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She Who Is Three, the Hooded One, Triformus
Heshem is the dark goddess of the between places, usually depicted as an ancient crone, robed and hooded, and bearing a staff or cane and a glowing lantern (often suspended at the end of her crooked staff). Cats are associated with her for their night vision and glowing eyes. Although stern and fierce, she can be a power for great good, bringing light into the darkness. Heshem is one of the Three Powers of the Modrossus.

Common Spells

Hand of Heshem

This spell (sometimes known as Heshem’s Shadowy Hand) creates a shadowy ectoplasmic extension to the magician’s grasp.

  • Move Object • 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged, Sustained

Heshem's Holy Hearth

This spell summons a golden light or an actual mystic flame whose light wards off creatures of evil and darkness.

  • Affliction • 2 points per rank • Resisted/Overcome by Will; Entranced > Compelled > Controlled • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Area (Burst), Progressive • Limited to Evil Creatures, Limited to Holding at Bay

Heshem's Way

This spell conjures a dark mist that acts as a gateway into the astral plane or dream dimension. It is traditionally cast as a crossroads, but it can actually be used anywhere.

  • Movement (Dimensional 2) • 8 points • Free Action, Personal, Sustained • Portal

Holy Hosts of Heshem

This spell invokes powerful forces of banishment in the form of a shadowy storm of wings.

  • Nullify (Magic) • 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Ranged Range, Instant • Broad

Hood of Heshem

This spell cloaks an area in impenetrable darkness.

  • Concealment (4, All Visual) • 12 points + 4 points per additional rank area • Standard Action, Close, Sustained • Area (Cloud), Attack

Hook of Heshem

Similar to Hand of Heshem, except the shadowy extension around the caster's hand is tipped with wicked claws.

  • Damage • 2 points per rank • Standard Action, Close, Instant • Penetrating