Hierographs of Adamandar

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The Hierographs is a quarto-sized tome of three-hundred pages, bound in white leather and set with blueshine-treated steel edges, clasp and name plate. The nameplate shows the mage sigil of Admandar, and the title of the book beneath it.


These are the writings of Admandar, an arch-priest of Mystra. He lived in the 1000s DR, and was a wizard-priest of Mystra who helped form much of the theology of the Lady of Mysteries' church, differentiating much of it from scattered remnants of Netherese Mystryl religion.)

In this hierograph, he examines much about the nature of the Weave and the ways in which casting spells is not simply plucking some utilitarian tool from the Weave itself, but is in actuality sharing in the nature of Mystra herself. Through this process, he uses the casting of various spells, pairing one wizard spell and one clerical spell together to show the commonalities, and finding "where Mystery resides" in the overlap between them.

  • Lore (Arcane): This spellbook contributes 150gp toward a Lore (Arcane) library, and grants a +2% to researches involving the Weave or metamagic (magic that affects other magic).
  • Lore (Religion): This spellbook contributes 100gp toward a Lore (Religion) library, and grants a +3% to researches involving Mystra.


Wizard Spells

  • 1st-level: detect magic, find familiar, wardaway
  • 2nd-level: Irithra's Spelltouch, magic weapon
  • 3rd-level: dispel magic
  • 4th-level: arcane eye

Priest Spells