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[edit] Testament

Awaken and arise, child of the Rivers. Set your fact to the setting sun and heed well My words. In a long-past time, My Chosen stood astride My Creation with power in one hand and mercy in the other. But when they dropped mercy to clutch at power with both hands, they were cast into darkness.

No more.

The time is at hand for your return, and your coming foretold. Creation does not remember when last you strode its rivers and mountains, and has fallen into ignorance.

Enlighten them.

Seek out those things long-past and shamefully-lost. Restore them to Creation. Golden towers that have fallen into ruin can be righted once more, and the glories of the past are not fallen, but merely forgotten.

It is time to remember them.

[edit] The Prophecy of the Maiden of Rivers

From out of the setting sun, a child of the Riverlin shall come. In her hands shall be succor for the suffering and on her brow writ the glory of Heaven.

Our people shall weep tears of riverwater and she will ease their pains. Our people shall be bound in shackles and she shall strike them from our wrists. Our people shall be scattered to all the rivers and she shall gather them up once more.

Exult! For the time draws near!

She shall find the ascetic garbed in saffron and liberate him. You will know her by the mantle of gold he gives her to wear.

She shall walk in the halls of the serpents and find wisdom. You will know her by the serpents she bears from that ordeal.

She shall find the three hills that nurtured our tribe, and return there. You will know her by the crown that sits upon her brow.

She who bears the Mantle, the Serpents and the Crown will gather up the Riverlin and bring us to our ancient homeland. Nevermore shall we beg. Nevermore shall we toil for others. Nevermore shall we want. She shall bring us prosperity. She shall bring us freedom. She shall bring us home.

[edit] Lin/Foam Dancer/The River Serpent/The Maiden of Rivers

Caste/Aspect: Twilight; Concept: Freedom-fighting prophet-princess tomb raider of the river people; Experience Points: 63
Motivation: Fulfill the prophecy; Intimacies: The Riverlin 4, The Guild 4, Scholarly Pursuits 4
Attributes: Str 2, Dex 5, Sta 2, Cha 4, Man 3, App 3, Per 5, Int 5, Wits 3
Abilities: Archery 4, Awareness 2, Dodge 4, Integrity 3, Investigation 3, Larceny 2, Linguistics 1 ([Riverspeak]; [Old Realm]), Lore 3, Medicine 4, Occult 5, Resistance 1, Sail 2, Socialize 2
Backgrounds: Artifact 2 (Short Powerbow, Orc. Breastplate), Cult 3, Followers 1, Resources 1;
Excellencies: Essence Triumphant: Archery, Dodge, Investigation;
Archery Charms

  • Trance of Unhesitating Speed; Extra Actions; Instant; Obvious; 2 motes per attack; Magical flurry - Essence + 1 attacks

Dodge Charms

  • Reflex Side-Step Technique; Reflexive; Instant; 1 mote; Unexpected attacks are no longer unexpected (Dodge DV only)
  • Seven Shadow Evasion; Reflexive; Instant; Obvious; 3 motes; Perfect dodge (Conviction)
  • Shadow Over Water; Reflexive; Instant; 1 mote; Ignore all penalties that apply to Dodge DV and fully refresh it

Occult Charms

  • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery; Permanent; Instant; Obvious; 1 willpower; Cast Terrestrial Circle spells

Resistance Charms

  • Oxbody Technique; Permanent; One extra -1 health level and two extra -2 health levels

Sail Charms

  • Salty Dog Method; Reflexive; Scene; 3 motes; Negate up to Essence in external penalties while on a ship.


  • Harrowing Tempest Dance of the River Serpent: Reflex Side-Step Technique, Seven Shadow Evasion, Shadow Over Water, Trance of Unhesitating Speed, Triumphant Archery, Triumphant Dodge

Terrestrial Circle Spells

  • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor; 10 motes
  • Keel Cleaves the Clouds; 25 motes
  • Spirit Sword; 20 motes

Essence: 3; Personal: 16; Peripheral: 38; Anima Power: X
Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 3, Temperance 1, Valor 2; Willpower: 7
Possessions: A boat

  • Artifacts: Orichalcum Breastplate; Orichalcum Short Power Bow
  • Hearthstones: None

[edit] Combat

Join Battle: 5; Dodge DV: X; Soak: XB/XL (armor: +XB/+XL, Mob X, Fat X, Hard X)

  • Punch: Spd 5, Rate 3; Acc X (+2), Dam XBL (+0B), PDV X (+2)
  • Kick: Spd 5, Rate 2; Acc X (+0), Dam XBL (+3B), PDV X (–2)
  • Clinch: Spd 6, Rate 1; Acc X (+0), Dam XBL (+0B), PDV —
  • Atk: Spd X, Rate X; Acc X (+X), Dam XBL (+XBL), PDV X (+X), Range X

Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Inc.
Tactics: X prefers to approach combat in the following way:

  • Pre-Combat: X
  • Join Battle: X
  • First Action: X
  • Second Action: X
  • Third Action: X
  • [Contingency]: X

[edit] Social Combat

Join Debate: X; Mental Dodge DV: X; Hide Motivation: X

  • Presence: Spd 4, Rate 2; Acc X/X, PDV X/X
  • Performance: Spd 6, Rate 1; Acc X/X, PDV X/X
  • Investigation: Spd 5, Rate 2; Acc X/X, PDV X/X

[edit] Experience Points

PreGame XP

  • 48

Book One: The Black Phalanx

  • Chapter One: Death of the Heir
    • Session 1: 3
      • Places: 1
    • Session 2: 3
    • Session 3: 3
    • Session 4: 4
      • Places: 1
  • Chapter Two: Mountain Storms
    • Session 1: 4
      • Timeline: 1
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