House Maernos

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House Maernos
Patriarch: Ultas "Raiser-of-Priests" Maernos
Consort: None
Heir: None
Membership (Nobles): 1
Predominant Faith: Selûne (and others)
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: None
Primary Classes: None
Alignments: LG
Faction Ranks
Trade & Interests: banking, moneylending, financial administration of temples
Holdings: XXX
Ethnicity: Illuskan
Founded: 1248 DR; Extinct 1372 DR


The Maernos (MAY-er-noz) family was a human noble family in Waterdeep. It concerned itself with financial activities such as banking and moneylending. Its coat of arms consisted of a pair of hands with green sleeves and three silver spear heads on a blue field.

Its final patriarch was Lord Ultas Maernos, a mercenary and notable fighter whose wife and children all died in an Amnian plague in 1345 DR. He found solace in faith after this, and without anyone to pass his holdings on to, he decided to turn his family villa into a temple to non-human deities, redressing what he saw as a lack in Waterdeep's religious offerings to its people.

When he died in 1372, the Maernos family passed out of the rolls of nobility, and the Maernos villa became the Holyhands House, notable for its lion statues adorning the walls around it.

Notable Ancestors

  • Ultas "Raiser-of-Priests" Maernos: Last Patriarch • 1292 - 1372. While few remember it, Lord Ultas was a mercenary in his youth and he committed a number of atrocities against some southern villages in the quest to bolster his family's finances. Lord Ultas later abandoned that life for his waiting lordship in Waterdeep, but he spent years plagued by waking guilt and nightmares about his past actions. After the untimely deaths of his wife and children in the Year of the Saddle (1345 DR) due to a plague in Amn, Lord Ultas became a recluse, seeing few beyond his servants for four years. Only the ministrations and attention of Naneatha Suaril, the High Priestess of Selûne, brought him out of his grief. With her friendship, Ultas found forgiveness in religion, and soon became a generous patron and devout follower for many of the city's temples (though his heart truly belongs to Selune). Lord Ultas Maernos, while no longer a recluse, has resisted all attempts to remarry and restart his family line.