Jhanifer's Libram of the Elements

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Never before seen outside of Halruaa, Jhanifer's Libram was reportedly gifted to Halruaan royal vaults by the archmage Jhanifer, who traveled with Aghairon Whitecloak to Halruaa. The tome was given as a reward to some of the Blackstaff's apprentices, after their diligent efforts to rescue Halruaan citizenry from slavers.

The Libram is covered in a strange pebbly hide speckled tan and black and silver. There is no title on the cover, and its hinges and edgings are a fine gleaming silver - blueshine-treated steel, as it turns out. It has no lock or other mechanism, and can be opened quite easily. It is made with 150 pages of fine, thin parchment, in Jhanifer's delicate hand.


The Libram is divided into four sections, referred to as canticles, with an introduction.


In the introduction, which takes up ten pages, Jhanifer discusses her upbringing in a small commune dedicated to the Elemental Cults, growing up revering the Elemental Gods: Akadia, Ishtishia, Grumbar, and Kossuth. She mentions the lore that was passed on to her by the folk of her upbringing, and her community - which was called Foundation - fears of outsiders, who frequently accused them of sinister motives for their spurning of the outerplanar gods (instead of the elemental ones).

A Canticle of Flame

Dedicated to the elemental lore of fire Kossuth, Jhanifer discusses fire magics of myriad sorts, in this canticle, which is some 30 pages in length. Included are the following spells: flameproof (8pg), fiery fists (4pg), and fire burst (3pg).

A Canticle of Stone

Also 30 pages in length, this section focuses on the philosophy and occult mechanics behind magics of stone and earth, and is dedicated to Grumbar. It includes the following spells: detect metals and minerals (2pg), create shade (10pg), and liquid earth (5pg)

A Canticle of Waters

These 30 pages are dedicated to water magics and the lore of Istishia, and contain the following spells: seasight (4pg), waterform (11pg), and cone of teeth (5pg)

A Canticle of Winds

The final 30 page canticle are inspired by Akadi and her body of air magics. The following spells are within these pages: flying blade (2pg), create soundstaff (9pg), and wind carpet (8pg)


The following new spells are part of the Libram's pages.