Gifts of Change

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Aligned Trait: Harmony (Werewolves)

Skin Thief

Although grisly, a werewolf with this Gift can don the skin of a kill as if it were his own natural hide.

  • Cost: 5 Essence + 1 Rage
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Until ended

The werewolf can only use this Gift while in human form. He must skin a human or predatory animal of roughly the same size as a wolf, enough to wear across his shoulders at least, and then don the skin. Once he has paid the Essence cost of the Gift, the werewolf’s skin warps and ripples before settling into a copy of the deceased’s appearance, bone structure, and muscle. In the case of a human, the werewolf becomes a physically perfect mimic of the prey until such a time as he willingly sheds the stolen skin or shapeshifts, bloodily tearing his way out of the sheath.

In the case of an animal, the werewolf’s wolf form now becomes a copy of the slain predator for one lunar month, although its traits do not otherwise change. If the werewolf spends a Willpower point, his wolf form copies the predator indefinitely, until he chooses to copy another animal with this Gift or decides to return to his wolf form. Whether the mimicked prey is human or animal, the Uratha’s eyes never change to match the new shape — they remain his own.

The Father's Form

The werewolf may take Alpha form without being an Alpha, bringing forth Father Wolf’s form.

  • Cost: 2 Rage
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Duration: Until form is surrendered

The werewolf can shift to Alpha form as though she had the War Form Merit. However, she does not regenerate as do Alphas in that form. In this form, the werewolf also gains 1 Rage per turn, and his Feral Wolf may spend up to his Alpha form's Stamina in Rage during the Feral Test. When he is fighting the Feral Test, he must retain the Alpha form throughout the entire test, and if he falls Feral, his Feral Wolf keeps this form. Once he completes his Feral Test, the werewolf cannot use this Gift again that scene.

Breaking Points committed while in the Father's Form are rolled against at a -2 penalty, as the form predisposes the werewolf toward degeneration.

Gaze of the Moon

A werewolf with this Gift can draw the Moon’s bright madness into his gaze, eyes flickering pure silver for a moment.

  • Cost: 1 Essence + 1 Rage
  • Action: Instant, Contested (Presence + Empathy + Aligned Trait vs Resolve + Composure)
  • Duration: Until Condition is resolved

When using this Gift, the werewolf targets a single human who can clearly see his eyes. If the werewolf wins the test, she inflicts the Insane Tilt on the target for the scene. If the werewolf gains an exceptional success, this also inflicts the Madness Condition on the target (as does repeated use of this Gift on a target).

Luna's Embrace

The Uratha with this Facet can change sex as easily as he or she changes form.

  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Until changed again

This Facet changes the Uratha’s sex until the next time Luna’s Embrace is used to change back again. The change is biologically complete and functional. The Uratha’s appearance changes so that he or she now looks very much like a twin brother or sister to his or her old self.

Quicksilver Flesh

The Uratha’s flesh flows like mercury at her urging, blurring the boundaries between the shapes that she can take.

  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: 1 scene

The Uratha can change a portion of her current form to match that of another, selecting a single benefit from the list below each time she uses this Gift. Each benefit indicates which forms it is available with.

  • Honed Senses: +3 to Perception checks (human)
  • Grasping Hands: Paws change to hands that can grip and manipulate (wolf)
  • Loping Stride: +2 Speed (human or hybrid)
  • Razor Talons: Claws that deal 1L (human)
  • Maw of Man: Can speak human languages clearly, loses any bite attack (wolf)

Other changes are also possible, based on agreement between the player and Storyteller.