House of Running Water

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House of Running Water
Property of the Randall family, Aedia's mother Amarissa had it built using the blueprints for Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" house in Pennsylvania.
The Astoria Pack


The grounds are thickly wooded, which is why the house was built where it is. There is plentiful wildlife in the forests around them, and access to the property is gained by a small former logging road with a sturdy gate halfway up its length. The gate is controlled via a remote control system that pack members have.

Main House

First Floor

  • Entry Terrace: The entry terrace is two-tiered. The top tier has a fountain pool that draws water up from the stream, and the main entry to the house. There are two flights of stairs from here: one a short flight down to the rest of the main terrace, and another, narrower and longer flight that descends down to a plunge pool that is made up of stream water directed into a stone basin.
  • Entry: The entry foyer has a small set of shelves directly across from the door, a coat closet, and a small set of stairs down into the main room
  • Main Room & Waterfall Terrace: The main room is a large room with a flagstone floor of stones taken from the riverbed below. It has two doors out to the entry terrace, another to the Waterfall Terrace, and a set of stairs down to the River Enclosure below as well.
    • Waterfall Terrace: The smaller terrace off of the main room sits right above a seven-foot waterfall, providing a pleasing sound. The pack frequently uses this space as personal "get away" space for those who need some time to themselves.
    • River Enclosure: A short flight of stairs from the main room descends down to a simple area that is open to the burbling river. The pack occasionally desires access to the stream proper, easily gaining it here.
  • Dining Area: The pack maintains a large pine table, with chairs for a dozen or so folks here.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is roomy, and kept well-stocked by the pack (Desmond usually oversees the shopping and acquisition of funds from his packmates).
  • Staff Room: This room is used as infirmary space, with a couple of single-sized beds arranged in it. It has its own small entry, and a short flight of stairs descends down to a small servants' bedroom space that has been used to imprison people before.

Second Floor

  • Landing & Landing Terrace: From the top of the staircase landing, there is a small set of stairs that leads up to a guest room and bath, as well as a small set of stairs to a hallway that leads to the bridge, the hallway to the Master and Dressing rooms, and a staircase up. A door off of the landing leads to an open room, with a small terrace as well as a staircase down to a larger terrace that is half-way between the second and first floors.
  • Master Bedroom & Master Terrace (xxx): A large bedroom space, with its own bath and access to a large terrace that looks down onto the Waterfall Terrace below.
  • Dressing Room & Dressing Room Terrace (Warner): Though called the Dressing Room after the original architecture, this is outfitted as another bedroom, with its own bath, and access to a high terrace about halfway between the second and third floors. This terrace also has a short flight of stairs that leads up to the Study on the third floor above.
  • Guest Room (xxx): A small bedroom just off of the Landing.
  • Bridge to Guest House: A bridge that crosses above the driveway outside and then rises on a short half-flight of circular stairs to a covered walkway that leads to the guesthouse proper.

Third Floor

  • Bed & Terrace (Vanya): A small bedroom that is mostly glass walls that looks out onto the small terrace outside.
  • Study: A room set up with several comfortable reading chairs, shelves of books ranging from fiction to textbooks to graphic novels. Vanya uses part of the room's storage space as a closet, given teh general lack thereof in her own bedroom, but the space is intended as open for everyone's use.
Main • 1st Floor
Main • 2nd Floor
Main • 3rd Floor
Guest • 1st Floor
Guest • 2nd Floor

Guest House

First Floor

  • Bridge to Main House: This bridge leads to the second floor of the main house. It terminates in a set of stairs that leads down to the Servants' Quarters, and another that leads up to a small storage room, that opens on stairs up. It also has a short flight of stairs up that lead to the terrace just outside the living room space.
  • Servants' Quarters (Basement): A set of small three tiny bedrooms lies beneath the laundry and garage. They are very simple rooms, with just enough space for a twin bed, a bedside table, and small personal closets. There is also a somewhat spacious bathroom down here.
  • Laundry & Garage: The laundry room has two sets of normal washer-and-dryer. The garage can easily park three cars.
  • Living Room: A small, infrequently used living room space, with a couple of threadbare sofas. Its large windows provide a view down to the main house, and plenty of natural light, however.
  • Bedroom (Davis & Jace): This bedroom is a small but simple set-up, with double doors that lead out to the plunge pool terrace.
  • Plunge Pool Terrace: The living room and bedrooms of this floor are surrounded by a large, comfortable terrace that remains quite cool in summertime - abetted by the short flight of stairs up to a plunge pool of about eight feet in depth.

Second Floor

  • Bedroom 1 (Elaine): A small single-closet bedroom.
  • Bedroom 2 (xxx): A small single-closet bedroom.
  • Bedroom 3 (xxx): A somewhat larger bedroom, with large closets and French doors that lead out onto a terrace that overlooks the woods.
  • Bathroom: The three bedrooms here share a single bathroom.
  • Upper Terrace: This upper terrace is mostly bare, except for a few potted plants.


Grounds: Main House Terraces
Grounds: Waterfall Beneath Main House
Main: Main Room
Main: Hatch to River Stairs
Main: River Stairs
Main: Plunge Pool on First Floor
Main: Second Floor Stairs to First Floor Terrace
Guest: Plunge Pool

Bad Moon Over Astoria

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