Eightstone Village

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Hjolman's Holdings

The Cottage Baths

Cottage (Baths)

  • A large set of public baths, with two living quarters attached around the back of it.
  • Keromar Golemwright has one of the rooms; the other is set aside for Raullis Moonsinger's use.

The Eightstone Inn

Large House (Lodgings, Dining Hall, Tavern)

  • Large inn on Eightstone village center.
  • Hirelings: 1 skilled, 5 unskilled


  • Eightstone Tower: Master Hjolman Stonecaller
    • Apprentices: Alistaire Fiddlesticks, Cookie, Tragus Borungum, Keromar Golemwright, Rasa Bargullir, Oren Dahlbahn,
  • Irre's House: Kenku family, consisting of mother Irre, her two sons Kerc and Khir, and her daughter R'ksil.
  • Embermace Tower: Maren Embermace, performing some research. NOT a necromancer; just a conjurer.
    • Mary, a Thriken gnome apprentice who prefers to be called "Malady the Magician".
    • Chihuahua familiar named Bitters.
  • Dorgan's Smithy: Dorgan of Clan Nokkvar, smith