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Members of the House

Princess Naerys Martell
  • Princess Naerys Martell: Princess of Dorne. The ruler of Dorne, and princess of House Martell. The cunning and headstrong princess has thus far refused to marry any of the paramours, despite bearing multiple children to several of them, including her eleven-year old son and heir Doran, currently fostered at Salt Shore, with House Gargalen. The Princess has been in extended mourning following the deaths of her next two children at a young age, but with the recent births of her two youngest - a daughter, Elia and a son, Oberyn - seems to be emerging from that period. (37 years)
  • Ser Lewyn Martell: Kingsguard. Naerys' younger brother and a member of the Kingsguard, Lewyn doesn't get the opportunity to spend much time with his family. He is an affectionate uncle and a knight well-regarded for his skill and chivalry. (31 years)
  • Doran Martell: Heir of the House. Though not particularly given to martial endeavors, young Doran is handy with spear and shield. More than that, though, he's clearly a cunning young man, with the potential to be a tremendous tactician. He is in fosterage at Salt Shore, with House Gargalen, though he's almost old enough to end that fosterage. (11 years)
  • Elia and Oberyn Martell: A toddler and a babe-in-arms, these two young Martells are undeniably the light in Naerys' eyes, a fact for which those who know and love her are grateful. (2 and 1 years)
  • Oberyn Martell: X (1 year)

Notable Retainers

House Dalt (Knightly)

Lemonwood castle lies just south of where the Greenblood River empties into the narrow sea. Their arms are a scattering of yellow lemons on a field of purple.

  • Ser Garion Dalt: The Lord of Lemonwood is all but retired, due to a terrible injury he received early in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. A vicious mace-blow shattered the top of his left leg and hip, and he hobbles about with crutches or is carried on a litter most of the time. (35 years)