Independant Society of Antiquaries Group Loot

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The Lost & The Found Group Loot


PP: 0
GP: 110
SP: 2
CP: 8

Trade Bars¹
PTB: 0
GTB: 0
STB: 0
CTB: 0

PI: 0
GI: 0
SI: 0
CI: 0

¹Trade Bars are worth 10 pieces of their coinage equivalent, i.e. 1 GTB = 10 GP
²Ingots are worth 100 pieces of their coinage equivalent, i.e. 1 GI = 100 GP

Potions and Scrolls

Potion of Climbing
Potion of Healing x 2

Magic Items

Equipment and Tools

Alchemist Kit

Favors, Information, etc.

As a group Alva will give us early knowledge of missions before posting for adventuring groups
Each member of the group has earned Alva's favor and can get an audience with her at any time.