Iatria Mêlonika

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The Healer in the Poppies, Court of Venus

Rank 2 Poppy Spirit

Quote: <<Hush, be still, precious one. Let me soothe your hurts.>>

Background: One of the many spirits of the Descant of Poppies, Iatria Mêkonika represents both the blissful release associated with Venerian principles, as well as the aspect of nurturing. Iatria can generally be found in one of the many hospitals, pharmacies or opium dens in the greater Chicago area.

Description: Iatria appears as a swirl of whirling, whisping poppy pollen and petals that form into the shape of a beautiful woman occasionally. She is all beautiful deep velvety red and dark black in hue, though her eyes shine like garnets.

Summons: When called to an area, Iatria shows up in Shadow, as she cannot cross the Gauntlet. She is capable of seeing past the Gauntlet, though, in order to find who needs her help. When she uses her Reaching Numina, a faint, spicy smell – like the smell of poppies – fills the area, and everyone gets just a little sleepier.

  • Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 6, Resistance 3; Willpower: 6; Essence: 15; Initiative: 9; Defense: 6; Speed: 20; Size: 4; Corpus: 7
  • Influences: Sleep 1, Pain 1; Numina: Dement, Healing, Reaching, Sleep, Spiritual Vision; Bans: Iatria cannot use her healing or pain control powers on those who are awake. The powers may continue to function once the subject is awakened, but her patient must be sleeping when she heals him.