Gifts of Hunting

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Aligned Trait: Primal Urge

Honed Senses

Any detail, no matter how small or subtle, could be the difference between the success of the hunt or its failure.

  • Cost: None
  • Action: Innate
  • Duration: Permanent

The werewolf achieves an exceptional success on Perception rolls with 3 successes instead of 5. If the Perception check is scent-based, the werewolf may choose to inflict the Scented Condition on his prey by gaining 1 Rage.

Cow the Prey

Everyone trembles when werewolves hunt. The prey knows the werewolf with this Gift is an implacable foe who cannot be stopped.

  • Cost: None
  • Action: Innate
  • Duration: Permanent

The werewolf achieves an exceptional success on Intimidation rolls against humans with 3 successes instead of 5. If he is using a growl while in non-human form against his target, he may inflict the Cowed Condition on his target by gaining 1 Rage.

Beast Talker

The primal tongue of the Uratha easily masters the languages of beasts and birds.

  • Cost: None
  • Action: Innate
  • Duration: Permanent

The werewolf can communicate with and understood any known animal. Animals may have limited understanding of the world around them and are likely to be afraid of a werewolf, but this Gift does allow the Uratha to engage in Social maneuvers against an animal.

Tireless Hunter

No matter how long the hunt or where it takes her, the hunter endures.

  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: 1 day

While this Gift is activated, the werewolf declares a goal - traditionally a hunt of some kind, but it can be the completion of any distinct goal. While this Gift remains active, she may ignore penalties equal to her Alignment Trait from tiredness, fatigue, and poor morale. She may also ignore any Conditions that would prevent her from spending Willpower, as long as the action in question will bring her closer to the hunt’s culmination. She does not even need to eat or drink, although she cannot maintain this benefit from the Gift for more than her Harmony in successive days; after that, she gains the appropriate Hunger Condition for the time she's gone without.

Impossible Spoor

All werewolves are superb hunters — those with this Gift surpass their fellows. The werewolf's senses are attuned to unusual or otherwise impossible traces. The lingering photons disturbed by the prey’s shadow; the slowly settling ripple of air currents disturbed by the prey; the electromagnetic handshake of the prey’s smartphone with a wireless hotspot — all leave a trail this werewolf can follow.

  • Cost: None or 1 Essence
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Duration: Scene

This Gift grants superlative tracking skills, as the werewolf notices traces invisible to others. When making Tracking rolls the werewolf adds two successes to every successful roll. No successes are added if the character fails the roll.

Additionally, the character may spend 1 Essence to remove any negative modifiers due to the age of the trail, and may spend additional Essence to negate the penalty each time the trail would degrade from environmental conditions. No matter how old the trail or how hostile the weather, werewolf with this Gift can always find something to track.