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You have been initiated into the lore of jotunruning, the rune-magics of giantkind. You begin learning one rune, but may have the opportunity to learn others. The first rune you learn must be that aligned with your kin-type, and must be learned from a mentor. Other runes may be learned from a mentor, or by attuning to a giantish rune item.

Each rune has the following traits:

  • Etching: Each rune grants a minor benefit when the runewright etches the rune into an item or surface. This uses no expenditure of magic or power, and its effects do not detect as magical. These may only be used on items made of stone (including clay), metal, leather, and wood, and they must have space for the room (about one inch square minimum). Etching such a rune takes 10 minutes.
  • Schema: Each rune grants knowledge of how to create several magic items. The normal downtime actions must still be spent to create these items, although the rune itself counts as the magical ingredient for those items. The runewright need not be a spellcaster to create these items. They are made up of two uncommon potions, two uncommon items, and two rare items.
  • Spells: If the runewright is a spellcaster, knowledge of the rune grants a certain roster of spells they are considered to know and have prepared. In order to cast them, the caster must use a spell focus that has that rune etched into it, and any given spell focus can hold only a single such runic inscription. These do not count against any other limits on spells the spellcaster can prepare, and in casting these spells, it is always obvious to those who know runes that the caster is casting such spells from runelore. Runewise spellcasters often speak of the rune-inscribed focus as "holding" the spells associated with the rune.
  • Maneuver: Mimicking the patterns of the rune when armed with a weapon, the runewright gains a specific maneuver they can use in battle. These are all Rank 1.

Learning Runes

Downtime Action, requires Runewise feat
Learning a new rune takes time. It may also take coin, usually in the form of treasure goods given as gifts (usually worth about 100gp per tenday spent). After this time and coin are spent, the character comes away with knowledge of the rune, as well as body modification of some sort: hill and stone giants tend toward scarification, frost giants and storm use branding, fire and cloud giants use tattooing. 

The time to learn a rune is 4 tendays, minus one tenday for each point of the student's Intelligence or Wisdom bonus (minimum of 1 tenday). This time increases by one tenday for each rune after the first the student knows, not including the rune gained by taking this feat. Thus a runewright who knows 2 additional runes, with an Intelligence bonus of +3, will take 3 tendays to learn their fourth rune (4 tendays plus 2, minus 3, equals 3).

The Jotunrunes

Ild (Fire)

Jotunrune of Focus


The ildrune represents fire, and is considered one of the cardinal runes of jotunkind. It represents fury and focus, a spectrum that ranges from rage to the fiery focus of a craftsman in the midst of a work of great import.

  • Etching: Etching the ildrune on a non-magical item protects it from damage by fire. This rune lasts for 24 hours or until the item would have taken fire damage.
  • Schema: potion of fire breath, potion of resistance (cold) • ring of warmth, circlet of blastingbrazier of controlling fire elementals, flametongue weapon
  • Spells: cantrip – firebolt • 1st – searing smite • 2nd – Aganazzar's scorcher (XGE) • 3rd – Melf's minute meteors (XGE)
  • Maneuver: You learn the Rhino Strike maneuver.