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|DawnAbilities=''Archery'' 3, Martial Arts 1
|DawnAbilities=''Archery'' 3, Martial Arts 1
|ZenithAbilities=Integrity 3, ''Presence'' 2, Resistance 2
|ZenithAbilities=Integrity 3, ''Presence'' 2, Resistance 2
|TwilightAbilities=Investigation 2, Lore 2, ''Medicine'' 4 (Disease 1, Injuries 1), ''Occult'' 4 (Elementals)
|TwilightAbilities=Investigation 2, Lore 2, ''Medicine'' 4 (Disease 1, Injuries 1), ''Occult'' 4 (Elementals 1)
|NightAbilities=Awareness 2, ''Dodge'' 3, Stealth 2
|NightAbilities=Awareness 2, ''Dodge'' 3, Stealth 2
|EclipseAbilities=''Bureaucracy'' 3, ''Linguistics'' 3, ''Sail'' 2, ''Socialize'' 3 (Discern Motivations 2)
|EclipseAbilities=''Bureaucracy'' 3, ''Linguistics'' 3, ''Sail'' 2, ''Socialize'' 3 (Discern Motivations 2)

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Flawless Opal
Concept: Madame Occultist, Caste: Eclipse
Motivation: Free the people of Mistwatch from the Lord Protector and the Guild.
Experience: Total: 0 XP • Unspent: 0 XP
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 4, Appearance 2
Mental: Perception 2, Intelligence 5, Wits 4
Dawn: Archery 3, Martial Arts 1
Zenith: Integrity 3, Presence 2, Resistance 2
Twilight: Investigation 2, Lore 2, Medicine 4 (Disease 1, Injuries 1), Occult 4 (Elementals 1)
Night: Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Stealth 2
Eclipse: Bureaucracy 3, Linguistics 3, Sail 2, Socialize 3 (Discern Motivations 2)
Contacts 2, Followers 2, Influence 1, Mentor 1, Resources 4

Languages: Riverspeak (native); Old Realm, Tribal Tongues
Compassion: 2 • Conviction: 3 • Temperance: 3 • Valor: 1
Virtue Flaw: Ascetic Drive (Temperance): Confronted with inadequacies or human weakness. (One full day)
Badger (2): Though she sometimes frustrates me to no end, I do love my sister dearly. (Love)
River Sapphires (3): I am bereft and lost without my mother, and do not know if I can live up to her legacy. (Grief)
The House of Sapphires (3): I cannot allow my mother's life's work to fail. (Duty)
Her Mysterious Father (3): Mother instilled in me the fear of the day when he came looking for us. (Fear)
The Riverside Riots (1): These took my mother from me, and shattered any chance of living my own life. (Anger)
The Lord Protector & his Government (3): He killed people and destroyed the city I loved. (Hatred)
Rabble Rousing (1): This weapon cannot be aimed, and so the ills it inflicts are as bad as what it is being used to replace. (Loathing)
Personal Pool: 17 • Peripheral Pool: 38
Committed Essence: None
Manifestation: An opal carved into a mandala appears behind her, turning slowly and casting opalescent patterns of light onto everything around her.
Anima Abilities: xxx
Join Battle: 6 (Wits + Awr) • Dodge DV: 4 (Dex + Ddg + Ess/2) • Parry DV: 3 (war fan) • Shield:
Soak: 2b / 1l • Stunning Threshold: 2 (Sta) • Knockdown Threshold: 4 (Sta + Res)
Health Levels: -0 • -1 • -1 • -1 • -2 • -2 • -2 • -2 • -4 • Inc
Flame Pieces (2): Spd 5, Acc +1, Dam 8L, Rate 1/2, Range 8, F/S
War Fan: Spd 5, Acc +2, Dam +1L, Def +2, Rate 3
Social Combat
Join Debate: 6 (Wits + Awr) • Mental Dodge DV: 7 (WP + Int + Ess /2) • Read Motivation: Lies 4 (Per + Inv), Mood/Intimacy 7 (Per + Soc/Inv) • Hide Motivation: Mood/Lies 3 (Man + Soc/2), Intimacy 7 (Man + Soc)
Social Attacks
Presence: Spd 4, Honest 4, Deceitful 5, Rate 2, Honest Defense 2, Deceitful Defense 2
Performance: Spd 6, Honest 3, Deceitful 4, Rate 1, Honest Defense 1, Deceitful Defense 2
Investigation: Spd 5, Honest 5, Deceitful 6, Rate 2, Honest Defense 2, Deceitful Defense 3
Excellencies: Archery Overwhelming, Dodge Overwhelming, Medicine Overwhelming, Occult Overwhelming

Archery: Essence Arrow Attack
Linguistics: Sagacious Reading of Intent
Medicine: Wound-Mending Care Technique
Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
Resistance: Ox-Body Technique
Socialize: Mastery of Small Manners, Taboo Inflicting Diatribe
Terrestrial Circle Spells: Summon Elemental, Infallible Messenger

Character Notes


  • Contacts (2):
    • Lady Akiele: A wealthy noblewoman who was part of the original king's household, and who now works to manage the Lord Protector's household staff. She tends to always know what is going on in the Verdant Throne, information she is willing to pass on to my mother and I.
    • Voice of Fire: A musician much in demand around Mistwatch. They know all the other entertainers around town, and always have the best gossip available.
  • Followers (2): The staff of the House of Sapphires (max 20).
  • Influence (1): Flawless Opal is known as River Sapphire's factor.
  • Mentor (1): Auntie Rimbrisa. A Riverlin matriarch sorceress who trained Flawless Opal in occultism. She was the one who helped River Sapphires escape from Great Forks.
  • Resources (4): The House of Sapphires is exceedingly prosperous.


  • Essence Overwhelming: 1m/die; Reflexive; Combo-OK; Instant. Add one die per mote spent to a dice pool using the Excellency's Ability. May not increase a dice pool by more than the (Attribute + Ability) of the original pool. May also buy dice and roll to increase static values (including DV), increasing value by +1 per success generated in roll.
    • Abilities: Archery, Dodge, Medicine, Occult


  • Essence Arrow Attack: 2m; Supplemental; Combo-OK, Obvious; Instant. Add Essence in damage to an Archery attack. Also gain this benefit:
    • Righteous Judgment Arrow (1m): Add +4 dice to damage of attack, with effect based on anima.
    • Dazzling Flare: Arrow glows with holy fire. Archery attack becomes Holy keyword, an inflicts aggravated damage against creatures of darkness. Arrow shines brightly enough to be seen for (Solar Essence x 10 miles) if fired upward or in an unobstructed area.


  • Sagacious Reading of Intent: 3m; Reflexive (Step 2); Combo-OK, Social; Instant. Gain insight into the motivation behind a given statement. May use in defense against a social attack; if attacker's purpose is fundamentally hostile to Exalt or Exalt's Motivation, Charm negates the attack perfectly.


  • Wound-Mending Care Technique: 10m; Supplemental; Combo-OK, Touch; Until day ends. Use a dramatic action to treat, monitor, and tend a patient for at least one hour. Roll Intelligence + Medicine; patient recovers a number of bashing or lethal wounds equal to successes by the end of the day. If the target spends the day resting, they regain additional lethal and bashing wounds equal to the Solar's permanent Essence. No patient can benefit from this Charm more than once per day.


  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery: – ; Permanent; Instant. May take Terrestrial Circle Sorcery actions.


  • Ox-Body Technique: – ; Permanent; Stackable; Permanent. May purchase once per dot of Resistance. Each purchase provides one of the following: one -0 health level • two -1 health levels • one -1 and two -2 health levels.
    • Purchases (1): -1 + -2 + -2


  • Mastery of Small Manners: 1m; Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, Step 2 for defender); Combo-OK, Social; Until next action. Treat all enemy social groups as one Magnitude lower in rating. Increases effective Appearance by +1. Other characters are more apt to do small favors and provide hospitality. Ensures character understands the basic motivations of everyone present in the scene, as though Solar had rolled three successes on a mundane Investigation roll to estimate each person's motives.
  • Taboo Inflicting Diatribe: 3m, 1wp; Simple (6 long ticks); Combo-OK, Compulsion; Instant. Condemns or supports some behavior, encouraging an entire society to accept or reject it. Socialize-based social attack to compel a social group with Magnitude 1+. Must have spent several hours in previous month encouraging attitude. Roll Cha/Man + Socialize, subtract an external penalty equal to the leader's MDV plus half Magnitude from rolled successes. If succeeds, group adopts a taboo or fad of the character's choice. Taboo or fad remains part of the group's Policy until leader spends 10 Loyalty, at most one per week, to remove it. Charm has no effect on individuals, save that breaking the new rules of their society can make them outcasts.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

  • Floral Ferry: 15m. Cause a nearby plant to grow and change into a seaworthy vessel. Boat sails toward stated desired location in as straight a line as possible, maneuvering around obstacles too small to be carried over. Passengers and cargo stay safe even in the most tempestuous weather. Once the boat reaches its destination, it lingers for 10 minutes and then vanishes completely.
    • Floral Ferry: Speed: 15/20mph • Maneuverability: 2S • Endurance: (caster's Essence x100) miles • Crew: 1/1 • Cargo: 1 ton or 10 passengers • Armor: 6L/6B • Health Levels: Ux10/Mx10/Cx10/I/D • Weapons: None
  • Infallible Messenger: 10m. Summons a cherub spirit from Essence and whispers a message of up to five minutes in length. May be a Social attack with a Speed no greater than 5 ticks. Then name and describe a target; the cherub travels from one point in Creation or Yu-Shan nearly instantly, traversing hundreds of miles in an hour and the world in less than a day. Cherub can find the target unless their location is mystically concealed. Message can be enhanced with appropriate social Charms.
  • Summon Elemental: 10+m. Shaping action takes four hours, during which the spell's cost is committed until the Cast Sorcery action is taken.
    • Choose an elemental, either by name or by type. It appears, and the sorcerer and elemental engage in a contest of wills, rolling (Essence + Willpower); first to gain three more cumulative successes than their opponent wins. (Sorcerer may spend motes beyond base cost of spell; each 5 motes inflicts a -1 cumulative penalty to the spirit during this opposed test.)
    • If the sorcerer wins, the spirit is bound into servitude, exerting unnatural mental influence, with the spirit becoming loyal and serving for a lunar month. May also choose to instead name a single task that the spirit must perform until it is complete or until a year and a day passes.
    • If the spirit wins, the sorcerer may immediately make a reflexive Wits + Occult (Dif 1) test to banish the spirit. If it fails, the spirit is free in that spot to do as it pleases.
    • The spell uses ritual implements and protective sigils. If dispensed with, subtract one success from first roll to bind spirit and two successes from any roll to banish it.
    • Elemental Obscurity (Occult + Elemental Summoning spec): Obscurity ••••


  • Fogspinner: Huraka • The Warden. A huraka summoned originally to defend the House of Sapphires. Plays bodyguard for Flawless Opal.
  • Antimony: Mercury Ant • The Functionary. A mercury ant summoned to assist with the strange lodge outside Mistwatch, including digging tunnels.
  • Jaws-Snapping-from-the-Silt: Sobeksis • The xxx. A sobeksis we encountered along the Yellow River, who demanded tribute. Flawless Opal established a personal Cselenine Pact with him for an annual Resources ••• purchase.

Oaths Sanctified

  • The Spider of Nexus: Will notify Flawless Opal before he reveals the circle's identities. (Essence 3)


Earned: 44


Attributes: (current rating x4)

  • Stamina (3): 0/8

Abilities: (3 • current rating x2, -1 for Favored/Caste)

  • Archery (4): 0/5
  • Bureaucracy (4): 0/5
  • Dodge (4): 0/5
  • Linguistics (4): 0/5
  • Lore (3): 0/6
  • Occult (5): 0/7
  • Presence (3): 2/4
  • Socialize (4): 0/5
  • Socialize (5): 0/7
  • Stealth (3): 0/4

Specialties: 3

  • Archery: Firewands 0/3

Virtues: (rating x3)

  • Temperance (4): 0/9

Willpower: (rating x2)

  • Willpower (9): 0/16

Charms: (10, 8 for Caste/Favored; 16 for non-Solar)

  • Principle of Motion: 0/16
  • Bureaucracy Overwhelming: 0/8
  • Presence Overwhelming: 0/8
  • Socialize Overwhelming: 0/8
  • Spirit Detecting Glance (Occult): 0/8
  • Solar Flare Methodology (Archery): 0/8

Spells: (8 for Caste/Favored)

  • Death of Obsidian Butterflies (spell): 0/8
  • Demon of the First Circle (spell): 0/8
  • Emerald Countermagic (spell): 0/8
  • Invulnerable Skin of Bronze (spell): 0/8
  • Lightning Whip Smites the Water (spell): 0/8
  • Peacock Shadow Eyes (spell): 0/8
  • Ritual of Elemental Empowerment (spell): 0/8
  • Stormwind Rider (spell): 0/8

Essence: (current rating x8)

  • Essence (4): 10/24


  • Bureaucracy (2): 1
  • Sail (2): 1
  • Essence Arrow Attack: Dazzling Flare 1
  • Linguistics (3): 3
  • Dodge (3): 3
  • Bureaucracy (3): 3
  • Presence (2): 2
  • Taboo Inflicting Diatribe: 8
  • Occult: Elementals 3
  • Floral Ferry (spell): 8