Grunna the Forgewife

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Grunna the Forgewife
Race: Dwarf • Career Path: Current: Journeyman Runesmith • Former: ex-Tradesman • ex-Apprentice Runesmith
Experience: Unspent: - • Total: -
Personal Details
Gender: Female • Age: 49 (x) • Star Sign: Dragomas the Drake, Sign of Courage • Birthplace: Karak Hirn • Nationality: Citizen of Karak Hirn • Religion: Dwarven folk practices • Height: 4'8" • Weight: 180lb • Eyes: Coppery • Hair: Dark brown • Distinguishing Marks: Blue lip tint, tattoos on her forearms in the shape of the runes she has mastered.
Character Profile
Trait Starting Advance Current Purchases
Weapon Skill 43 +10% 53 2/2
Ballistic Skill 35 +5% 40 1/1
Strength 38 +10% 48 2/2
Toughness 40 +5% 45 1/1
Agility 25 +10% 35 2/2
Intelligence 36 +20% 56 4/4
Willpower 33 +25% 58 5/5
Fellowship 20 +5% 25 1/1
Attacks 1 0 1 0/0
Wounds 14 +3 17 3/3
Strength Bonus 3 - 4 -
Toughness Bonus 4 - 4 -
Movement 3 0 3 0/0
Magic 0 +2 2 2/2
Insanity Points - - 1 -
Fate Points 3 - 3 -
• Dealmaker: Gain +10% to Evaluate and Haggle tests.
• Dwarfcraft: +10% to Trades: Armorer, Brewer, Gem Cutter, Gunsmith, Miner, Smith, Stoneworker, Weaponsmith.
• Grudge-born Fury: +5% to Weapon Skill vs orcs, goblins, hobgoblins
• Hardy: +1 Woud to base profile.
• Night Vision: May see up to 30 in darkness.
• Resistance to Magic: +10% to Willpower to resist magic.
• Savvy: Add +5% to base Intelligence.
• Stouthearted: +10% to resist Fear or Terror tests and against Intimidation checks.
• Sturdy: Gain no movement penalty in heavy or plate armor.

• Rune (Iron): Armor • 15 • 6. Attacks reduce damage by 1, including against effects that normally ignore armor.
• Rune (Might): Weapon • 15 • 5. Weapon inflicts SB x2 but only against opponents with Toughness 50% or greater.
• Rune (Spellbreaking): Talisman • 13 • 3. Cause spell within 12 yards to end prematurely.
• Rune (Cleaving): Weapon • 14 • 4. +1 damage
• Rune (Stone): Armor • 10 • 3. Armor gains +1 AP.
• Rune (Striking): Weapon • 8 • 3. Wielder gains +10% to attack with weapon.

Armor Type Enc Locations Covered AP
Full Leather 80 All 1
Full Chain 210 All 3
Breastplate (Good) 68 Body 2
- - - -
Armour Points
Roll Location AP
01 - 15 Head 3 (7)
16 - 35 Right Arm 3 (7)
36 - 55 Left Arm 3 (7)
56 - 80 Body 5 (9)
81 - 90 Right Leg 3 (7)
91 - 00 Left Leg 3 (7)
Weapon Dam Enc Group Range Reload
Zonaz 4 45 Ordinary Melee None
Qualities: Best • Impact • Permanent Rune of Striking
Shield 2 50 Ordinary Melee None
Qualities: Good • Defensive • Temporary Rune of Striking
Crossbow 4 108 Ordinary 30/60 Full
Qualities: Good • Temporary Rune of Striking
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
Basic Skills
Basic Skill Total Purchases Other Bonus
Animal Care (Int) 28 0 0
Charm (Fel) 12 0 0
Command (Fel) 12 0 0
Concealment (Agl) 17 0 0
Consume Alcohol (Tgh) 22 0 0
Disguise (Fel) 12 0 0
Drive (Str) 48 1 0
Evaluate (Int) 76 2 +10%
Gamble (Int) 28 0 0
Gossip (Fel) 25 1 0
Haggle (Fel) 35 1 +10%
Intimidate (Str) 48 1 0
Outdoor Survival (Int) 28 0 0
Perception (Int) 76 3 0
Ride (Agl) 17 0 0
Row (Str) 24 0 0
Scale Sheer Surface (Str) 24 0 0
Search (Int) 28 0 0
Silent Move (Agl) 17 0 0
Swim (Str) 24 0 0
Advanced Skills
Advanced Skill Total Purchases Other Bonus
Dodge Blow (Agl) 35 1 0
Runecraft (WP) 68 2 0
Trade: Armorer (Str) 68 2 +10%
Trade: Smith (Str) 68 2 +10%
Trade: Weaponsmith (Str) 68 2 +10%
Trade: Stoneworker (Agl) 45 1 +10%
Trade: Miner (Str) 58 1 +10%
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
Knowledge Skills & Languages
Knowledge or Language Skill Total Purchases Other Bonus
Khazalid (Language) 56 1 0
Reikspiel + Goblin Tongue (Language) 56 1 0
Vysocine (Language) 56 1 0
Guild Tongue (Secret Lang) 56 1 0
Arcane Dwarf (Arcane Lang) 56 1 0
Border Princedoms (Common) 56 1 0
Dwarfs (Common Know) 56 1 0
History (Academic Know) 56 1 -
Runes (Arcane Know) 66 2 0
Read/Write 56 1 0
Other Equipment
• Armor: Full leather, full chain, plate breastplate (Good)
• Weapons: Best-quality Runeaxe (Best; set with permanent Rune of Striking), Shield (Good), Crossbow (Good; set with temporary Rune of Striking), case with 40 bolts
• Tools: Runesmith Trade Tools, Smith Trade Tools (Good), 6 healing draughts
• Livestock & Vehicles: Cart (holds up to 600 encumbrance), Jasper (dray pony)

Current Career & Advancement



  • Fellowship +5%




  • Weapon Skill +5%
  • Ballistic Skill +5%
  • Strength +5%
  • Intelligence +5%
  • Intelligence +5%
  • Willpower +5%
  • Willpower +5%
  • Intimidate
  • Wounds +1
  • Magic +1


  • Hardy
  • Rune: Fortitude
  • Rune: Spellbreaking
  • Rune: Might
  • Rune: Cleaving


  • Academic Knowledge: History
  • Dodge Blow
  • Perception
  • Runecraft
  • Arcane Knowledge: Runes
  • Speak Language: Goblin Tongue
  • Speak Language: Vysocine
  • Common Knowledge: Border Princedoms
  • Intimidate


  • Born Grunna Grendasdottir in Kazakzet (as Sigmarzeit is known by dwarves), under the sign of Dragomas, in year 2474, to the Goldforge family, a small family in the Runesmith clan.
    • Family lives in Karak Hirn.
    • Mother is Grenda Sunnisdottir, also called "the Fair-Ring," for the many rings of gold she wore on fingers, in ears, and in her hair. She is a finesmith, celebrated for her goldworking skills.
    • First Father is Fimbur Yadrisson, a weaponsmith known for the fineness of his axes.
    • Second Father is Harok Brogarsson, an armorer known for the quality of his mail.
    • Has a younger brother, Skalli Fimbursson, some fifteen years younger than she.
  • The Goldforges are part of the Runesmith family, though their branch hadn't produced any runesmiths in two generations.

Garazi (Adolescence • Childhood to 30 years)

  • Grunna was so excited at the prospect of working in the hold's mines that she showed up for work on the very day of her sixteenth name day.
    • She was turned away, of course, because her family hadn't arranged her time in the mines yet themselves (after all, she had another fourteen years before she had to uphold the tradition of Young Ones in the mines).
    • Discontent with that, she offered to take over the tasks for Drumin, a friend of hers who hated his time in the mines. He gratefully gave her his work clothes, and she promptly went to work on his behalf.
    • A year later, his deceit was discovered, and his family sent him away from the hold, much to her sadness. Drumin's family and hers development resentments because of Grunna's part in the deceit.
    • Her father forced her to wait another five years before he would permit her to go back to working the mines, forcing her to spend all those years in continued education by the clan's elders, a humiliating fate reserved for children.
  • Finally she was given permission to work the mines on her 21st year, and she took to it with gusto. She also began to learn smithing from her father, as well, who–now that she was no longer causing problems–was quite proud of her skill and dedication.

Gnurommi (Adulthood • 30 years to 70 years)

  • 29 years: Shortly before Grunna's rite of passage Kumnouht, where the dwarf is presented to the gathered clan, Drumin returned from his years of exile with his family in a smaller hold.
    • Grunna is thrilled to see him again, but he is surly and resentful of her, and they exchange harsh words with one another on the night of his Kumenhout. His family is very apologetic, making it clear they'd hoped that she would take Drumin for a groom when that time came. Grunna stormed out.
  • As her own Kumenhout approached, the Matriarch Throlin Runesmith approached her about the possibilities for her marriage - to Grunna's horror.
    • Her mother Grenda interceded on her behalf, begging Throlin for a few years to allow her to pursue apprenticeship at the smith.
    • Throlin agreed, with a condition: if she presented an exceptional knublsprube apprentice-piece at her adulthood rite, she would grant her another decade to pursue her craft. Grunna accepted readily.
    • Grunna worked feverishly for the half-year that led to her Kumnouht, planning and discarding attempts at every stage of execution.
  • 30: Finally on the night of her rite, she presented the Matriarch with a fine shield, announcing that she could not marry any dwarf, for she was married faithfully and lovingly to her forge, as surely as any new bride was.
    • Throlin studied it avidly, reaffirming once that Grunna had no aid in its making. She called several other elders of the clan over, and Grunna began to worry.
    • Finally, she announced that not only was the shield fine enough to pass muster, but the decorations she'd worked into its edges showed the nascent power of true runes.
    • Her clan and friends toasted her all the night, and her elders began calling her the "Forgewife" for her declaration.
    • The night she and Drumin made up, as well, though Grunna could not escape the fear that he only did so to secure a marriage in their future.
    • Afterwards, not only did Throlin grant the stay of marriage, but she arranged for Grunna to begin studying as a runesmith.
    • In their pride, her parents gave her Zonaz, the "Sun-Axe", an axe with the golden, circular blade, as well as armor.
  • She was apprenticed to Kargun the Runewright, one of clan's finest runesmiths in Karak Hirn.
    • As part of her apprenticeship, she frequently accompanied Kargun on missions they were sent on by King Alrik Ranulfsson, traveling to war-fronts and fortifications to improve the weapons and armaments there.
    • Her skills as weaponsmith and armorer were often called upon by her master as well, and he arranged for her to study with some of the finest masters in Karak Hirn.
  • 40: After ten years, she begged Throlin for another ten years before marriage, wishing to devote herself to the study of the runes.
    • The Matriarch accused her of stalling, which Grunna admitted to, but only because she desired to master this craft.
    • Her master Kargun spoke up on her behalf, and Throlin relented, but only for another decade.
  • In the meantime, her friend Drumin had begun study to become a loremaster, and the two of them frequently got together to discuss the heights of their educations.
  • 43: At this time, Kargun was sent to a waypost on the verge of greenskin lands, and he released Grunna from his service, but not before finding her a new master: the longbeard Hegan Wordbiter, a one-eyed scarred master runescribe.
    • Though he was less kind than Kargun had been, Hegan drove Grunna to heights of excellence in both her smithcraft and her runesmithing.
  • 49: Now that the end of her second ten years of grace is nearing an end, Grunna has become somewhat desperate for a way out of the inevitability of marriage.
    • To that end, she has done something somewhat impulsive: she has gone through the Runesmith Book of Grudges, and found a Grudge, declaring it her own task to tend to.
    • Of course, she did this by leaving a letter in her bed chambers and promptly snuck out into the greater world.
    • She has found a friend of the family, the Dwarf-Friend xxxx, intending to set up shop in Drachenschloss.

The Grudges

Grunna has declared herself attached to one Grudge, and is silently eyeing a second.

  • The Rune-Thief of the Goldforges: A couple of hundred years ago, a human worked hard to apprentice with my family, and came to be considered a Dwarf-friend. He was taught the arts of smithing, and was an avid hand at history and scholarship, picking up a modicum of rune-lore along the way.
    • At one point, he asked to see one of the older books of runecraft, and his teacher acquiesced. The human killed the runesmith and fled with the book.
    • Our family later discovered that much of what he'd told my family were lies, and he had help in faking some of the tasks he performed for us.
    • He was pursued to Vysocina, and killed, but the book was never found. There was no sigh he'd been paid for it, though there was some indication he'd delivered the book to someone else in Drakenschloss.
  • The Vampire of Vysocina: This Grudge Grunna is keeping in mind, though has not declared herself seeking to resolve it.
    • Hundreds of years ago, a runesmith of my family was in Vysocina. He and his band ran into a vampire who was engaged in something nefarious. This kin decided the vampire should be stopped, and he and his band fought against the vampire and its minions.
    • My kin was slain, as were most of his band, and one escaped. He claimed that the vampire was either slain or nearly so, but could not say for sure.
    • If the vampire's death can be confirmed, this Grudge will be resolved. Grunna secretly thinks it has surely been dealt with by now, and intends to collect this account, plus any information she can about it, and return with it to claim a second Grudge resolved.



Future Possibilities