House of Sapphires

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The House of Sapphires is an elegant courtesan-house standing on a small island in the Shallows of Misthaven. It is renowned as a place of genteel luxury and passion for the right price, run by the canny madame, River Sapphires. The House has somewhat declined since the rise of the Protector because River Sapphires has eschewed his company (he was quick to establish alliances with Mistwatch's most successful Guildsfolk) after he murdered her close friends in the palace. As a result of his coolness toward her, those in positions of high importance do not openly support or patronize the House (though many do so in secret nonetheless).

Key NPCs

  • River Sapphires: The renowned madame of the House of Sapphires. Since she had close connections to the now-fallen nobles of Mistwatch, she has lost a great deal of influence within the city, especially since she refused to meet the new Protector. She'd never been foolish enough to speak out against him, but simply keeps her distance. River has been ill of late, remaining sequestered in her suites and taking no visitors other than her daughters (one of whom is a healer) and Zamatha.
  • Yanxing Wolf: An old ill-tempered ex-soldier, Wolf takes great pride in her reputation. The House patrons know better than to cross her or any one of her security team, and she won't hesitate to personally throw anyone off the nearest dock who make the mistake of violating any of the House's rules about consent and limits.
  • Ardent Flame: The House's foremost courtesan, Ardent Flame is both an incredibly experienced pillow-maid and a stage performer, with skills in singing and dancing. Her services are highly sought-after and her nights are reserved for three seasons in advance.
  • Zamatha: The House's head of household, Zamatha oversees the stocks of food, liquor, intimate supplies, as well as managing the maids, cooks, launderers, and groundskeepers of the House.