Hjolman Stonecaller

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Hjolman Stonecaller
Race: Mountain Dwarf, Class: Wizard (Diviner) 8th
Background: Clan Crafter, Alignment: Lawful Good
Patron Deity: Moradin, Thautam, Ulaa
Factions: None Sanctum: Eightstone Tower
Ability Scores
Strength 13 (+1), Dexterity 8 (-1), Constitution 18 (+4);
Intelligence 21 (+5), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 10 (+0)
Bonus: +4
Saving Throws: Intelligence & Wisdom (+1 to saves)
Skills: Arcana, History (x2*), Insight, Investigation
Tools: Jeweler's Tools (Arcana, Investigation, Identify Gems; modify a gem's appearance DC 15, determine a gem's history DC 20); Smith's Tools*
Languages: Goltiri; Celestial, Darshinian, Gorva, Threxantran, Tianne, Terran
Armor: Light armor, medium armor
Weapons: Battleaxe, handaxe, light hammer, warhammer • daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaff, light crossbow
Racial: Darkvision • Dwarven Resilience • Dwarven Combat Training • Stonecunning • Dwarven Armor Training
Background: Respect of the Stout Folk
Class: Arcane Recovery • Ritual Casting • Spellcasting Focus • Divination Savant • Portent
Initial: Int +2 • 4th lvl: Con +1, Int +1 • 8th lvl: Int +2
Attacks:Quarterstaff: +3, 1d6+1 bludgeoning, Versatile (1d8)
Armor Class: 16 (half plate. stealth disadvantage + ring of protection +1), Initiative: +1, Speed: 25 ft
Hit Points: 70, Hit Dice: 9d6
Personality Traits:
• Shiny or glittering things will always draw my attention.
• Fine craftsmen are basically celebrities in Nakaltia; I'm extremely well regarded at home for my craftsmanship, and am always a little put out when someone hasn't heard of me.
• I prefer to describe magic using gem metaphors: color, preciousness, and types of craft are my most often used metaphors.
• I am very uncomfortable with horses and large animals of various types, having grown up around none of them, and never needed them for transportation.
• Trust the crafter, trust the gear. I don't like buying or using items whose makers I don't know.
Generosity. My talents were given to me so that I can use them to benefit the world. (Background)
Desire for Knowledge. I seek to know and chronicle the magical lore of the world in which I live, no matter the dangers. (Class)
Ambition. Dwarvenfolk create wonders wherever we go, whether finecrafts, great edifices, or civilization. I wish to make a lasting mark in that tradition. (Race)
My Family. My family nurtured and loved me, giving me a safe place to foster my skills. I love them all dearly, even if my sister Eudmil is an impossible matchmaker who won't rest until I have a boyfriend.
• Fine Craftsmanship. I owe it to my masters and their masters before them to always work diligently and well. Half-efforts are worse than no effort at all when I am working to create something. (Background)
The Lost Runes. I seek and hope to find the Lost Runes of the Morndinsamman to return these magics to my people. (Class)
Rumora Golemwright. Another Valaar wizard, Rumora has long been my rival at the Prism. She also seeks the Lost Runes (Race)
Uslukh. My wee familiar who considers himself the very foremost of dragons because he considers all of my possessions – especially my gems – to be his very own hoard. (Just dinna' call him "cute" – he thinks he's most ferocious.)
• Hidebound. I have a very specific morning ritual, and do not deviate from it at the beginning of a day. (Background)
Naíve. Though I do know that there are dangers to be hand in magic, I can't help but see the wonder in it first. (Class)
Vanity. My beard is always well-maintained and cared for properly. I won't face others without it looking proper and decent. (Race)

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. –Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Nobility, without virtue, is a fine setting without a gem. –Jane Porter

Character Notes


Prepared Spells

Spells Prepared (Lvl + Int): 12/14

  • Cantrips (4): adept skill, frostbite, mage hand, prestidigitation
  • First Level: absorb elements, feather fall, shield
  • Second Level: decastave (c), detect thoughts (c), mind spike (c)
  • Third Level: aegis of shielding, counterspell, haste (c), sending
  • Fourth Level: arcane eye (c), dimension door, Mordenkainen's private sanctum

  • Rituals: comprehend languages, detect magic, find familiar, identify, Tenser's floating disk • moon rune • water breathing


  • Spells per Day: Cantrips: 4 • 1st: 4 • 2nd: 3 • 3rd 3 • 4th: 3 • 5th: 1
  • Spell Power: Saving Throw DC: 17 (18) • Spell Attack Mod: +9 (+10)
  • Magic Ability: Intelligence


25 links


Spellchains are interlocking jewelled plates. Each plate is rune-scribed and set with a gem, the whole of which serves as the formula for a spell. These are linked together to form spellchains, which operate identically to spellbooks, though reading them does require a jeweler's loupe.
Those spells marked in italics are Divination spells. Those marked with a cross (+) are rituals.

  • Cantrips: adept skill, frostbite, mage hand, message, prestidigitation
  • First Level: absorb elements (XGE), chromatic orb, comprehend languages+, critical strike (EGM), detect magic+, disguise self, elemental burst (EGM), embrace destiny (EGD), feather fall, find familiar+, grease, identify+, magic missile, nerveskitter (EGM), serpent missile, shield, speed of thought, Tasha's hideous laughter, Tenser's floating disk+, wieldskill (EGD)
  • Second Level: analyze portal (EGD), arcane lock, decastave (EGM), detect thoughts, ebony hand, enlarge/reduce, hail of stone (EGM), invisibility, knock, levitate, magic weapon, Maximilian's earthen grasp (XGE), mind spike (XGE), moon rune+ (EGM), Nystul's magic aura, see invisibility
  • Third Level: catnap (XGE), clairvoyance, counterspell, dispel magic, glyph of warding, haste, hover, Leomund's tiny hut+, protection from energy, redirect spell, sending, sign of sealing, sleet storm, stinking cloud, tongues, water breathing+
  • Fourth Level: arcane eye, dimension door, evacuate (Chillos), Mordenkianen's faithful hound, Mordenkainen's private sanctum
  • Fifth Level: scrying, teleportation circle

Teleportation Circle Addresses: Prism tower in Kal Darga, abandoned cellar in ruins south of Malixia (town where Katrina and Jenesta got their start)


Racial Traits

  • Darkvision: Can see 60' as though normal lighting, and another 60' as dim lighting.
  • Dwarven Resilience: Advantage on saves vs poison, and resistance against poison damage.
  • Dwarven Combat Training: Proficiency with battleaxe, handaxe, throwing hammer, warhammer.
  • Stonecunning: When making an Intelligence (History) check relating to stonework, considered proficient in History and add double proficiency bonus to check.
  • Dwarven Armor Training: Proficiency with light and medium armor.

Wizard Traits

  • Arcane Recovery: During a short rest, recover half level in spell slots. Must take a long rest before doing it again.
  • Ritual Casting: May cast a wizard spell as a ritual if it has the ritual tag and is in my spellbook.
  • Spellcasting Focus: May use arcane focus.
  • Diviner (Arcane Tradition):
    • Divination Savant: Half cost and half time for scribing divination spells.
    • Portent: After a long rest, roll and record the results of 2d20 roll. May choose to replace any given d20 roll by myself or someone I can see with one of those results, using it up. Lose any unused portents when taking a long rest. Must choose to do so before the roll.
    • Expert Divination: When cast a divination spell of 2nd level or higher using a spell slot, regain one expended spell slot of a level lower than the spell I cast, and can't be higher than 5th level.

Background Traits

  • Respect of the Stout Folk: Given assistance and lodging by dwarven peoples.


  • Starting: Int +2
  • 4th Lvl: Con +1 • Int +1
  • 8th Lvl: Int +2
  • Boon (Fox Tattoo): Krell grants a +1 to Intelligence, and its max rating equals 22 now.


  • Coins: 176 cp • 30 sp • 639 gp • 12 pp • Other coins: 0


  • 10gp: 1 banded agate (abj, div, ill, tran) • 3 eye agate (abj, conj, div, nec, tran) • 1 tiger's eye agate (evo, tran)
  • 20gp: 1 crysoprase
  • 50gp: 1 bloodstone (ill, nec) • 1 chrysoprase (con) • 3 citrine (ench, trans) • 3 moonstone (div) • 3 onyx (div, nec) • 3 zircon (abj, conj) • 3 jasper (abj, nec, trans) • 1 smoky quartz • 1 bloodstone • 1 sardonyx • 2 chalcedony • 2 carnelian • 2 star rose quartz
  • 80gp: 1 jade
  • 100gp:
  • 120gp: 1 amethyst
  • 500gp:

Art Objects

  • Jewelry:
Silver Company Signet Ring, 10gp
Silver & Pearl Ring, 300gp
Gold & Star Rose Quartz Ring, 300gp
Gold & Sardonyx Ring, 300gp
Banded Agate Pendant, 100gp
Amethyst & Gold Pendant, 1000gp
Black Pearl Necklace, 1500gp


Carried Equipment

  • In Hand: quarterstaff
  • Worn: traveler's clothes, amulet holy symbol of Thautam, dwarven signet ring of House Stonecaller
  • Belt: 2 pouches, component pouch
    • Pouch 1: jeweler's tools (including current raw materials), small chalk case (10 pieces, various colors)
    • Pouch 2: bag of caltrops, 2 pewter flasks of holy water, 1 pewter flasks of potion of healing, 1 empty pewter flask
  • Backpack: bag of caltrops, 2 spare outfits of traveler's clothes, pewter tankard, set with alestones (2gp), healer's kit (10 ch), mess kit, rations (10 days), tinderbox, The Weave within the Pattern (book by Archmage Imul of the Rift)
    • Attached: bedroll & blanket (rolled together, hung beneath), 2 skins of ale (4 pints per skin, tied to sides)
  • Iron Sphere Corpse

Stored Equipment

  • None

Magic Items


Attunements: 2/4

  • Adamantine Half Plate Armor: A suit of half plate armor reinforced by adamantine. Critical hits against the wearer become normal hits.
  • Carpet of Flying: "Six person" carpet; 60' move
  • Fox Rune Tattoo: +1 Intelligence, change limit to 22.
  • Spellgems: elemental burst (1st level, x0, tiger's eye agate), detect magic (1st level, x1, eye agates)
  • Spellscrolls: mirror image (2nd), evacuate (4th)
  • Guardian Staff: A dwarf-proportioned quarter staff and arcane staff focus that whispers warnings to the bearer, granting a +2 to initiative if the bearer isn't incapacitated.
  • Potion of Healing: x1. Potion heals 2d4+2 hit points.
  • Ring of Feather Falling: Ring that causes me to fall 60' per round instead of normal falling damage.
  • Ring of Protection +1: Attuned. Gain +1 AC and saves
  • Raullis's Runestone: Fist-sized faceted gem focus with complicated interlacing Goltiri runes that change orientation, shape, and alignment depending on how the gem is viewed. The gem hovers about the user and acts as a spell focus. When a spell is cast, the gem’s type changes to reflect the most recent school of magic that has been used.
    • The focus EITHER increases spell duration or spell range by 25% (chosen at time of casting).
    • As long as you have one unspent spell slot of your highest spell level, you can maintain TWO concentration spells.
    • The iris of your eyes changes to the color of your wizard specialty and the pupils become associated runes. You can see magical auras with your new funky eyes (detection only, you will still need detect magic to ID auras or further scrutinize)
    • Functions as a ring of spell storing (can hold up to 5 levels worth spells) and a ring of mind shielding (protecting from mind reading, lie detection, and creature type detection).
    • +1 to spell attack rolls and spell save DCs
    • Craft tools out of runic energy, allowing use of Intelligence in place of other traits for crafting; may create weapons and objects from energy.
    • Drawback: xxx
  • Master Rune of Zorune Atar: 1st - gain benefit of the Delver minor magical ability
    • 3rd - Gain proficiency in History & Weaponsmithing. If already proficient; double the proficiency bonus
    • 4th - Spend one action tracing Zorun Atar upon a weapon grants the following bonus' for eight hours:
      • One weapon can be marked at a time (two at 5th level, three at 11th level and four at 17th level)
      • +1 bonus to hit and weapon is considered magical (stacks w/ existing magical bonus')
      • Range on thrown weapons is quadrupled
      • Weapon does 1d4 additional radiant damage (stacks w/ existing magical bonus')
    • 5th - as a bonus action - use the rune to create the mark of Zorun Atar upon the face of a wiling creature grants them the benefits of a barbarian's Rage class feature as though they were a barbarian of the rune-bearer's level. The marked creature must activate the ability per the usual Rage rules. Rage lasts for one minute. Can create 2 runes at a time, each lasts 8 hours or until it is expended.
    • 7th - when traced upon the nails and flesh of a corpse, the rune acts as a speak with dead spell. Tracing the runes takes one minute and the effects last while you concentrate, for up to 10 minutes.
    • 9th - Ritual to learn to summon Gol spirits to aid and advise
    • 12th - xxx
  • Timestar Amulet - "You have no power over me" (command phrase)
  • Trump of Tirista Moonsinger
  • Wand of Lightning: Attuned • 7 charges. 1 charge to cast lightning bolt at 3rd level. Increase level by 1 per charge. Regenerate 1d6+1 charges at dawn. When using last charge, 1/20 chance the wand crumbles into ashes and is destroyed.


  • headband of intellect, onyx dog


  • Function as scrolls, except they are runes engraved onto gems with Jeweller's Tools.
  • Cost by Level: Cantrip (1 day, 15gp) • 1st (1 day, 25 gp) • 2nd (3 days, 250 gp) • 3rd (1 week, 500gp) • 4th (2 weeks, 2500gp) • 5th (4 weeks, 5000gp) • 6th (8 weeks, 15,000gp) • 7th (16 weeks, 25,000gp) • 8th (32 weeks, 50,000gp) • 9th (48 weeks, 250,000gp)

Colors by School

School (Color) 10gp 50 gp 100gp 500gp 1000gp 5000pg
Abjuration (blue) azurite, banded agate, blue quartz, eye agate, lapis lazuli, turquoise jasper, zircon tourmaline aquamarine, blue spinel blue sapphire, opal, star sapphire diamond
Conjuration (green) eye agate, malachite, turquoise crysoprase, zircon chrysoberyl, garnet, jade, spinel, tourmaline alexandrite, aquamarine, peridot black opal, emerald, opal x
Divination (white or clear) banded agate, eye agate chalcedony, moonstone, onyx, quartz, sardonyx, star rose quartz jade, pearl x star ruby, star sapphire diamond
Enchantment (orange) moss agate carnelian, citrine amber x x x
Evocation (yellow or golden) moss agate, tiger eye quartz amber, chrysoberyl, pearl topaz black opal, opal, hellow sapphire diamond
Illusion (red or pink) banded agate, moss agate, rhodochrosite bloodstone, carnelian, sardonyx, star rose quartz coral, garnet, pearl, spinel, tourmaline x fire opal, star ruby diamond, jacinth, ruby
Necromancy (black or grey) eye agate, hematite, obsidian bloodstone, jasper, onyx, quartz jet black pearl black opal black sapphire
Transmutation (brown or purple) banded agate, eye agate, tiger eye carnelian, citrine, jasper amber, amethyst, garnet, spinel, tourmaline topaz x diamond


  • Modest: (1 gp/day). Hjolman lives in his own room in the small Nakaltian Scriptorum, a small house granted to the Nakaltian delegation, a space rapidly becoming a library, scriptorum, and workshop.

Lapidary Projects

Invest in raw ores to craft gems, costing half final gem cost in raw materials. Work takes a number of workweeks equal to final gp cost divided by 50 (so a 500 gp gem is the work of 10 weeks).

  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x
  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x
  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x

Jewelry Projects

Invest in materials (which can include gem values of gems used), costing half final art object cost. Work takes a number of workweeks equal to final gp cost (minus gems) divided by 50.

  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x
  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x


  • Schema for bag of holding: 15 days.

Magic Item Crafting Projects

  • Bag of holding: Materials: 200gp • Time: 20 days • Final Value: bag of holding (uncommon magic item)
  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x
  • x: Materials: xxx • Time: x days • Final Value: x


  • After the Attack on Barracks Island: 30 days. 30gp lifestyle cost. Eye agates lapidary project (10 days). Moonstone lapidary project (10 days). Company signet rings project (10 days).
  • After the Heist of the Hatt: 30 days. 30 gp lifestyle cost. Silver-and-pearl ring (6 days). Gold-and-sardonyx necklace (6 days). Elemental burst spellgem (1 day). Detect magic spellgems, x2 (2 days). Bag of holding enchantment research (15 days).

Important Individuals

  • Family: Hjolman is the son of a hraung tria tsrogin (a "three ring working," or marriage wherein three are joined rather than two).
    • His Mama Gamella was always rather distant, emotionally, but showed her love by sharing her craft, and taking an interest in his when he was old enough.
    • His Papa Barkur was the warm, affectionate one, who made their home comfortable and safe; he was also the best cook in the house. He is also a deft hand with the dagger and axe, from his adventuring days.
    • His Papa Morgath was the disciplinarian but also the educator, teaching him an appreciation for history and the written word, and finding him a good place once his magical aptitude came to the fore.
    • His younger sister Eudmil is an acolyte in the Great Temple in Gol Dragga, in service to Moradin as our Granny Rodena's apprentice. Since becoming an adult, she's obsessed with finding Hjolman a boyfriend.
  • Rumora Golemwright: Ugh. The literal worst.

Uslukh (Familiar)

One of the frulnur (literally, "gembeast" or "gem drakes" in Goltiri) that seem to find their way into gem mines the way rats find their way into food stores, Ulsukh answered when Hjolman cast find familiar.



  • Personality Traits: Shiny or glittering things will always draw my attention. • Coins are no good for a proper hoard, but piles of them or pouches full of them do make good napping places.
  • Bonds: "Hjolman is a beloved companion for whom I would gladly give my life...or even a part of my hoard!" • "Naps are extremely important; everyone knows proper dragons sleep all the time."
  • Ideals: Ambition. I wish to have the greatest hoard the world has ever seen! Big dragons have big hoards, you know, so the bigger the hoard, the bigger of a dragon you get to be!
  • Flaws: Hoarding Instinct. This is part of my hoard! So is this! This thing is, too – well, the shiny thing, not that ugly thing, you can have that.

Familiar Traits

  • Actions: Takes actions on wizard's initiative.
  • Proficiency Bonus: Uses wizard's Proficiency bonus.
    •  Add Proficiency bonus to AC, damage
    •  Gain proficiency in two Skills
    •  Gain proficiency in all Saves.
  • Leveling: Each level after 3rd, gains an additional hit die, increasing hit points accordingly.
    • When wizard gains Ability Score Improvement, companion gains it as well.
  • Personality: Familiar shares wizard's alignment, plus has a personality trait and flaw specific to it.
    •  Familiar shares wizard's ideals.
    •  Familiar has the bond: "The wizard who travels with me is a beloved companion for whom I would gladly give my life."

Familiar + Wizard Abilities

  • Communicate telepathically with wizard within 100'.
  • As an action, master can see through familiar eyes and hear through its ears (during which time the wizard is deaf and blind).
  • As an action, master can cause familiar to disappear into a pocket dimension, and resummon it as an action to an area within 30'.
  • Familiar can deliver a touch spell cast by the wizard, if familiar is within 100', and it can use its reaction to make an attack roll to deliver it.
  • Delver: While underground, the bearer always knows the item's depth beneath the surface and direction to the nearest staircase, ramp, or other path leading upward.
  • Detect Earth: Can detect earth elemental gateways and other "soft" places.
  • Earth Glide: Ability to earth glide like an earth elemental


Untagged spells are from the PHB; untagged magic items are from the DMG.
Other Tags: Elminster's Guide to Divination (EGD) • Elminster's Guide to Magic (EGM) • Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGE)


  • Cantrips: create item (EGM), dancing lights, far hearing (EGD), mending, mold earth (XGE), prestidigitation, project object (EGM)
  • 1st Level: alarm, catapult (XGE), fist of stone (EGM), protection from evil and good, sleep
  • 2nd Level: blur, continual flame, earthbind (XGE), gentle repose, Melf's acid arrow, rope trick
  • 3rd Level: erupting earth (XGE), fireball, hailstones (EGM), Melf's minute meteors (XGE), remove curse, stony grasp (EGM), tongues, water breathing
  • 4th Level: banishment, elemental bane (XGE), Mordenkainen's faithful hound

Magic Items

  • Common: x
  • Uncommon: elemental gem (earth), gem of brightness, periapt of wound closure, ring of mind shielding, stone of good luck, wand of magic detection
  • Rare: gem of seeing, ioun stone (awareness), stone of controlling earth elementals, wand of enemy detection


135 years old

  • Born to Morgath Stonecaller and Barkur Redforge and Gamella Threehammer.
    • Morgath Stonecaller (taad ald hrud, or "first father"). A scion of the noble House Stonecaller, and a wizard of some modest ability, Papa Morgath sits on the Nobles' Council for Gol Dragga. His great aunt (and thus my great-great-aunt) is Lady Stonecaller.
    • Barkur Redforge (taad ald tva, or "second father"). The son of Rodena Redforge, the High Priestess of Moradin and Slayer of Wraith. Grew up in Gol Dragga.
    • Gamella Threehammer (maamr, or "mother"). An incredible finesmith (worker in precious metals), Gamella is a bit of a workaholic, preferring to focus on her arts. She is loving but not particularly domestic, considering the bearing of Hjolman and his sister Eudmil to be her contribution to the familial unit, largely leaving their rearing to Morgath and Barkur.
    • Morgath and Barkur grew up together in Gol Dragga, exploring the tunnels around it as young men as part of an adventuring company called the Sons of Gol Dragga. They were friends first and then lovers, eventually being joined in marriage by Barkur's mother, Rodena.
    • After Morgath lost a leg to an umber hulk attack, Morgath and Barkur retired from the Sons. Morgath took his father's seat on the Council of the Blooded, the nobles' council in Gol Dragga, while Barkur was apprenticed to Master Lhundar Threehammer, the finest gemwright in the city.
    • While apprenticed to Master Threehammer, he met Gamella, and the two of them found their styles very complementary (although she found his work ethic somewhat lacking). They fell in love while working together on their journeyman pieces.
    • Barkur introduced Gamella and Morgath, and while they did not fall in love, they are fast friends, with Gamella sharing Morgath's love of find hard liquors, which Barkur cannot stomach. She joined into their marriage (a hraung tria, or "three ring" union among the dwarves) after she and Barkur were both masters in their respective crafts.
  • Grew up in Gol Dragga.
  • 65 years old: Ended up an apprentice to his Granpa Lhundar, who taught him gemworking.
  • 98 years old: Became a journeyman lapidary.
  • 109 years old: Accidentally crafted a spellgem while he was cutting a peridot. Though the rune within the gem was flawed, it was brought to the attention of the Prism. In short order, he was convinced to come and study magic at the Prism. Met and was friends with Rumora for a short time, until she decided that he wasn't noble enough for her taste (possibly with some peer pressure from other nobles she knew).
  • 112 years old: Took a break from his magical studies to return to Gol Dragga and finish his masterwork piece (his spellchain) and become an acknowledged master lapidary.
  • 120 years old: Summoned his familiar, Uslukh, and became a journeyman wizard. He was then allowed to leave the Prism and go home to Gol Dragga to be apprenticed to his Papa Morgath in further magical studies.
  • 126 years old: Joined the (still existant) Sons of Gol Dragga adventuring company, getting some skill at using his magic in dangerous situations. Rumora Golemwright, part of a rival adventuring company (Force Deepingcrown, made up entirely of nobles) reappears in his life as a rival who proves herself to basically be the very worst person he's ever had the displeasure of meeting.
  • 128 years old: In an old set of lore storehouses near Gol Dragga, discovers some references to powerful runic artifacts, speaking of the letters of the Goltiri alphabet as though they were actual individual items. Begins to research these further.
  • 130 years old: Continues his research, eventually discovering that the Goltiri people – before they split into multiple dwarven peoples – may have been guardians of powerful artifacts: runestones, in the shape of each of the dwarven runes that make up the Goltiri alphabet. They've been lost to the world for a great while, though.
  • 133 years old: Finally runs out of research resources in the Prism and throughout Nakaltia, but correspondence with hill dwarves reveals that they may very well have some lore relating to the runestones.
    • Seeks to possibly uncover that, continues correspondence, learning that there may be more clues in the ancient hill dwarven sites within the Tholgrin Mountains, but they are inaccessible at the time.
  • 134 years old: Discovers that the hill dwarves have agreed to aid in the reclamation of Malixia City, and in return New Malixia will offer the hill dwarves their aid in exploring the old Tholgrin ruins.
    • Hjolman petitions the Prism to support an expedition from Nakaltia to aid in this. He is turned down at the hearing.
    • However, the next day, he is informed that the expedition is going ahead, and to report to the expedition's leader, Rumora Golemwright. His rage is UNENDING, but his desire to see this through is greater.
    • Arriving in the Malixian docks a few months after they were taken, the delegation is given a sizeable dwelling among the recaptured buildings (although Rumora, being too good to live among the commoners, takes one of the most expensive suites at the newly established inn).
    • While there, meets Lavinia Pennywash, who suggests that the runestones he's interested in are incredibly powerful artifacts that should be sequestered away from the world. He pretends to agree, and she recruits him into the Independant Society of Antiquaries. Despite his horror at the egregious misspelling in the group's name, he joins, intending on keeping the runestones out of the ISA's hands and returning them to the dwarves.
  • Start of Campaign: Hjolman has been in Malixia, aiding with the efforts and working with the ISA for half a year at this point.

Character Creation

  • Starting Stats: 15, 15, 12, 11, 10, 8 (9 + 9 + 4 + 3 + 2 + 0)
  • Starting Coin: 520gp (400gp + 120gp)
    • Gear (172gp, 9sp): jeweler's tools (25gp), backpack (2gp), bedroll (1gp), blanket (5sp), caltrops (40 total, 2gp), chalk (10 total, 1sp), traveler's clothes (3 outfits, 6gp), component pouch (25gp), fine pewter tankard, set with alestones (2gp), healer's kit (5gp), holy symbol of Thautam (5gp, amulet), 2 flasks holy water (50gp), mess kit (2sp), 2 pouches (1gp), 10 days rations (5gp), signet ring of House Stonecaller (5gp), spellchain, tinderbox (5sp), waterskin (2sp), ale (gallon, 2sp), raw lapidary materials (50gp)
    • Spells (275gp): critical strike (25gp, 1st level divination, EGM), elemental burst (50gp, 1st level evocation, EGM), decastave (100gp, 2nd level conjuration, EGM), hail of stone (100gp, 2nd level conjuration, EGM)