Magefaire 1354 Cluster B

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Birker Gerlund, Sage (B1)

Sage (History of Spells)

  • Gnome, with a tent full of reference materials, and a small cot in one corner.
  • 50gp per query, plus 10gp per additional day of research

Mrilluera's Apple Tree (B2)

Apple Provender

  • A booth from which the smell of wonderful sweet-and-spicy baking things emanates. The front counter has small-casks of cider stacked up quite high, supporting a wooden sign decorated with childishly-drawn apples and the words "Mrilluera's Apple Tree."
  • The Apple Tree serves apple-based foods - mostly sweets and breads - along with a few other touches that make for decent meals. They also specialize in apple drinks, particularly three different kinds of cider (sweet to tart) and a good apple wine.
    • Squalid (1sp): For those that can't afford much, Mrilluera makes a fine oat-and-apple porridge, sprinkled with nuts, with a generous helping of cinnamoned honey dolloped over the top, and a few slices of fresh-cut apple sticking up out of it.
    • Poor (2sp): A fine selection of thick slices of steaming apple breads and fresh glaze-topped muffins, with scattered bits of nuts and cheese crumbles throughout the different variations, served with a side of apple butter and a weak cider to drink.
    • Modest (1gp): A piping hot slice of thick-cut apple-cheddar pie, with a dollop of clotted cream atop it, a bit of roast pork slathered in apple sauce, and either a good strong cider or a light but intoxicating apple wine.

The Starry Glazier (B3)

Fine Glassworks

  • This tent has a wooden frame on the outside, set with small pieces of fine stained glass into the posts, and the tenting material - a plain robins-egg blue - hangs within the framework. Over the arched doorway hangs a stained glass sign in purples and blues with gold and silver stars: "THE STARRY GLAZIER"
  • The center of the shop is a wooden latticework hollow column with built-in shelves on which hang or sit a number of pieces of fine glasswork. A driftglobe that sheds pure, strong white light bobs up and down in this column, going from floor to ceiling in about a five minute cycle. As it moves, the light it sheds is filtered through the fine glasswork, filling the otherwise drab tent with a beautiful kaleidoscope of color and light. The walls are lined with shelves featuring some of the other fine work, and the proprietors - a half-elven woman and a spry young gnome man - wander around, chatting amicably with patrons, half of whom stare slack-jawed at the column of light.
  • Glass Wares: The goods on display include the following:
    • Bottles (1 doz): 10gp, sold by the dozen only
    • Drinking Glasses (set of 6): 3gp for simple clear glass, 8gp for etched or colored, 12gp for both etched and colored.
    • Hourglass: 12gp for a half-hour, 25gp for a full hour
    • Marbles (bag of multi-colored, approx 100): 4gp
    • Mirrors: 10 gp for a handheld, 30 gp for a picture-frame size, 60gp for a full-length mirror
    • Orbs (Spell Focus): 10gp for plain uncolored, 25gp for fine etched patterns, add +20gp for colored glass, 75gp for stained glass, with etchings
    • Pane of Stained Glass: 1sp per square inch for clear, 3sp per square inch for etched, +1sp for colored glass, 6sp per square inch for stained glass
    • Spectacles: 8gp per pair
    • Spyglass: 800gp
  • Magical Wares: alchemy jug (525 gp), driftglobes (60 gp), eyes of the eagle (525 gp), lantern of revealing (700 gp), sending stones (500 gp), wand of magic missiles (750 gp)
  • Glass Weaponry: The proprietors also have a small collection of weapons wrought of fine stained glass, all technically weapons with the Strange Materials Minor Property.
    • Battleaxe: 60 gp
    • Daggers: 55 gp, or a pair for 100gp
    • Mace: 55 gp
    • Rapier: 75 gp
    • Short Sword: 60 gp
    • Warhammer: 65 gp

Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors (B4)

Mage Guild • Waterdeep

  • Brilliant white tent emblazoned with the Order's white-hand sigil along the back wall of the tent, and a couple of tables for discussions with those who might be interested in taking work with the Order and moving to Waterdeep.
  • Each of the tables features copies of the four volumes of the guild's Guildbook of the Watchful Order, volumes 1 through 4, which are made openly available to all members of the guild upon their acceptance into the order.
  • They also highlight the ample research libraries and laboratories available to members, as well as myriad job opportunities for those who can use a little extra coin. Most of all, though, they mention access to powerful magi in the city for those in need of assistance, further mentorship, and the like.

Ulveller Potionwrights (B5)


  • A dun-colored tent with brilliant green brocade and hanging fringe. A modest hand-painted sign stands beside the entry: "Ulveller Potionwrights of Sembia • Come Right In!"
  • The interior of the tent is cut in half by a long counter where workers wander up and down its length, making sales and talking to customers. Behind them, against the back wall, are a series of standing shelves, in which are kept potions in locked cases.
  • Magical Wares: potion of healing (40gp), potion of climbing (40gp), potion of animal friendship (190gp), potion of fire breath (195gp), potion of hill giant strength (195gp), potion of resistance (190gp; fire, lightning, acid, frost), potion of water breathing (185 gp), potion of gaseous form (950gp), potion of heroism (975gp)
  • Master Ulveller's Potions, Oils & Dusts (250gp), a book worth 100gp toward a Schema library, adding +3% to researching any potions, oils, or dusts, and including the schema for all the potions Ulveller Potionwrights sell above.

Deviross's Abjurations (B6)

Spell Monographs

  • A grand tent in a deep green color. Flanking the tent opening are a pair of stout kite shields, emblazoned with the arms of the War Wizards of Cormyr.
  • Inside the tent is a simple set-up with a wooden floor and glass cases containing the monographs the shop sells.
  • Spell Monographs: Their monographs are on good parchment, with sturdy cloth covers in green and gold stitching.
    • PHB Spells:
      • Cantrip: blade ward (4 pages, 22 gp)
      • 1st Level: alarm (10 pages, 40 gp), mage armor (4 pages, 42 gp), protection from evil and good (10 pages, 40 gp)
      • 2nd Level: arcane lock (10 pages, 70 gp)
      • 3rd Level: counterspell (14 pages, 95 gp), dispel magic (8 pages, 95 gp), glyph of warding (14 pages, 110 gp), magic circle (12 pages, 100 gp), nondetection (10 pages, 100 gp), protection from energy (14 pages, 95 gp), remove curse (8 pages, 125 gp)
      • 4th Level: banishment (14 pages, 125 gp), Mordenkainen's private sanctum (14 pages, 120 gp), stoneskin (16 pages, 135 gp)
      • 5th Level: planar binding (18 pages, 175 gp)
      • 6th Level: globe of invulnerability (16 pages, 190 gp), guards and wards (16 pages, 220 gp)
    • Elemental Companion
      • 1st Level: Absorb elements (4 pages, 40 gp)
    • Unique Spells:
      • Dolent's Helm (Abjuration 1st • 8 pages, 45 gp): Creates helm of psychic energy to protect against psychic attacks.
      • Magic missile reflection (Abjuration 2nd • 8 pages, 75 gp): Field that reflects magic missiles back at their source entirely; can be transferred to others as long as the spell is still active.
      • Protection from Missiles (Abjuration 2nd • 12 pages, 85 gp): Gain resistance to non-magical ranged attacks that inflict piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning damage. (Create)
      • Lesser sign of sealing (Abjuration 3rd • 12 pages, 115 gp): Spell that creates a magical sigil on any mechanism that opens as a door, sealing it as per arcane lock and causing anyone that breaches it to take damage from spell discharge.
      • Cloak of warding (Abjuration 3rd • 10 pages, 120 gp): Field of force that absorbs damage from various sources, dissipating once it has been breached or exhausted.
      • Aryeric's cloak of protection (Abjuration 4th • 16 pages, 180 gp): A spell that cloaks a number of creatures within the area, allowing the caster to transfer damage incurred by spells from one creature to another within it once per round

Dweomered Delights (B7)

Magical Toys & Diversions

  • This tent is made of a simple canvas dyed a striking but not garish shade of purple. Above its entry is a sign declaring it DWEOMERED DELIGHTS. To either side of the tent are small wooden counters with a railings, looking like nothing so much as tiny stages. These counters clearly extend into the tent itself, and every half-bell or so, some little toy comes marching or flying out, to turn around a few times on the stage, perform some little trick, and then return inside.
  • The interior of the tent has the little "stage" wrap all the way around both sides and the back as well. Upon these stages are set the various little toys, all brightly colored wood with little glass "gems" and inlaid lines of metal like copper and silver. The little toys perform with a single touch and the activation word "Imia". The old couple who own the shop sit in chairs near the entryway, watching and answering questions from their seats as they are able.
  • Magical Wares: Ryssa's delights are Common-quality magic items. Some of the common motifs are small birds that fly and sing (55gp), dogs and cats that make animal noises but will also quarrel if set near one another (60gp or 100gp for one of each), little faeries that fly about the room leaving a trail of sparkles in their wake (75gp), or one of the very large metal-and-painted-leather dragons that take to the air, roaring, and spit an illusory cloud of fire, ice, or green steam depending on their color (150gp).