsdeaths: Some people are saying that a bunch of the Masked Lords were killed recently. It happened right about the time that Laeral Silverhand came to power – no coincidence there!
  • Into the Undermountain: Someone has been hiring adventurers lately to go down into Undermountain. Some say they're looking for something or someone, or are out for revenge against something down in there. The person to speak to spend most of her days at the Yawning Portal.
  • Ghost of the Black Viper (pt2): Someone seems to be wearing the old costume of the Black Viper. They are haunting the back alleys and streets of the North Ward, attacking nobles and well-to-do folk they catch there! They seem to prefer targets who can duel with them, but will not hesitate to mug those who do not put up a fight. Flavor. This is Esvele Rosznar in her guise as the Black Viper.