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The Entity Inhabiting Rumora

  • The Nameless Nomad, primordial beast of darkness, endless cold and insatiable hunger - they and their kin were led by their Queen to a world found in the bleak void ripe for their kind. They gorged upon the life that clung onto life and light in that place. Until it was all gone and they hungered for endless time. In time they found the sleeping gods of that place and feasted upon them, consuming their power as their own.
  • Now the Nameless Nomad has found a new place filled with light and warmth and life for they and their kin to feast upon. The Queen rewarded them with a new name, Herald of the Queen of Air & Darkness. Their tasks; find the new Gate Keeper of this world, consume it's power. Find the Traitor Grandson, take away everything from him and make him suffer until her arrival.
  • They wear hosts, as shields and disguises.
  • Light and heat cannot harm them; they feed upon it - in truth, it will only make them stronger. Cold and decay are meaningless to them. And tools and crafted weapons no matter how mighty their magic cannot strike them down, only their hosts.

The symbols of the Wisa Ruben is anathema to them.


  • Erulissi's child, came from another world, assumed role left behind after death of Sune and Helm. Filled with love until cursed by Lliira, who gave birth to hatred in him. He chose to hate was one of Lliira's fallen children, adopted by Erulissi, which caused him to fall.
  • Wears armor that is a trophy from his nemesis who had also fallen after he planted a darkness in Erulissi's heart that caused her to fall. Cursed angel spread its taint to the goddess. Desecrated the armor in the name of hate.
  • Immune to attacks on his mind, immune to damage of the celestials, plus cold, fire, and poison. Power over others and can incite hatred, turning them against their allies.


  • Sassafras is a mask…
  • There are many tales one could tell of Lucien of the High House of Scott - a bored Antarian aristocrat that stole the identify of his brother in order to escape his boring life in search of adventures as an ambassador and advisor to a new world that had only just reached out and touched the multiverse for the first time.
  • The story of his family's fall from favor and the feud between he and his brother Beja and sister Sija. Or how the one rofka among the High Houses, Dorlorn had hunted him and led to the creation of two new high clan bloodlines; Stormcaller and Stormclaw.
  • The myriad of tales of misadventure, most of which had resulted from his trickery of Tuatha Finn for years after years, until they finally discovered the truth of his dishonesty and turned against him.
  • How his war against his once allies in Tuatha Finn ended in the infernal corruption of the Stormcaller Clan and the infection of The Orin, birth of The Mother, the plague of Antarian and the death of the Order of Harvests - the collapse of the empire and evacuation of Antarian and the death of a unified multiverse.
  • There are many stories of what came after, how he had sought to restore the Order, to save Antarian, to save Threshold, to stop the Primordial Interloper, all failures. His last desperate act was to enslave an entire people to use them as batteries to empower himself - he beseeched the leaders of worlds to follow him down this road - to save their way of life - but the Rose Wizard of Trowe, Imul the Duality of Magic stood opposed to him and convinced all others to turn their backs on his barbarism.
  • But he would not give up to healing the broken multiverse, no matter what it cost - Antarian would rise again, Threshold would thrive once again and all those who opposed him would be found and made to suffer for having opposed him. They are the true enemies of creation, he is its hero.
  • But those are not the stories you have sought out.
  • Lucien had learned of the tales woven by the Wisa Ruben into the fabric of creation, known to most as the Wolf Prince Prophecies. Lucien had come to believe that he could prevent the prophecies with a single act - the sacrifice of a child. He had in his possession the Tome of the Hiklos, a powerful artifact - with it he had woven the essence of each of the clans around a newborn, called Unity or Hope in the prophecies - a hiklos child born of two high clans, bearing the blood of Wolf, Devil and Fae, a child of the magic of the Weave and the magic of the Pattern - her power to bind and empower her bloodline - to unite them, to raise them high. With the blood of his enemies, he painted the child and tied all the clans to her - he carried her to the heart of Radiance, the First City of Creation - there he would speak the words and strike with a blade made from the leader of the Wisa Ruben's enemies, the Primordials of Abenlore - he had come so close to ending the high clans, to snuffing out their essence, to ending the Sigil before they could be reborn - to saving the multiverse from the end times. But his enemies, once friends, Tuatha Finn stopped him with their Malixian and hiklos Archmage allies.
  • Sirra went to rescue her granddaughter Amalthia from the altar where Lucien had intended to kill her, but her sons Brandon and Magnus stopped her. Magnus took his daughter and fled while Brandon held her back and reasoned with her. So long as the child is near any of them she would not be safe. The story of Magnus' death is irrelevant to this tale, but his daughter and wife were never seen in the mortal worlds again…until very recently.
  • Lucien had escaped.
  • Sirra, Imul, Sija, Kouri, Tear, Wraith, No'ah, the list is long for those who sought him out in order to end his tale. But he had vanished. By enslaving sorcerers from another world that could manipulate some substance called resonance, he found a way to power his Antarian technology and was thus possessed of abilities to traverse the multiverse unlike any others.
  • He discovered the Anomaly and built up his lair. He invented the guise of Sassafras and he began to recruit and gather talented agents, seeking outcasts and oddities - giving them a great purpose - to heal the multiverse. To undo the damage caused by the passage of the Primordial Interloper through Abochia.
  • His true power comes in four parts:
    • The Contract - he makes deals and binds his agents to himself by use of a bit of ancient parchment he had found in Radiance where he writes their names - hos most powerful agents and allies are bound to him through this artifact, including Squall and Paul whom you know.
    • The Quiet Ones - strange sorcerers from another world that have undergone surgery to rob them of their will and bound them to Antarian devices that allow Lucien to be anywhere, manipulate reality and empower himself.
    • Sirra's Sim-Spheres - a collection of crystal orbs, each of which is capable of containing an entire copy of the multiverse that can be altered, changed and controlled by the wielder. Sirra had used these to make predictions and investigations, to see how events might play out when certain situations were engineered or altered. These simulations can be erased and recreated many times in order to test new scenarios. Lucien uses them for a similar purpose. It is said that Tuatha Finn had once discovered that all these worlds within are no mere simulated illusions, but new alternate versions of creation and that the lives within are real.
    • The Heart of Raan - Kailon's legacy, Kailon's lifeline - given to Kailon by Sirra, whom had reclaimed it from where she had hidden it in a past life of long ago, from when another life she had led, cut it from the chest of her father as they slew their San-Raali kin and set Paradise aflame. Her allies consumed their father and thus the Arch-Hagen rose up from his fallen children. For reasons irrelevant to this tale, she hid hers away and chose to die as a disgraced San-Raali, to be forgotten instead of becoming Arch-Hagen.
      • The Heart of Raan is capable of much more than he knows - but the trick Kailon had taught him was how to pause time in order to allow the talents of others to be used to manipulate the narrative to their liking.
      • Before Kailon's rebirth he had tried to retrieve the Heart, but Lucien had hidden it away and used The Contract to force Kailon to fall back into line. Instead Kailon remade himself enough that he was no longer the Kailon bound by the Contract.


  • An angel of the Lliira of Manix, before the rise of the Church of the Dominion, when her pantheon of gods were newcomers to Manix. Lliira perished in the Gods War between the new pantheon and the Olympians that had been worshipped throughout Manix when they arrived.
  • Forgotten by all and only written in a few tomes hidden on old shelves, this was the era of Sirra's ascension to goddesshood - a goddess of arcane magic and wizardry, she had been a member of neither pantheon, yet had allied herself with the newcomers to Manix.
  • Sirra and her faithful had fallen under attack, her flock destroyed entirely and her divine essence nearly sundered - as a hiklos, she would have survived, protected by the Grey Realm, but as a divinity, she was at risk of being consumed or succumbing to oblivion. Kailon, as the will of Lliira, came to her aid and gave unto her some of Lliira's divine light to sustain her existence. At the end of the war, after Lliira had perished and the Olympians were defeated, Sirra had realized that the existence of a deity did not suite her and gave it up. The Portfolio she surrendered to the Pillars and with it her divinity, but she still bore her secret power that she had retrieved from memories of another life - the Heart of Raan, the heart of the Firstborn SerRonin, the architect of Raan, the father of the SanRaali, whom would build the world. Father of those of his children who would fall and slay their siblings, burn his Paradise and kill him. His fallen children consumed his body and were transformed. They became the Arch-Hagen. But one of his children whom had betrayed him did not devour his essence. She hid it away and faded away. This memory was unburied when Mason Darkwood tempted Sirra with the Memory Crystals.
  • Kailon was barely a ghost of form, his essence dissipating after the death of his goddess. He would cease to be himself, his divine essence dissipating into the cosmos of creation where it would fuel and eventually be fused together with others by some divine will to be given form and purpose again, but not as Kailon.
  • Kailon had saved her. So she did the same. So she gave him the Heart of Raan - to transform him, to make him whole, to make him true. She called him the last of the SanRaali, for he was a being of goodness, not vanity and pride, anger and envy like the fallen angels of Raan had been. Kailon underwent a similar transformation, but he was not the same as the angels of Raan were, and so he did not become the same as they had. As Anaya Ro, a mortal possessed of stolen divinity had consumed an Arch-Hagen's essence to become *something new* - Kailon, a fading angel of a dead goddess had consumed the flesh of a Firstborn - not only the architech of Raan, the father of angels, he was the programmer of the very first gods themselves. Now Kailon too was something new.
  • Kailon left Manix, left Andoz behind and explored the cosmos while he came to terms with his grief and with this new existence he'd been given. He became ensnared in plots and machinations of the cosmic entity known best as "The Bar" for a time and was even trapped in a genie bottle for a century. Kailon acted as a minor sun god to a very tiny island of primitives for a time.
  • In time he returned to Manix - there had been another Gods War in his absence and the Church of the Dominion had formed. There was some confusing timey-wimey events that didn't entirely make sense, but that was when he discovered the goddess Erollisi-Marr, a being of love and protection that he became enraptured with. He swore himself to her and became one of her champions.
  • Kailon had met Sassafras during this time, but had not joined his cause yet. Sassafras and his gang of unlikely types would always appear in the most unusual places, fighting foes, saving princesses, overthrowing governments - then Sassafras told him why - to fight the Interloper, to heal the multiverse and bring the peoples of creation together. Very noble, he would help them sometimes when their goals would align.
  • But corruption had already began to root itself among the gods and their divine courts - some because they were changed by Lliira's death, but many more were feeling the reach of the Primordial Interloper's passage through Creation. It is known as Silent Night - when the Interloper passed through the realms of Jhor, where many of the Pillars it passed were corrupted and many were destroyed - on Manix it lasted a single night, when all the gods vanished. At dawn, entire pantheons had perished, more were corrupted, the gods of Manix were shattered, sundered, isolated, maddened, broken, tainted.
  • Kailon's new home had disintegrated without warning, his goddess lost, his new brothers and sisters screaming as they faded or fell. He fell too, but not like them - he would live on without them. Without her.
  • Something had happened that he did not know, though - the ArchAngels of Erolissi Marr had spent the last of their essence to forge a chain between Kailon, knowing that he would survive the fall, and the memory of their goddess - while the Shard of Erolissi Marr might be destroyed or corrupted, her memory was bound to this everlasting divine creature, Kailon - their how was that he would act as a lifeline to the goddess, so that she might be saved or reborn anew without risk of having been infected by the Interlopers taint. Kailon would not learn of this until he was no longer himself, when he had chosen to become another Kailon.
  • He was not a lonely sort, his grief craved company. He lived upon the seas of Oltara, a demi-god to the Oltaran people, a legend that fought against pirates and slavers to protect and defend the good peoples of the islands.
  • That's when Sassafras found him - the Interloper had perished, but so many had suffered in its wake - his plan to heal this damage and to unify the worlds.
  • Kailon worked with Sassafras and crew - his love, his trust, was used as a weapon against him. Sassafras earned his trust and he lent him the Heart of Raan to use to facilitate their missions to save people, to help turn desperate lost causes into victories - but Lucien had tricked him into signing his name upon an ancient scroll that suddenly bound him to obey. Sassafras stopped playing his role then, he was obsessed, yes he sought to heal the multiverse, but as part of this goal he would enslave an entire world and he would use Manix as the kindling to stoke the fires of his machinations - he would rebuild his fallen Antarian upon a reunified Raan and with Kailon and the Heart, he had the key to do it.
  • So Kailon removed himself from the equation. Sassafras had found his Gatekeeper, created his Villains and Heroes necessary to play their roles in his drama to align the worlds - but regardless of the outcomes of his manipulations, Raan cannot be restored without his knowledge of how to use the Heart.
  • Kailon gave himself up and created…the Kailon you know.


  • Once a lowly gelatinous cube, engineered by Zalcoryn with the purpose to keep the sewers of Malixia clean and tidy. It's body would clean, it's simple mechanical mind that it had been imbued with granted it telekinetic[ power to tidy and move things about and to understand what it should or should not be consuming - that's a person, don’t eat them, that's poop - eat that.
  • Then the nameless ooze was chosen by the Primordials and ascended to godhood and Dreezuch was born.
  • Granted the power to spawn minions, consume minds and absorb their knowledge, it can manifest limbs and orifices capable of spellcasting, it's psionic mind is capable of using telekinesis and telepathy, it is immune to most physical damage and resistant to nearly all other and heals at an immense rate, it can absorb objects and consume them in order to empower or heal itself and can split its body. It does have a key weakness, Raven's Ice can create a temporary window of vulnerability.
  • Dreezuch had discovered a tribe of fae-touched eel-hound'like kuo-toa and convinced them of its godhood. And thus it was the god of the sewers of Malixia for centuries.