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Henry Sebastian Mulgrew
Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 4;
Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4;
Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
Mental: Academics 2, Crafts 1

Physical: Athletics 3, Brawl 5 (grappling & biting), Drive 1, Larceny 1, Subterfuge 1
Social: Empathy 1, Intimidation 4 (predator gaze), Persuasion 2, Social 1, Subterfuge 1

Mental: None

Physical: Iron Stamina 3
Social: Resources 1, Allies - "Clean-Up Crew" 3
Fighting: Grappling Style 3, Defensive Combat (Brawl) 1, Choke Hold, Berserk Style 3, HL-Grappling Style 3
Supernatural: Pack 1 (Astoria Pack), Direwolf (2)

Health: 9, Willpower: 6, Size: 5, Speed: 13, Defense: 7 (Armor: None), Initiative: 5
Werewolf Traits
Harmony: 1, Primal Urge: 3, Essence: 8 max (max)
Refinements: x
Pack Tactics: x
Gifts: x
Rites: None
Werewolf Abilities
Essence: 1E to increase Physical stat by +1 for one scene
Regeneration: 1B per turn, 1Ess to heal 1L; Lethal heals at 15min interval; +Primal Urge to all healing rolls
Senses: +Primal Urge to perception; low light, hearing sensitivity (factor of 10), scent, tracking
Feral Wolf
The Destroyer Wolf: The wolf who is blood-thirsty and bestial becomes Destroyer Wolf as an Alpha, understanding his original desperate aggression as an expression of the concept of utter destruction given physical form. The Alphas of Destroyer Wolf - who is also called Fenrisulf - are called Blood Talons, and their rage is to be feared. Blood Talons seems to always smell of blood to wolves and other animals, and their eyes take on a terrible blood-red gleam.

Affinity Instinct: Rage. The Bloody Savage exists only to rend and tear and let flow as much blood as it can.
Feeding the Wolf: You regain a point of Essence and a Feral Die when you take an action that leads to unnecessary destruction.
Alpha Condition: Gain a Primal Beat when you kill an enemy that threatens you or yours.
Triggers: Predator, Territorial, Safety, Fury (+1)

Current Conditions
Swooning: xxx
Wild about someone; -2 to any roll that adversely affects them; they gain +2 on Social rolls against you, and treat your impression as one level higher.
Possible Sources: Exceptional Success: Persuasion, Subterfuge; mental powers, having another help you fulfill your Vice.
Resolution: Your character does something for his love interest that puts him in danger, or he opts to fail a roll to resist a Social action by the specified character. Alternately, if the target of your interest does something to badly damage that interest, you may resolve this Condition as well.

Alpha (Persistent)
You are an alpha werewolf, imbued with a spark of leadership and power. You have greater control over your shapeshifting: you can always roll your full Stamina + Resolve + Harmony as a reflexive action to shapeshift, and shapeshifting actions no longer inflict damage on you.

For the purpose of interacting with your Feral Wolf, your Harmony is always considered one die higher, and anytime you gain a point of Essence for fulfilling your Feral Wolf Archetype, you also regain a Willpower. Feral Triggers are reduced by one point of Rage gain, but when you face down your Feral Wolf, it is now an opposed test (your Resolve + Harmony against your own Wits + Primal Urge). When Hunting the Wolf, you are always hunting your Feral Wolf, regardless of your respective Harmony and Primal Urge ratings.

You gain access to a number of mechanical benefits, including the Dominance Howl (see Howls). If you are the alpha of a pack, you also have a pool of dice equal to the number of packmates in that pack. You can draw these extra dice to add to any action you take. You can even spend these dice as though they were Essence. Once a die is used from the pool it is gone, but the pool refreshes at sunset every day. Any packmates who have a Harmony of 0 may purchase their first point of Harmony for 2 Experiences, rather than the normal 3.
Possible Sources: Killing another alpha by your own claws and teeth, or successfully challenging the alpha of your own pack. Undertaking the Ancient Hunt.
Resolution: You are defeated in an alpha challenge. You sacrifice your alpha nature to power some magic, or otherwise have it stolen from you.
Beats: Gain a beat when you are forced into damaging or traumatic situations in order to preserve your pack. You also gain Primal Beats based on Alpha Lineage.



Born: November 24, 1992 Reborn:

Henry grew up in Raleigh, NC where his parents and sister remain. After graduating high school he moved to College Station, TX and attended the Texas A&M University on a partial rugby scholarship for two years while working at Home Depot. When he was offered a full scholarship by the University of Astoria's new rugby team he did not hesitate in accepting and made the move to Oregon.
Henry works part time as a waiter at the Wet Dog Cafe. He is a member and resident of the ATO fraternity house. His major is in mass communications with a minor in philosophy. When he's not attending to school, sports or at the gym, he is either hanging out with friends or can be found nestled in his bean bag playing video games or watching anime. In addition to rugby and wrestling, Henry also plays tennis, rides a Harley, knows how to repair it himself and plays the saxophone. He has a cat named R2.
Henry came out as gay during his first year of college. Other than a few dates and casual encounters he hasn't ever been in a relationship.
Henry is intent on enjoying his college years to the fullest, but while he loves to socialize and party, he is dedicated and passionate about rugby and by extension his schoolwork that he is required to maintain in order to continue playing on the team.
Some of who Henry was changed when he was transformed into a werewolf. And a great deal more after his violent death followed by his resurrection and conscription into the service of a god.


  • Um...isn't he dead?. Must be someone else. No. I'm pretty sure that guy's supposed to be, like really dead. Shh. Just don't make eye contact and maybe he'll go away.


  • Virtue: Valorous
    Some things need doing, even if the odds are not in your favor, they still need doing and you don't have time to sit around and hope someone else comes around to do it for you. Scary or not, if people need you, they need you now. This has gotten me in trouble a number of times, even landed me in the hospital once, but it's ALWAYS been worth it.
  • Vice: Poor Anger Management
    I try to be a patient man and I always want to do good, be the upstanding citizen and do the right thing. I try and hide it, but it's so easy for people or situations to just push me too far and all I really want to do is smash something or punch someone. My hand may be sore, and I hate to admit it, but I always feel better when something or someone is broken or bleeding. I generally try and channel that energy into more productive things, which is how I got into rugby and wrestling. After four broken mobile phones, three suspensions due to fights, a restraining order and a wrecked car (his looked worse), my shrink suggested I find a more productive means for channeling my anger. It works on most days.


  • Miranda, Sasha, Gabe, Harris, Volk...Miranda, Sasha, Gabe, Harris, Volk...
  • Reclaim a semblance of his old life
  • Jace...
  • Freki's task/get Sparky back


I had found one before. It worked for me. Back then. I don't feel it now. It feels like whimsy and nothing in my life feels whimsical anymore. Just broken and a struggle against doom.

Breaking Points

  • Failing to safeguard his wards from the supernatural world
  • Being alone/stranded
  • Loss of something/someone important from losing control


  • Possessions:
    • Carried: wallet, keys, pocket knife, smartphone, wireless headphones, sometimes a backpack with papers, supplies, textbooks and his tablet.
    • Home: laptop, a plethora of console systems, television, cat (R2) & furniture.
  • Weapons: A small, rather unalarming pocket knife.
  • Other Notes: X

Merit Details

  • Iron Stamina: In contact sports, you gotta be able to take a few beatings and keep on going.
  • Resources: Part time waiter at the Wet Dog Cafe.
  • Grappling Styles & Choke Hold: It used to be a sport. Now it's for when I do not wish to kill.
  • Berserk Figting Style: For when it's time to kill, you allow the might of your Wolf and the fervor of the All Father to wash over you.
  • Pack: We will never have normal human lives again. Our old families are beyond our reach and safer when kept apart from us. Other packs are either our allies or our rivals, but not our friends or family. Our wolf and our pack is all the have now.
  • Allies - "Clean-Up Crew" (3): My Aunt Bethany and Uncles Boss and Carl make a business out of cleaning up peoples messes and fixing problems. Given my tendency to rack up just that sort of grocery list of disasters, Bethany has offered to assist me in taking care of some of the more delicate matters. Also, Uncle Boss has offered to loan me use of his booth babes for future parties. Yay?

Friends and Family


Henry mom.jpg
Melissa Haddock Mulgrew
The Mom
Melissa works in customer support at an AT&T call center. She reads a great deal and has always allowed Chris and I to pretty much do whatever we want to do as long as we don't get into serious trouble and leave her alone when she gets home from work. Her older sister, our Aunt Mary is frequently over with a bottle of bourbon for them to share and cackle like mad witches on the back deck. My mother believes that everyone should go see a psychiatrist on a regular basis, some of us more than others, such as myself. Our entire family has been going to see her college friend, Dr. Kate, since before I was born. While the rest of the family still go to see her, due to an "incident" during one of my visits, I'm no longer allowed within a certain distance of her office.
I don't know what's become of my family since my death. I don't know how to approach them and keep them protected from the world I live in.
Henry dad.jpg
Ronald "Ron" Muldrew
The Dad
Ron, or Dad as he likes us to call him, is an environmental remediation specialist for BP Global (whatever that means) and is usually only home for about one week every two or three months. When he is home, he usually watches the news and reads about tennis. His sister, my aunt Bethany, is the one who got me into comics and Star Wars. She lives in LA with her two husbands and owns several comic shops. Their daughter Kat and I used to endure summer camp together as kids. Dad and our family shrink, Dr. Kate had an affair when I was younger. She wrote a book about it and my mom seemed content to let it slide so long as she got some of the royalties.
I don't know what's become of my family since my death. I don't know how to approach them and keep them protected from the world I live in.
Henry sis.jpg
Christina Mulgrew
The Sister
Chris is my vegan, lesbian band and drama geek little sister. She is still in high school and has dreams that frequently shift between Hollywood and politics. She likes to threaten me with plans of attending college wherever I am. Chris and I don't always get along, we argue and spend most of our exchanged words in insults, but we do love each other.
Given recent events here in Astoria, I plan to do everything in my power to assure that she DOES NOT attend college here. I'm not going to tell her that though. That would just solidify her determination to do just that. I need to start complaining to her about all the conservative, white Christians in Astoria.
I don't know what's become of my family since my death. I don't know how to approach them and keep them protected from the world I live in.
Henry r2.jpg
The Cat
R2 is my friend, my cuddle-buddy, my listener, my constant companion and a soothing presence in my often not-so soothing life. When my orange tabby, C3-PO died several years ago, R2 was my Mom's attempt to quell my discontent. As much as I wanted to yell at her that she can't just replace my cat, R2 was actually exactly who I needed. My new shrink says cats are psychic. I believe her. I'm glad he's gotten over the entire being terrified of me being a werewolf thing. I don't like the idea of a world where my baby was always afraid of me.
Renee adopted and has taken care of R2 since my death. They have become very attached and I see no need to separate them, but I retain visitation rights.
Bethany Boss
The Awesome Aunt
Auntie B is my Dad's younger sister. She's a spontaneous, high energy woman with more charm, grace and personality than a swimming pool full of British aristocracy and flaunts six times the scandal. She and Mom were loathe at first sight, each representing everything the other found to be detestable. Auntie B is a modern day power executive flower child. She loves art, literature, freedom of expression, sex, mind altering drugs and everything related to James Dean or the Beatles (Paul McCartney recognizes her as his biggest fan and also has a restraining order against her - she keeps the lock of hair in her purse). Auntie B has two massive husbands, Boss and Carl, who look like a hitman and a thug, but are actually pretty awesome and dedicated to family. They own a number of comic shops around the country that she runs from their HQ in LA and employ professional cosplay models that work at conventions around the country. Their daughter Kat is likely the most intelligent person I've ever met. She and I used to endure summer camp together every year. Auntie B has always considered it her job to fill in where my Mom fails as a parent, which from her perspective is most of the time.
I've always known my aunt and uncles were not normal - but now I'm positive they're "not normal". Two days after my return to the realm of the living, payphones kept ringing when I'd pass by. I finally answered one, it was my uncle. He welcomed me back to the living and told me that if there was ever anything he could help out with, to give him a call - that he was in the business of making messy matters disappear, just not to mention anything about it to Kat and to give his aunt a call once his cellphone arrived at his new PO box tomorrow. He said they loved me and not to die again. I....what?
Henry sparky.jpg
The Bloody Savage (Feral Wolf)
I lost my feral wolf, who I called Sparky, when I died. I'm not sure what happens to that part of my spirit. Did he die, pass on to some wolfy heaven, or is he roaming the spirit realm, eating rabbit spirits? In his place, there is Freki. Cold, determined, focused and very dangerous. He doesn't suit me. We struggle to share this skin and spirit. It's a temporary arrangement, but it's clear he wants to be in control in order to see to his master's goal. I do as well. I feel his need. I also know that I will be freed of him when we do. Then what happens? Does a new spirit move in? Does Sparky come back? Will I be...empty or become something like what Thomas became?

The Pack

Renee "Snips" McDonnell
I wish I could convince her to move somewhere far, far away from here. Somewhere safe. But she knows too much about the hidden world now, she'll always see it now, and it will take notice of her perception of them. Better she be surrounded by her pack, so we can keep her safe. I'm grateful for Jerome. He will help me keep her safe.
Mama J
She will never be able to escape her wolf. But I hope she can find some peace away from here with her family and keep them safe from the forces that seem ill bent on doing us wrong.
Jace remains an enigma to me, or at least my feelings for him are. I feel drawn to him in way that I cannot explain. But he also infuriates me. Fire or ice. The fake masks he insists on wearing. Why can't he just be who he is and stop clinging to the layered facades that he thinks is necessary to keep everyone at bay or under his control.
Warner Pelt.jpg
Warner isn't just a boy scout. Warner is a bad ass paladin. And of us all, he seems best suited at keeping his humanity and his wolf in check. He still seems like Warner, where the rest of us havent' figured out how to figure out how to be ourselves in this new world. I'm a little nervous around him now. Every time I close my eyes to sleep, I relive my last moment, when I died in his arms.
Doctor Lichfield
I have nothing but the utmost respect and trust in Elaine. She's the brightest and most astute of us all. She's a little obsessive and quirky, but she has the best interest for the pack at heart. I'm a little sad for the changes she has undergone of late. I've been watching from the sidelines since I've come back, and while she seems more balanced now that she's merged with her flock, she also seems to have lost too much of who she was.
Thomas was so capable and skilled, he seemed well equipped to deal with the supernatural world he'd found himself immersed in. So well that I think we all forgot he was still just human. And because of our lack of vigilance, we didn't protect him. Because of that, he has suffered and lost some part of himself to an alien entity that none of us could start to understand. He left. I don't know the details, but I don't blame him.
She wasn't ever really on my radar. I didn't know she was "werewolf royalty". From watching her, she seems to be all in, though..if not a tad bit touched in the head at times and she has less control of her wolf than I generally do.
Reese Tavis
Reese was on the wrong side. When it was truly important, he choose the right side and to do the right thing. I'm willing to give him another chance as the pack has done. But if he harms or causes harm those under my protection, I will eat his still beating heart. I've watched him with Jace since I came back. I'm not sure how I feel about it.


Danny Marin
I liked him. We all did. He felt left out, because we pushed him away to keep him safe. For his sake, I hope he never speaks to any of us again.


A description of your characters day to day life.

  • Downtime Condition: Athletic. I workout and jog every day.
  • Money: I'm pretty much a vagabond right now.
  • Clothing & Jewelry: Gym shorts, shirt and flipflops - clothes that are easily removed or not a terrible loss if destroyed. I have a Sagittarius sign tattoo on my left forearm, a Star Wars themed full arm tattoo sleeve on my right arm, as well as a handful of smaller Star Wars related designs scattered about my body. And some pretty gnarly claw marks on my neck, chest, abdomen and right thigh. Gifts brought back from the afterlife so that I may remember Volk's pack.
  • Housing: I am homeless.
  • Transportation: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo - FLSTFB
  • Communication: My uncle sent me a new cellphone as a resurrection day gift... I generally prefer text messages when I can't just speak to someone directly.
  • Food: Coffee, protein shakes, beer, pizza and beef jerky. Although real food is preferable when in the company of others.
  • Days: Lately? Rise early, eat, workout, mediate, lurk about my old haunts and stalk my old friends, eat, jog, meditate...wait, sleep.
  • Evenings: More of the same.
  • Classes: None (currently deceased).