Font of Knowledge

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Font of Knowledge
Temple of Oghma (plus Milil, Gond, and Deneir)
Castle Ward, Waterdeep
Founded 1368 DR
Population: 280 total
250 clergy (30 clerics, 22 bards, 198 priests; 220 ordained priests, 30 acolytes)
30 temple guards (20 paladins, 10 temple guard)
High Priestess: High Radiance Qannae Ilarynyn
Organizations: Order of the Aster (paladins)
Noble Patrons: House Estelmer, House Majarra
Guild Patrons: Scriveners, Scribes, & Clerks Guild.
Curse removal, healing, library, ritual, sages, social, training
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: Academic, creative, industrious
Primary Classes: Cleric, bard, paladin
Alignments: N, NG, LN, CN
Faction Ranks
Seeker: Rank 1. You are a sworn servant of Oghma, and ordained as novice clergy within the temple. You aid higher ranking priests in the sacred rites of the temple, and perform some basic services for lay worshippers in need of one-on-one aid.

Loremaster: Rank 3. You are a fully ordained priest of the temple's order, with the right to perform all the rites and services of the temple, save those reserved for the high priest or priestess.
Divine Hand: Rank 10. You bear the title of Divine Hand of the Font, responsible for tending to the proper rites of worship to the Binder within these hallowed halls, and to the training of priests. Its success and prosperity are wholly within your keeping.
Deneir's faith uses: Underpriest, Priest Illuminator, and High Scrivener.
Gond's faith uses Wonderer, Seeker after Small Things, and Master.
Milil's faith uses Mute One, Chanter, and Matriarch or Patriarch.


Temple Personages


Lamedella Frusk
Divine Hand of the Font • Rank 10
No-nonsense and with a very pointed personality, Divine Hand Lamedella Frusk takes her charge of the Font of Knowledge very seriously. Unlike many high clergy in the city of Waterdeep, she seems to eschew political meanderings and the sort of social tides that the powerful of the city are inevitably swept up in. Rumors abound with what Lamedella actually uses all her time for, from claims that she's a Harper to speculation about her health.
Loremaster Shilvarl Narenuin
Loremaster • Rank 6
Redheaded and given to extensive and often wild pontification, Loremaster Shilvarl is one of the main Oghman clergy loremasters who interact with the public. While most other of the priesthood have important tasks that require them to remain behind the scenes, Shilvarl is always out front, busy, and charming. As such he is the Divine Hand's first choice to act as representative for the temple to important organizations and individuals outside the temple.
Elborekk Stronquill
Priest Illuminator • Rank 5
One of Deneir's clergy, Elborekk is a half-orc wizard who came to Waterdeep some five years ago with a single goal: to learn wizardry. He presented himself to the Watchful Order, but could not pay the fees and no one would take him on for free. He met Aka there, however, and the strange foxman introduced him to some of the wizard-clergy at the Font of Knowledge, who agreed to take him on. He not only learned the Art, but also took oaths as a priest of Deneir.

Temple Defenders

Orlane Malt
Temple Guardian • Rank 3
A temple guardian who was recently slain by robbers after one of the Quillsages, she was able to be raised by the grace of Oghma. She assisted the Harpers in finding the skull of the sage Ammathair Hawkfeather (specialist in metaphysics and the history, myths, and theology of humankind) by attacking a gang's leadership and recovering the sacred relic.

Other Personages


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