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Gate of Gods NPC Photo Dumping Ground: This is where the ST will put photos of Storyteller Characters for use in making pages for them.


[edit] Mages of the Pentacle Orders

[edit] Astoria

  • Aquinas, French Silver Ladder Mastigos from the Tourblanc family, recently settled in Astoria
  • Danu, an Adamantine Arrow and Serafina's legacy mentor
  • Tanya Clark, twelve year old newly awakened mage

[edit] Consilium of the Rose (Portland OR)

[edit] The Cloister of Peace (Salem OR)

[edit] The Compact and the Conclave (Eugene and Springfield, OR)

  • Caucuses based in Eugene and Springfield: Empyrean Salle (Adamantine Arrow; Springfield), Redwood Forum (Free Council, Eugene).
  • Adder, Thunderbolt Guardian, one of the mages that came with Agrippa to rescue the cabal from the Guardians.
  • Shakti, Free Council Syndic, another of the mages with Agrippa that came to rescue the cabal from the Guardians.
  • Hisman, a member of the local Free Council caucus & Strategos of the Redwood Forum.
  • Corvian, Free Council jerk who insists he witnessed Citrinas of Magnum Opus murder a mage named Topaz in Seattle. He attacked Rasayana on sight, accusing him of being a Seer agent & challenged him to a duel, which Rasayana won & enlisted Corvian's allegiance in uncovering the truth behind the matter of Citrinas guild or innocence.
  • Laila - badass Acanthus who pulled a gun on Malachite

[edit] Other Mages of Cascadia

[edit] Consilium of the Mists (San Francisco, CA)

[edit] Consilium of the Angels (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Job - LA Adamantine Arrow, dressed as highway patrol
  • Unknown - a Guardian of the Veil the PCs witnessed murdering members of the Tourblanc family. Female, with long black hair, using Matter and Death magics.

[edit] Seers of the Throne

[edit] Bodhisattva Mandate Seers of the Throne (Pacific Northwest)

Seers of the Columbia Tetrarchy (an area encompassing the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada). Like all Seer conspiracies, its building blocks are pylons, the Seer equivalent of cabals.

[edit] Unknown Pylon

  • Auctorita, the Seer who had been posing as Eos in order to infiltrate Magnum Opus & stage the invasion of Portland.
    • Eos, the false persona used by Auctorita in order to infiltrate Magnum Opus.

[edit] Astoria Pylon (Name Unknown)

  • Wai Chi, Fivefold Vigil's mysterious adversary previously known as "The Man in Black"
  • Sofia Warren, another mage in Wai Chi's cabal, ex-Navy chick & total smug bitch who seeks to lay full claim to Hotel Regina
  • Heroditas, yet another mage in the enemy cabal with Wai Chi and Sofia Warren
  • Amenhotep, fourth member of the Seers pylon in Astoria/Warrenton

[edit] Pylon Hysmenai

According to Mathers, these Seers are a pylon of Praetorian hunter-killers, whose jobs in the Tetrarchy involve the identification and killing of targets. They were last seen hunting down the Seattle Free Councilor known as Siobhann.

  • Deimos, Issa's "BITCH"
  • Phobos, dude's favorite hobby seems to be having his death magic casually dispelled by Autumn
  • Enyo, crazy wasp-swarm girl with a fuck off sword of crazy
  • Nike, last encountered member and leader of the Hysmenai pylon

[edit] Sleepwalkers

  • Ophelia Rosetti, lawyer and Sleepwalker ally of both the PCs' cabal and Magnum Opus.
  • Malcolm Bruide, a sleepwalker from a Silver Ladder sponsored Proximus family.
  • Hannah Bruide, a sleepwalker from a Silver Ladder sponsored Proximus family.
  • Linette Myers, administrative staff at Rectory for the The Sanctuary, Garden District consilium in New Orleans

[edit] Sleepers

[edit] Hotel Regina

[edit] Old Town Locals

[edit] The Hills Residents

  • Wrightley Flavel, a wealthy recluse, Astoria founding family patriarch & owner of the Hotel Regina
  • Charline Toulouse, a semi-famous French actress & painter
  • Christopher Keller, Wrightley Flavel's butler & right hand man who manages his household & personal needs. Mitchell states that Christopher is under the control of Wai Chi & Sofia Warren and thus cannot be trusted. Eos was able to confirm that someone keeps him mentally shielded, though she was able to punch through it.

[edit] Out-of-Towners

  • Samantha Albrecht, a professional bodyguard who was the keystone in turning Malachite's life around.
  • Robert Henderson, a college frat kid with wealthy parents who's fate as a vampire-snack brought him to the attention of the cabal

[edit] Animals

  • Bill, a local seagull that Eos has become rather fond of

[edit] Deceased

  • Forest Clement, a private investigator employed by Ophelia Rosetti that was investigating the Hotel Regina. He is known to have a flair for the dramatic, having watched far too many police & detective dramas in the past. Detective Clement mysteriously vanished without a trace three nights prior to the cabal's arrival in Astoria. Mr. Clement was confirmed dead when his body was found in Twilight. His body was retrieved, visibly repaired & cast into the waterfront.
  • Noel & Martha Mavisson, Adoptive parents of Tanya Clark
  • Siobhann, Free Council Refugee of the Seattle Seige, Hunted by the Hysmenai

[edit] Ghosts

  • Tina McGregor, a strange ghost of a young woman, dressed in an outfit from the 1950s, walking through Old Town with a slit throat.
  • Claudette, ghost of a young Victorian woman who died in a fire in the Liberty Theater in Old Town.
  • Leon, ghost of an apprentice blacksmith who died in jail after being framed by the mayor, whose daughter he got pregnant.

[edit] Spirits

[edit] Other Supernaturals

  • Mr. Vampire, a vampire in Astoria. Very little is known of him at this point save that a number of his potential future victims' fates have alerted the cabal to his presence.
  • Eldis, savage & clawful vampire what got burninated. Stupid Forces.
  • Anisette, seductive vampire who bargained for her life; Issa took a bit of her hair.
  • Carnivale Moribund, not an individual, but a growing Krewe of Geists in New Orleans
    • Gypsy, a geist of the Carnivale with ties to San Francisco and people Autumn knows.
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