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King of the Marketplace, Court of Mercury

Rank 3 Money Spirit

Quote: <<Strange things are afoot in this marketplace, my friend. Let us make your fortune and begone from here.>>

Background: Katagoraios is the King of the Marketplace in Chicago, and a spirit of money. He routinely strives against other spirits of money in the Chicago Stock Exchange, where they play out the gain and loss of fortunes, representing various fortunes without the mortal owners of those fortunes ever knowing the epic battles they fight — other than as those battles play out in the loss and increase of fortunes.

Description: Katagoraios appears as an androgynous male, with long hair the color of new paper money bills and a slowly spinning halo-grown of gleaming new coins behind his head. He is dressed in the finest business suit of deep black (the color of fresh ink on a contract) and his eyes are empty sockets.

Summon: Katagoraios dislikes being pulled away from his battlefield, but will answer important enough summons. When he arrives, he is all business, enjoying wheeling and dealing.

  • Attributes: Power 7, Finesse 6, Resistance 9; Willpower: 16; Essence: 20; Initiative: 15; Defense: 7; Speed: 23; Size: 5; Corpus: 14
  • Influences: Money 3; Numina: Chorus, Claim, Discorporation, Fetter, Gauntlet Breach, Material Vision, Reaching; Bans: All deals with Katagoraios must be sealed with paperwork and signatures — he does not accept simple verbal agreements and handshakes, regardless of the mystical significance or power behind them.