Eightstone Tower

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Fortified Tower: 15,000gp + 100 days; includes Stables. Requires 10 Skilled Hirelings.

  • Escape Tunnel: 2500gp + 15 days.
  • Library: 2500gp + 15 days. Research downtime action.
  • Lapidary Workshop (Smithy): 2500gp + 15 days. Half time to craft jewelry, at least one hireling assigned to room generates 1d10 x 15gp every thirty days.
  • Magical Enchanter: 2500gp + 15 days. Reduce time to enchant magic items if have ability to cast spells of a specific level
    • Common (8 days, 38gp, 2nd level)
    • Uncommon (15 days, 150gp, 2nd level)
    • Rare (75 days, 1500gp, 3rd level)
    • Very Rare (188 days, 15,000gp, 6th level)
    • Legendary (375 days, 75,000gp, 9th level)
  • Arcanist's Study: 2500gp + 15 days. Double duration and half cost of casting abjuration, conjuration, enchantment, and illusion spells in tower.
  • Ritual Circle: 2500gp + 15 days. Rituals cast in half time if no gp cost, or half cost otherwise. Checks made as part of the ritual are done at advantage.
  • Other Costs: brewer's supplies (xgp), jeweler's supplies x 5 (xgp)

Throughout Tower

  • Jakes (J): Throughout the tower are simple jakes, seat-style toilets that drop down into shared passages into underground septic pits.


  • Cellar: A 30' x 30' chamber with a stone floor and shelves almost all the way around it. It is currently mostly empty.
  • Tunnel (T): This escape tunnel's door requires a DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check to find, and a DC 15 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check to discover how to open it. It leads to a subterranean tunnel that emerges in the remnants of an old courtyard two blocks away. The buildings around the courtyard are all ruined currently, and the tunnel opens into one side of a set of stairs that leads down into the basement levels of one of them.
  • Brewery: A room set up with a set of brewers supplies and casks for the storage of the household's ale.
  • Circle: A teleportation circle discovered by Hjolman, this chamber is locked with an arcane lock.

Ground Floor

  • Entryway: The entryway is a stout iron-banded oak door up a short set of round stairs at the front entrance. To the west side of the entryway is a cloakroom, and to the east side is a small guard chamber with a door that leads to the rest of the tower. The front door is arcane locked.
  • Dining: A sparse dining room with a modest-sized table, far smaller than what the chamber can hold.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is quite plain, with a large cooking hearth in the southwest corner of the room. Work tables surround the rest of the space.
  • Pantry: A storage space for food goods and the like. Mostly barrels and crates of goods, shelves with jars of dried goods, and the like.

First Floor

  • Apprentice Bunkroom: A large room separated up by dividers, with modest beds for each of the apprentices. Each bed has a small table beside it, and a chest at the foot of the bed. There is a warming hearth in the southwest corner, with a set of chairs out in front of it to allow a bit of relaxation before bedtime.
  • Library: Intended as a study-space for apprentices, Hjolman has stocked this room with useful works of low magic and arcane theory, of the sorts that those just learning the magical arts would find themselves referring to again and again.
  • Bath: A sizeable chamber that leads to two large copper tubs, separated by screens, one in the south of the room, and one in the north. A great copper vessel in an alcove in the back of the room heats water pumped into it, making warm baths easy and plentiful.
  • Stores: A storage chamber for this level, containing bedclothes and furnishings, as well as cleaning supplies and writing materials for the library.

Second Floor

  • Lapidary Workshop: Plenty of space for multiple lapidaries to work, with five work benches, each one of which contains a set of jeweler's supplies.
  • Master's Workshop: Hjolman's personal workshop, with a set of jeweler's supplies and the raw materials for much of his work. When he is in here, he keeps the door open. Otherwise, it remains closed and arcane locked. In the north part of the room is a door that leads out onto a stone-railed balcony.
  • Bath: A sizeable chamber that leads to two large copper tubs, separated by screens, one in the south of the room, and one in the north. A great copper vessel in an alcove in the back of the room heats water pumped into it, making warm baths easy and plentiful.
  • Stores: Storage space that includes raw materials for lapidary work and cleaning supplies.

Third Floor

  • Magical Workshop: A vast open space, this area is divided into several different workshop spaces for experimenting with spellcasting and other works of arcane lore. Two large windows are along both the southwest and southeast walls, with a jakes in the northeast. There is also a modest-sized warming hearth in the southeast wall.
  • Master's Workshop: The master's own workshop is behind this door in the north wall. Like Hjolman's lapidary workshop below, this one also has a balcony out a door in the north. The door to this room is arcane locked when he isn't here.

Fourth Floor

  • Library: The top of the spiral staircase ends in a long gallery, with arches along the southern side through which the rest of the library is contained. The floors here stand with shelves, many of which are currently empty. Hjolman's arcane library is found here, scrupulously organized according to his preferences. Paired windows stand along both the southeast and southwest walls, with a small warming hearth (rarely lit) in the southeastern wall between them. A set of jakes sits at the end of the gallery.
  • Study: Furnished with tables, chairs, and excellent reading lamps, as well as a cabinet of writing materials, the study is where those seeking material from the library take their findings for further examination. An arcane locked door in the north of the study leads to a balcony which overlooks the ruined village below. A set of stairs in the western end of the study leads upwards to the arcanist's study below.

Fifth Floor

  • Arcanist's Study: The master's workshop is where he keeps many of his most notable arcane secrets, relics, and trophies. It is an undisputable place of arcane power, and none of the apprentices are welcome here without an explicit invitation. A desk sits along the wall across from the top of the stairs, and the eastern part of the room is set up with a space for casting, including a cabalist's circle burnt into the wood flooring. A narrow set of stairs leads upward to the ritual circle on the next floor above.
  • Master's Chambers: A vast chamber with a low bed set into its center, and plenty of room for a variety of future uses all around it. In the south is Hjolman's dressing room, with his enchanted wardrobe and a room with a single mirror and plenty of good lighting. In the east is a modest sitting room, with a small warming hearth built into the wall, and plushy, comfortable seating for up to three folk. A door to the jakes sits in the northeast corner of the room.
  • Bath: A single grand copper tub is set into the floor on this level, with a positively decadent amount of space to it, and its own heating tank and water pump. Shelves are built into the wall all around it, with space for books, drink, and small glass jars of bath-resins.

Sixth Floor

  • Ritual Circle: The very top of the tower features a room cabalistically aligned for the purpose of ritual magics of all sorts. It features a rarely-used jakes in the eastern portion of the chamber.