Greenwood Characters

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Delilah Redmond
Delilah Redmond is the mother of Dana Redmond, and seems in every way to be the modern suburban mother - she takes yoga, loves throwing wine-tasting parties, is quite the hand at selfie-taking and shops responsibly and locally.

Common Locations: City Center (shopping or lunching), Greenwood
Jasper Kyle
Modern Survivalist
Jasper is a former tomboy who claims her name set her destiny. She is an environmental engineer who runs a self-sufficient farmstead called Wavebreaker Ridge on the coast south of Astoria. She has close ties with the UofA and is a frequent guest lecturer and consultant on campus building projects. When she is in town, she loves to stop in at Crossroads and socialize with students who have shown a particular interest in environmentalism. This past summer, she sponsored several coveted internships on the Ridge as a pilot program with UofA. Mitch Simpson (the barback at the Crossroads) is completely smitten with her.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (as a guest lecturer), the Crossroads