Knights in Silver

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Knights in Silver
Common Descriptors: Noble, virtuous, martial
Primary Classes: Fighter, paladin, cleric
Alignments: NG (primary), LG, LN, CG, N
Squire: Rank 1. You have been accepted as a squire by one of the Knights in Silver, who has taken responsibility for training you in the chivalric ways of the order and its traditions.

Knight: Rank 3. You have completed your squire's training, and given your spurs and everbright treated armor. You are gifted with the benefits of a full knight, but also the burdens of its responsibilities.
Commander: Rank 10. You are the Commander of the Knights in Silver, responsible for the operation of the order and the defense of Silverymoon. You answer to Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon, and are part of her Council.

“By Moon and by Star, by the Bridge Unseen, and by the Lady's Silver Tresses.”
The Knights in Silver are the permanent guardians of Silverymoon, often encountered riding patrol within the city and its environs. Around seven hundred strong, they received their name from a ballad penned by Mintiper Moonsilver – as with many phrases around the Realms first spoken by the Lunargent Bard, the name simply “seemed right.”


The Knights in Silver are known for their sparkling armor, firm discipline on and off the field of battle, and their poise and decorum. The Knights in Silver are practically a fairy- tale army, with their reputation for being dashing, chivalrous men and witty, beautiful women. Though certain individuals do not always uphold this lofty reputation, as a whole the Knights take pride in it and there is strong pressure from within the ranks to maintain this image.

Goals and Philosophy

The Knights in Silver take their reputation as "fairy tale" knights very seriously. The highest mode of chivalric thought is their ideal, with the bringing of defense of the defenseless, joy to the melancholy, hope to the hopeless, and freedom to the enslaved as their highest calling. They are charged to be compassionate and valorous, scrupulous and honest, virtuous and good. Of course, not every knight can measure up to these ideals, but as a body, the knights encourage and assist their own in achieving that, and scrupulously police their own who fall short - or who fly in the face of their philosophy.

Knights in Silver are expected, above all things, to do the following:

  • To preserve Silverymoon's safety, and to sanctify its way of life.
  • To defend, uphold, and spread the virtues of freedom, joy, wonder, and love.
  • To stop threats to civilization and preserve art and culture.


The Knights in Silver are questing knights as well as military knights, so they may be given specific missions in addition to their standard military service.

Quests undertaken by Knights in Silver might include the following:

  • To ride patrol with other Knights in Silver.
  • To seek out and slay an enemy of Silverymoon, or rescue goodly folk from such.
  • To act as a guardian for a valued ally of Lady Alustriel, or to act as her representative.


Knights in Silver in good standing might receive the following benefits:

  • Barracks Access: Rank 1+. A Knight in Silver dwelling in Silverymoon may use the barracks of the Knights in Silver for his lifestyle. Though this is a Poor Lifestyle for squires and a Modest Lifestyle for knights, it is provided to knights at no cost.
  • Mentor Knight: Rank 1-2. Squires of the order are assigned to a knight who acts as their mentor, teaching them the ways of the order and its tradition, and educating them in fighting skills. They also receive a riding horse, a longsword, and a chain shirt.
  • The Silver Anointing: Rank 3+. The squire becomes a knight and receives the Silver Anointing from Lady Alustriel herself. The character is acknowledged as a full knight of the order. They receive their "spurs and plate" - a suit of either half plate or plate (treated with everbright as part of its construction) and a warhorse with a set of chain barding. It also comes with a set of symbolic spurs that mark the new knight.
  • Recruiting Commander (Title): Rank 7+. x

Important Members