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[edit] Pre-Chronicle

  • Realm Year 748 to Realm Year 766
    • The most important events in recent years, both to the setting as a whole and to our heroes.

[edit] Realm Year 766

[edit] Prelude:Training of the Solars

[edit] Book One: The Black Phalanx

...the record stops here. I guess that Kanji lost his journal (or more likely Aapo lost it) and we must assume he started another one where the tales of his companions continue to be recorded out of our reach. How this one came to be in our possession we can only guess at. I found it lying near an old neglected shrine to the Unconquered Sun. The final entry was bookmarked with a recipe for Taruzake's rice wine and scratched into the cover was a crude image of a child playing marbles with a fox.

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