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Book 1: The Dragon's Tears

Our story begins with somber news; The King, Aegon V, is dead. Princess Naerys Martell has signaled her Bannermen to ready for the voyage to the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms: King's Landing. The young Lord Angelo Deltario, having been lord of the ancestral Deltario lands for only two years, is accompanied by his Heir and brother's widow, Vysaeria Targaryen-Deltario and his cousin, Danyk. With them are the various Bannermen and retainers of the house. The voyage is uneventful, until the fleet of Dornish ships is set upon by Daesmos the Corsair. The pirate is defeated and taken prisoner by Vysaeria, Angelo and the House armsmen Ser Mortimer.

When they arrive in King's Landing, the find board in a tavern, along with House Dayne and House Plum of the Westerlands. The Lady Sheirle of House Dayne begins negotiations with Lord Angelo in earnest for the marriage of her eldest daughter Laura. The funeral of King Aegon V is a dark and sorrow thing. The mood, however, is broken around the court as Prince Aerys and his sister wife Rhaella have brought their first-born son Rhaegar with them from Dragonstone. Following the funeral, Lord Angelo, Vysaeria and Danyk are welcomed to dinner with Vysaeria's family in the Red Keep. Vysaeria's brother Vaelstyn is also present and this quickly leads to insults and inflamed tempers.

Following the coronation of King Jaehaerys II a grand ball is held. Again Lord Angelo draws much attention from the various Lords and Ladies at court. Vysaeria draws the attention of her brother, who presents her with the blood-spattered ring she had given to her beloved Mica on their wedding day. The group returns, late, to their tavern to retire, but are awoken in the early morning hours by members of the Gold Cloaks. Ser Dhel, has been summoned by the Iron Throne. When they arrive, it becomes clear that Ser Dhel has been accused of the rape of Lady Plum. Ser Dhel claims innocence to his Lord, but the evidence is damning. To protect the House, Lord Angelo convinces Ser Dhel to admit guilt in exchange for Taking the Black. He is unaware that in addition, his tongue is to be removed.

Finally, a grand tourney is held to celebrate the crowning of the new King. At the opening, King Jaehaerys II names Lord Rhoyanes Targaryen, Vysaeria's father, as his Hand. Ser Mortimer Daytower, the Hammer of Dawn, wins the Grand Melee, and Ser Barristen Selmy defeats Vaelstyn Targaryen to win the Joust and is named to the Kingsguard by the Lord Commander Ser Gerold Hightower.

Book 2: The Dragon's Tail

  • Chapter 1: In the month following the Households return to Dawn's Point, Mauwin - an agent from the Iron Bank - arrived and Danyk abruptly departed from Braavos. It took Lord Angelo little time to convince the Braavosi to explain Danyk's situation. Before his departure, Danyk entrusted control of the House spynetwork to Tarle Sand, his "associate." A few days later a raven arrives from Lealgarde. Outlaws have made use of the lawlessness of House Lukas' lands to raid and pillage what little wealth Sir Josian's smallfolk have. The Green Axes had been unable to track them down, and so, without her husbands knowledge, Lady Lelya asked House Deltario for aid. Tarle Sand departs and tracks the group to the Sempheir Valley, but it seemed the local Smallfolk distrusted House Deltario and were helping the Bandits remain elusive. Lord Angelo and his retainers rode out to the Semphier Valley to meet these local Smallfolk and determine where the Bandits were hiding. With careful interactions and a fair bit of Coin, the smallfolk are convinced, charmed, threatened and seduced into revealing the location of the brigands. Upon their arrival, the brigand force of a dozen men is armed but unaware of the Characters. Lady Vysaeria coordinates an ambush that leaves the bandits defeated in mere minutes. The would-be vengeance of House Semphier ended.
  • Chapter 2: The Annual House Festival, Trade Winds, has come once again. The town of Dawnsport and House Deltario are a flurry of activity preparing for the event. Danyk returns from Braavos, elusive as ever as to the reasons why. He begins to suspect that the secret is out and holds Mauwin, the Agent of the Iron Bank responsible for is embarrassment. His irritation is quickly forgotten as Malora Sand, his natural born sister, arrives and makes her new home in Dawn's Point. Malora and Aelvyia quickly become fast friends. In answer to Princess Naerys request, Lord Angelo sends a raven to the Tower of the Hand to get Lord Rhoanys consent. With the Dayne's arrival to Dawn's Point, negotiations for the betrothal quickly recommence, but stall when it becomes clear that Laura Dayne requires Vysaeria to relinquish command of the Deltario forces to her upon the wedding. Allyria Daytower agrees to judge the Minstrel competition, but Bargins with Ser Mortimer that she will be allowed to sit with Lord Angelo during the festival. When informed, Lord Angelo twists the arrangement so that the Day's Judge will sit with him, and thus Allyria is allowed to be seated with him on the first night only. When the new arrangement is made clear to her on the second night, she is outraged. Lady Vysaeria Intimidates Allyria into submission. The Wrestling competition is Championed by Mauwin of Ib, who faces the against Jor the Tower of Twobridge, a massive man who defeats all challengers with a single blow of his mighty fists. The Tower simply cannot catch the much smaller and faster Ibbenese man and is eventually worn down. Finally, on the night of the great feast, Madame Mae leads a procession of her "flowers" into the bailey to preform for Lord Angelo. The center of this spectical is a stunning beautiful vieled woman who makes every attempt to Seduce Lord Angelo. The Cunning Angelo, even drunk, is quickly able to deduce that the veiled woman is in fact Allyria Daytower, but coyly leads her away without falling for her attempts to Manipulate him.
  • Chapter 3: For weeks following the Annual Festival, trade ships have frequented the largely unused docks in Dawnsport. Without previous word, Ser Luthic Dayne - Brother to Laura and the current Sword of the Morning - arrives to continue discussions and negotiations regarding the potential wedding. With him is the Dayne Ward, Bethany Blackmont. After an evening of discussion, Ser Luthic is Persuaded that it would only be fitting for the Castellan of Starfall to be accompanied by a detachment of Knights as a dowry. Maester Terrance becomes worried because no ravens have arrived in some time. Concerned that someone may be intercepting messages meant for House Deltario, Lord Angelo and his retainers ride out to patrol the House's Domains. After traveling a few hours along the Spur, the House Retainers spot a wounded man on horseback. The fellow recounts how he and his party were attacked by a large band of well armed soldiers, before he - the lone survivor - was able to escape. Fearful that brigands may threaten Hillheart Mine, Lord Angelo and his retainers press on. When they arrive at Daemian's Doom, the can see towering pillars of smoke rising from the Semphair Valley. They call for the Wordless and the House Archers to reenforce their position. Several hours later, the House's Elite guard arrive led by Jedik Sand and are accompanied by Ser Gorman Daytower and the Daytower Horse Archers. With the majority of the martial forces of House Deltario at his back, Lord Angelo presses on. Just before reaching the Valley, the force intercepts Septon Dunmyr of the Abbey of St Kanarr being escorted by the Green Axes of House Lukas. Septon Dunmyr informs Lord Angelo that a large force has captured Lealgarde and taken Ser Josian and his wife hostage. Angelo dispatches Tarle Sand to scout a head and the assassin is quickly able to Track the enemy force. Vysaeria assumes Command of the Deltario army and makes ready for battle. Applying her Logic Bethany Blackmont is able to assist Vysaeria in deploying the House Forces to exploit the enemy's weaknesses. Before the battle beings, a rider bearing the Color's and Arms of House Semphair ride for to parley but are rebuked and unmet. Vowing death to any captives, the supposed Semphair Lord rides off. The battle is bloody. Pressed into service by the invaders, the Smallfolk Levies taken from Semphair Rise are cut down by the Deltario Forces. The opponents Heavy Cavalry are annihilated by the unnerving Wordless, led by the Hammer of Dawn. The Lukas Green Axes, however, are decimated by the fighting, and are only able to retain their strength by absorbing the survivors of the smallfolk levies. The enemy commander attempts to flee and a Chase ensues. Once captured, the clearly foreign man attempts to Decieve Lord Angelo into believing that he is Lord Hendrik Semphair. Jedik Sand, however reveals the mans true identity as Yharrik Drezznik, an Astaporee Captain in the Golden Company, and the man personally responsible for cutting down Mica Deltario. Pleading for his life, Yharrik reveals that he was hired by a Targarian boy to invade the Deltario Lands. Barely able to contain her fury, Vysaeria agrees to take the man prisoner. The force then marches and liberate Lealgarde.
  • Chapter 4: In the month that follow The Battle of Semphair Valley, the members of House Deltario go about ensure the Valley and House Lukas are able to recover for the damage done. Ser Mortimer makes a point of spending time in the Semphair Rise, assisting the Smallfolk there as best he can, while Lord Angelo and his retainers focus on continuing to build the House's fortunes. Shortly after the battle, Mauwin of Ib departs for parts unknown. The House is favored, however, when it becomes clear that a wealthy and influential Tyroshi Merchant-Prince Ezrael Damas has made Dawnsport his home following the unrest in the Free City of Tyrosh at the onset of the War. He is a welcome addition to the House. A message arrives from Starfall: the Lady of House Dayne has requested that Lord Angelo come by her invitation to conclude negotiations for his marriage to Lady Laura. On the way to the Daynes Seat, aboard The Vigil, they are met in the Stepstones by none other than Daesmos the Corsair. The Pirate welcomes them aboard his ship, The Bloody Mummer, where he attempts to Convince Angelo that he needs a large inrush of Coin to continue to avoid Deltario tradeships. Lady Bethany, Ezrael and Lord Angelo Bargain to provide Daesmos with the trade routes of trade ships from Sunhold and the Pirate agrees. Following their arrival to Starfall, Ser Luthic explains that his mother has taken ill and is unable to greet them. The Heir to House Dayne then takes a travelers from House Deltario on a boar-hunt in the woods near Starfall. Tarle Sand proves to be a capable woodsman and Tracks the beast to a clearing. A the wild boar goes to break, Lord Angelo using skills in Marksmanship and his fine Curved Bow, fells the creature in a single shot. At the feast that follows, it is clear that Lady Shierle is far more sickly then any have let on. Lady Bethany attempts to Diagnose the elder Daynes ailment and then Convinces the Daynes Maester to confirm her suspicions. The Elder Lady of House Dayne is afflicted by a Late Summer Sicknes to be sure, but the Drunkards Wasting (liver failure) has taken hold. Armed with this information, Lord Angelo attempts to Convince Shierle to agree to a full Military Alliance between their Houses. She refuses. He then changes tactics and attempts to Bargain with her, offering to marry Laura that very eve, allowing Shierle to see her daughter married before she passes. Lady Shierle deftly counters with a Bargain of her own: If Angelo marries her daughter straight away, House Dayne would use its influence to support a Regional Tourney to be held at Dawn's Point, and will pay for half of the cost. Realizing he's not likely to get a better offer, Angelo agrees. He and Laura a wed the following evening in the small Sept at Starfall.
  • Chapter 5: Roughly a month after the expedited marriage of Lord Angelo of House Deltario and Lady Laura of House Dayne, the main festivities and Tourney is held at Dawn's Point, partially funded by House Dayne. It is a massive affair for the newly risen House, and the Lords, Ladies, and Knights from all of Dorne are in attendance, including Princess Naerys and her children. To the surprise of many, Lord Rhoanys Targaryen, Hand of the King, makes the trip from Kings Landing to see his children. Shortly after he arrives he requests a meeting with Princess Naerys and Lord Angelo to discuss the fostering of his Grandson in the Dornish Captial. His daughter, Aelvyia is strangely absent from breakfast, and the impatient Hand insists that the group take the conversation to her. When they arrive at her room, they find her in bed with the bastard sister of Daynk Deltario, Malora Sand. The Hand, embarassed and outraged, insists that Aelvyia be sent from Dawn's Point to Sunspear - away from, what he sees as, the corrupting influence of the Deltario's. After the Hand's outburst, Lord Angelo recieves Lord Dafyn Blackmont - the Scavanger Lord - who attempts, and fails, to Intimidate the Deltario's into releasing his previously Warded daughter, Lady Bethany, back into his custody. He storms out of their meeting, when it is clear his intimidations are nothing more than bluster. At the Tourney, Tarle Sand enters the Archery Competition and takes second place to the well known Marksman, Ser Jamye Farshine of House Sungold. Despite his loss, the bastard earns a small fortune during the Tourney from Gambling and lifting purses. During the Grand Melee, no one is surprised to see Ser Mortimer Daytower - the Hammer of Dawn - but the assembled men-at-arms and knights are stricken when Vysaeria Targaryen - the Violet Dragon - ignites her chained flail - The Dragon's Wing - in a ball of green wildfire. Many men abandon the field, fearful for their lives. In the end; Ser Mortimer, Lady Vysaeria, Ser Sallon Portcan of House Manwoody and Ser Kellen Jordayne - brother to Lord Edmyr Jordayne - remain. With a single strike, Lady Vysaeria severely wounds Ser Sallon, and ignited with Wildfire, he abandons the field. Ser Kellen aggresively attacks Ser Mortimer, and the two exchange blows. Unopposed, Lady Vysaeria uses the reach of her weapon to assault Ser Kellen, and with a flick of her wrist, the man is consumed by Wildfire. He dies screaming before he can doff his armor. Unwilling to attack his general (and face the Wildfire) Ser Mortimer yeilds to the Targaryen woman. In the Joust, Ser Mortimer, his Squire Eldyn Lukas, Ser Herrik Gargalen and Ser Vaelstyn Targaryen reach the final rounds. Ser Mortimer unhorses Ser Herrik after two passes. To his credit, the young Lukas goes pass after pass against Ser Vaelstyn, largely considered one of the best Tourney Knights in the Seven Kingdoms. On the final pass, Ser Vaelstyn's lance glances off Eldyn's Shield and pierces his breastplate, maiming the boy terribly. Unbeknownst to the crowd, Ser Vaelstyn did so intentionally, and only the observant Danyk was Aware. In the final bout, Ser Mortimer and Ser Vaelstyn go pass after pass, each unable to unhorse the other. After several passes, Lord Rhoanys makes to confer with Princess Naerys and Lord Angelo for judgement, but is interrupted by Danyk, and the two exchange a hushed converation. Afterword, the Hand of the King suggests that the two knights be allowed to continue the Joust until a one unhorses the other, instead of the judges declaring a victor. Eventually, Ser Vaelstyn is able to unhorse Ser Mortimer and is declared the Winner, naming Lady Amaya Sungold as his Queen of Love and Beauty. At the feast that follows, over a hundred Lords and Ladies are seated within the Dawn's Point Castle, enjoying a lavish meal and fine entertainment. While the nobles are deep in converation, Tarle Sand catches the eye of his rival Joseth Tobyn, who mockingly toasts the bastard before vanishing in the crowd. Just then, the aged Maester Terrance spasms to his feet, gasping for air. He collapes onto the head table, not far from the assembled dignitaries and thrashes wildly, fighting for breath. His eyes, nose and ears bleed and the veins in this face, hands and neck swell, obviously afflicted by poison. Dispite the quick acting and expert care of Lady Bethany, the Maester dies surrounded by the Lords and Ladies of Dorne. Even with the combined effort of Danyk and Tarle Sand, they can find no trace of the assassin nor proof of House Tobyn's invovlement.

Book 3


A year passes following the destruction of House Blackwood of Widow's Rest. Ser Mortimer and Lady Bethany enjoy a small wedding, attended by the Lords and Ladies from the surrounding domains. It is a simple affair but one of elegance and grace and quickly the two take to the task of rebuilding and restoring the lands around Widow’s Rest. Lord Angelo show favor to the faithful supporters of his House, petitioning Princess Naerys to see Ser Meribald made Lord of the Daytower, and instilling his trusted Master at Arms, Ser Banmund Skye, as master of Arc Spire. Ser Bandmund takes command of his new holdings and renames the tower, and the walled keep that is currently under constructions, The Skyespire

In the first three months, the Deltario’s and their Bannermen are troubled with illness, outlaws, and scandal. It is revealed that Master Dedrik Morn, the Captain of the Guard for House Lukas, had been conspiring for some time with the rabble and bandits roaming the coastal plains of Dorne. In particular, the lands around Goldrise Hills, prove a fertile ground for Master Morns treachery and House Lukas loses some standing among their peers. This scandal, unfortunately, overshadows the great lengths the Sealion Fleet of House Lukas, with the help of Desmos the Corsair, make in purging the western Sea of Dorne from Tyroshi Pirates that have plagued the region for some time. Eventually the Fleet, led by Desmos’ Galley The Saphyre Queen sink or capture the bulk of the Tyroshi ships. Finally, a lingering illness spreads from the Cedar Vale into Dawnsport and is particularly hard on the men garrisoned within the castle.

As spring ends, House Deltario make ready for the birth of Lord Angelo’s first child. Both mother and child (a boy) survive the delivery, but before the babe can suckle for his first time – on the very day of his birth - Dawnsport is rocked by a massive earth quake. Fires break out in the abandoned sections of the town. Hundreds perish. Many take to calling the Lord’s new son The Quakeborn. The aftermath brings starvation to the people and with it, the lingering sickness blooms into full blown plague. People flee from Dawnsport in scores, and many head north to the Greencoast. In the chaos, bandits and brigands raid in Wavepeak Hills, but are swiftly brought low by Lord Meribald, only to rise up again weeks later renewed. In Widow’s Rest, spared from the brunt of the quake, a talented woodcarver called Joryn the Shaper crafts fine wooden works so beautiful that the draw the attention and adoration of the Royal Court of Kings Landing, bring wealth and prominence to Ser Mortimer and his wife.

As Lord Angelo and his supporters struggle to rebuild, rumors circulate of open rebellion brewing in the Goldrise Hills and Weaveren. Swift to act, Ser Banmund mobilizes his forces and puts all dissenters to the sword. Some decry the ferocity of his response, but the rebellion is snuffed out before it can blossom. In the north, the young Eldyn Lukas is acknowledged by the Court of Sunspear for his gallantry against the brigands and bandits that have plagued the land, despite his enfeebled arm. It is widely noted that as the Squire of Ser Mortimer, the boy has learned the skill and valor that the Hammer of Dawn is so famed for. Throughout this time, Lord Angelo has steadfastly supported his Bannermen, coming to their aid, often with his endless coffers, when calamity strikes – deepening their adoration and respect for him. In the final days of summer, Ser Banmund completes construction of the walled keep started by his predecessor, while much of Dawnsport has been rebuilt and restored to its former glory, bringing many back to the town.

As the short summer ends, the domains of Dorne begin to prepare for what many hope to be a plentiful fall and short winter.