Esmaretta Vitagliano

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Player Name: Joseph Carriker
Concept: The Matriarch

Story Arc


Issue: Revenge
Screen Presence Per Episode

  • Episode One: 2
  • Episode Two: 1
  • Episode Three: 2
  • Episode Four: 1
  • Episode Five: 3

Personal Set

The Vitagliano Manor, a sprawling home on the outskirts of town.





Head of the Mob: Whether she likes it or not, Esmaretta isn't just the head of her family now - she's the head of her family's organization. Though that comes with tremendous power (most of it thoroughly illegal and/or illicit), it also weighs her down with a responsibility that she hates, but dares not shirk. She has come too far, after all, to allow everything to collapse now.

Hyper-Critical: Nothing escapes her eagle eyes, and Esmaretta manipulates and bullies those around her with her approval. She doesn't acknowledge when things are done well - after all, that is what she expects to happen. But God help the one who fails to measure up to her stringent expectations. They will be treated to a combination of whiplash tongue and steely wit.



Fabian: A fashion mogul who often visits the town of Verona, staying in the Vitagliano beachhouse when he's in the United States (usually for New York's Fashion week). Through Fabian, Esmaretta not only retains connections with the fashion industry and the celebrity elite, but also a tenuous connection when she herself was the darling of the runway.