Gifts of Pack

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Aligned Trait: Pack Merit

Reflected Facets

A werewolf is a weapon armed with Gifts. Like an artillery strike, this Facet grants the Uratha’s pack the ability to guide her power.

  • Cost: +1 Essence
  • Action: Innate
  • Duration: Special

The werewolf may use her Gifts even against prey she cannot personally sense as long as one of her packmates can. This costs 1 additional Essence on top of the Gift's normal cost. The werewolf gains no special ability to know when her packmate can see the prey and must use other Gifts, signals, or technology to coordinate.

The character may also transfer Gifts that enhance the individual rather than target prey. The werewolf activates the Facet while paying 1 additional Essence, and the effects appear on the chosen packmate. The werewolf can’t reactivate the Facet while it is in use, but may cancel the transfer with a reflexive action.

Both uses of this Gift have a range of the werewolf's Pack Merit rating in miles.

Down the Prey

A pack of Uratha working in concert is a glorious and often lethal sight to behold.

  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Duration: Instant

The werewolf may use this Gift when she hits an enemy who has been injured by a packmate since her last turn. She may pick one of the following effects to apply to the prey:

  • A –2 penalty to the next dice pool that the prey rolls.
  • A +2 bonus to the werewolf's Defense against the prey for one turn.
  • The Knocked Down Tilt, as long as the prey’s Defense against the attack was 0.

Totem's Wrath

The werewolf forces the pack totem to physical form, where an Alpha-form-like shell hastily forms around it. The totem isn’t itself at that moment — it is a murderous foe that can only distinguish “pack” from “not pack.” Most totems believe that using this Facet violates their bargains with their packs, even those that enjoy violence and conflict. Use of this Facet can have a dramatic effect on the relationship between totem and pack.

  • Cost: 5 Essence, plus losing 1 Rage per Rank of the Totem
  • Action: Contested (Presence + Occult + Aligned Trait versus Power + Finesses + Resistance)
  • Duration: Until totem runs out of Essence

The totem immediately gains the Materialized Condition. This Facet forces it into a shell of flesh that resembles an Uratha’s Gauru form. The totem gains Power +3, Finesse +1, Resistance +2 and Size 7 (changing derived traits by Corpus +2, Initiative +1, Speed +4). It applies Defense to Firearms attacks.

Powered by Rage, the totem is a furious killer that will not attack those with the Pack Merit for its pack. The spirit loses 1 Essence per turn. Once it hits 0 Essence, or the werewolf using the Gift dismisses it, the totem explodes into ephemera with a final howl. Once dismissed, the totem withdraws from the pack. For one day per turn it was active, the pack cannot use any bonuses provided by the totem, nor can they use Gifts or rites that rely on its presence, including this Gift.

Maw of Madness

The jaws of the Uratha become a source of maddening taint, infecting the prey with a spasm of the Moon’s mad love.

  • Cost: 1 Essence
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Duration: Instant

When the Uratha successfully inflicts damage with his bite on a living victim who is not an Uratha, the victim suffers the Moon Taint Condition.

Pack Awareness

The pack is an extension of the Uratha’s own spirit, its life intertwined with her own. The pack is everything.

  • Cost: None or 1 Essence
  • Action: Innate
  • Duration: Permanent

This Facet grants the Uratha a permanent general sense of where each of her packmates is in relation to herself, as well as his or her general state and well-being. The effects reach up to a range of her Pack Merit in miles. She cannot be surprised by any enemy that any of her packmates are aware of, making it extremely hard to ambush her when she is with her pack. Finally, the Uratha may spend 1 Essence to speak mind-to-mind with any packmate she can see for one scene.