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Berlaern Press (C1)

Tome Seller

  • An open-faced pavilion, with a pleasant, scantily clad young woman standing outside welcoming people in - she focuses her welcomes on those who look like they might walk past, hoping to snare new customers.
  • The interior of the pavilion is set up with a few small clusters of bookshelves, each featuring one of Berlaern Press's notable series. Each hour, one of the workers takes the podium in the center of the tent to read from one of Berlaern's books, always choosing the steamiest of passages.
  • Works: Berlaern Press are frankly smut peddlers, though the works do tend to be well-written, sprinkled with plenty of plot and adventure in between the steamy passages. They have six series, each of which are sprinkled with enough lore of different sorts to provide a small bit of useful information. Books in these series are slim volumes that sell for 10gp each.
    • The Moon-Witch's Passions (200 gp): The tales of a wayward witch of Rashemen who sleeps her way through the Utter East, fighting, losing to, being sexually dominated by, and then overcoming a panoply of Red Wizards, Mulhorandi pharoahs, pirates, and bandits. (Gain a +1% to research involving Rashemi witches and their magic per 100 gp or portion thereof.)
    • The Emerald Pirate Queen (100 gp): The tales of the lusty lesbian pirate queen of the Sea of Fallen Stars, who specializes in battling vile slavers and cruel corsairs, rescuing the maidens they've seized, who of course fall rapturously into her bed in gratitude. (Gain +1% to research involving pirates or the Sea of Fallen Stars per 50 gp or portion thereof.)
    • The Travails of Tanda the Sorceress (150 gp): Cast out of a stodgy Halruaan house of noble wizards, Tanda - accompanied by her boon companions, a beautiful priest of Sune, and a Calishite courtesan - cuts a swathe through the wicked and the chaste alike all throughout western Faerun, from the Shining South to the North. Their misadventures usually involve a caper of some kind, which is almost ruined by one of their lusty proclivities, but is saved by the quick-thinking of the other two. (Gain +1% to research involving enchantment magics or the faith of Sune per 50 gp or portion thereof.)
    • The Lusty Monk of Candlekeep (200 gp): Considered deeply scandalous, the books of this series have the questionable distinction of being the only books Candlekeep doesn't own and won't accept (though the series is quite the rage among a small secret cabal of its monks). Mantarn is the virile and devilishly charming monk of the series, and he solves various strange mysteries in a wildly-inaccurate but fun version of Candlekeep, sleeping with men and women alike as he investigates the various schemes and phenomena that seem to bedevil the library. (No benefits.)
    • Tower of Passion (300 gp): A (very) thinly veiled allusion to Blackstaff Tower, Delvhen - its protagonist - is an all-too-recognizeable version of the Archmage of Waterdeep. Delvhen turns his handsome bearded visage, deep voice, and strong, un-magely body to both the seduction of his hapless (but very willing) apprentices and his rivals in magical prowess alike, defending the fictional city of Deepharbor over which he is guardian with the prowess of both his mighty staves! He ranges all over the North, with sexy allies in every nook and cranny of the place. (Gain +1% to research involving the North for every 100gp or portion thereof.)
    • The Wildest Druidess (75 gp): The tales of Andimalwe, a wood elf druidess, who spent long decades in the wilds, but has now been forced into contact with civilized places and people. Her free, liberated sexuality is just one of many tools by which she accomplishes the quests her strange woodlands deities set before her. (Gain +1% to research involving shapeshifting magics for every 100gp or portion thereof.)

The Tower of Mysteries & the House of the High One (C2)

Temples to Mystra and Azuth • Saerloon

  • A fine tent of deep blue and brilliant scarlet.
  • Its interior is open to all passersby, though it is divided into two sections - one that is open to the street, where the priesthoods of the allied temples chat with those who stop in, and the other which has been turned into a shrine to both Mystra and Azuth.
  • The two temples contribute to the staff who are operating the temple in the Old Watchtower.

The Alchemical Armory (C3)


  • A steel grey tent, with dark blue edging. Two lacquered wooden posts are set up flanking the entrance, with glass globes atop them filled with some kind of alchemical liquid that sheds light like a torch, but slowly shifts between red, blue, and green colors.
  • The interior of the tent has a number of small tables set up with stacks of wood, hanks of pork, and blocks of stone. At each "station," they demonstrate the effects of different alchemical weaponry on the material at that station. In the center is a small table with racks of alchemical flasks and other grenade-like weaponry.
  • Alchemical Wares: The Armory does not sell recipes.
    • Acid (25 gp), alchemist's fire (50 gp), frostvial (50gp), mailrot (50 gp), sleep gas (40gp), smoke bomb (25gp, or 5 for 100gp), smokestick (6 for 25gp), spark gravel (20gp), thunderstone (25gp), tanglefoot (35gp)
    • Alchemy arrows (6 for 25gp, each arrow can be loaded with a dose of an alchemical ejective), alchemy quarrels (6 for 30 gp), alchemy darts (6 for 30 gp)
    • Alchemist's Bandolier (30gp, holds 6 vials, makes drawing vials a free action)
  • Magical Wares: potion of fire breath (185gp), potion of growth (180gp), potion of heroism (900gp), potion of invulnerability (950gp), potion of speed (11,500gp)

Warchest Auctioneers (C4)


  • A well-constructed and spartan tent, wrought in dark red and copper tones, with a suit of armor on either side of the entrance.
  • The tent is wide open, with specially constructed stands for each of the items. Armored attendants act as both guardians for the goods and experts on the abilities of the items in question.
  • Auctions: Each item is on its own stand. At the base of each stand is a small octavo booklet describing the item in question, its provenance, and space in the back of the book to write down bids, by name and amount.
    • The bids go on all through the Faire, with final outcomes being settled up on the third day.
    • If the winning bidder is not there when the item is called for, they will go to the previous bidder, but only if that bidder is willing to pay what the winning bidder bid.
    • Otherwise, it is opened up to anyone able and willing to bid that amount.
  • Items:
    • An elemental bow, which can summon the power of the many elements to unleash doom upon its targets. (Rare • 6000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A healing mace, which aids a healer's magic and can even unleash healing magic of its own. (Rare • 5000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • An animated shield, which will leap to the defense of its attuned owner of its own accord! (Very Rare • 65,000 gp Starting Bid • 500 gp per bid)
    • A suit of scale mail of fire resistance, which defends its wearer against flame and heat. (Rare • 6000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A pair of fine steel bracers of defense, to defend those who wear no armor and bear no shield. (Rare • 6000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A quiver of Mielikki, whose depths can hold many more arrows and other weapons than it at first seems. (Uncommon • 450 gp Starting Bid • 50gp per bid)
    • A sun blade longsword, which sheds radiance that burns the undead. (Rare • 7000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)
    • A suite of scale mail +1. (Rare • 4000 gp Starting Bid • 100 gp per bid)

At the Old Crossroads (C5)

Spell Monographs

  • The tent is a tall affair, with a single pole upholding its center. Atop the pole are two criss-crossing arrow signs of the sort one finds at crossroads, with the words "At the Old Crossroads" painted on them. The tent is canvas, though the top appears to be the upper boughs of a shadowtop tree, which rustles and blows slightly in an unfelt breeze. Beside the door is a sign on a stand that says: "Spells of Travel and Movement! Ask us about the Crossroads Compendium!"
  • Inside is a heavily carpeted tent, with bookcases against the edges of the tent wall. Visitors are greeted by one of the proprietors when they arrive and handed a printed listing of their offerings and prices, with the proprietor on hand to answer any questions.
  • A shop with spell monographs that focus on travel magic and those spells that make the lives of traveling mages easier, from a trio of wanderers who once had the same master. They meet every year at the Magefaire to share their stories and their new magics; the shop is just an easy way to finance their get-togethers.
  • Spell Monographs: The Old Crossroads monographs are covered with thin simple wooden covers, onto which has been burned their logo, a broad arching tree with roots that trail away in four directions like a road, with four lanterns hanging from its branches. The name of the spell is burnt above the logo, and the words "At the Old Crossroads" is burnt along the cover's bottom edge.
    • PHB Spells
      • Cantrips: light (6 pages, 25 gp), mending (8 pages, 22 gp), prestidigitation (4 pages, 22 gp)
      • 1st Level: alarm (6 pages, 45 gp), comprehend languages (4 pages, 50 gp), expeditious retreat (8 pages, 45 gp), jump (4 pages, 38 gp), longstrider (4 pages, 45 gp), Tenser's floating disk (10 pages, 55 gp)
      • 2nd Level: arcane lock (8 pages, 70 gp), continual flame (6 pages, 65 gp), darkvision (8 pages, 70 gp), levitate (6 pages, 65 gp), locate object (6 pages, 62 gp)
      • 3rd Level: blink (14 pages, 95 gp), clairvoyance (10 pages, 92 gp), fly (8 pages, 95 gp), glyph of warding (8 pages, 100 gp), haste (12 pages, 120 gp), Leomund's tiny hut (8 pages, 115 gp), phantom steed (14 pages, 110 gp), tongues (12 pages, 100 gp)
      • 4th Level: dimension door (12 pages, 140 gp), Mordenkainen's private sanctum (12 pages, 135 gp)
      • 5th Level: creation (18 pages, 175 gp), legend lore (12 pages, 160 gp), passwall (16 pages, 175 gp), teleportation circle (6 pages, 175 gp, includes any two locations from book below)
      • 6th Level: arcane gate (14 pages, 200 gp), guards and wards (16 pages, 200 gp)
    • Unique Spells
      • Greater Mage Hand (Transmutation 3rd • 12 pages, 110 gp): As mage hand cantrip, but providing greater strength and manipulation. (MoF)
      • Fire Stride (Transmutation 4th • 14 pages, 160 gp): Caster may step into one fire and teleport to another fire within range, without harm. (FRCG)
      • Gemjump (Transmutation 6th • 14 pages, 225 gp): This spell provides the ability to teleport to the location of a specially prepared magical stone. Though the caster may possess only a single stone, wizards may exchange the "details" of their stones in order to permit others to use the location of their stones as viable targets for these spells. (MoF)
    • The Crossroads Compendium (168 pages, 4000 gp): A quarto-sized spellbook that compiles all of the above spells (in 160 pages), bound in a sealing oaken cover. It also includes a small "directory" of seven teleportation circle "addresses" in locales that are relatively safe and are not claimed by anyone, one address per page:
      • a small cave in the eastern Galena Mountains about a half-day from Darmshall in Vaasa
      • an old elven stone pavilion two hours north of Myth Drannor in Cormanthor
      • the rooftop of the Pony & Vixen tavern in Selgaunt
      • the cellars of a ruined stone tower routinely patrolled by forces out of Elturel, about two hours away
      • the center of a small alley courtyard in Waterdeep's Sea Ward
      • the ruins of an old Azuthan monastery at the edge of the Snakewood in Amn
      • the back courtyard in a caravanserai halfway between Myratma and Memnon in Calimshan.

Lady Parini, Arcanatrix (C6)

Arcanatrix (Specializes in Illusions)

  • Beautiful Calishite woman
  • Specializes in crafting illusions to allow client to sleep with anyone they fancy; Parini knows the visages of most of the important heads of state and other celebrities, as well as images of deities and figures of legend
  • 50gp per hour • +50gp for a full illusion, +150gp for full illusion of someone famous or dangerous
  • Interior of her tent is extremely warm and luxurious, all rich brocades and silks, smelling of incense and fresh fruits

The Heartland Wine Cellar (C7)

  • An open-fronted booth of pleasant green and silver trim, with a short set of stairs up to a fine hardwood floor covered in comfortable carpets. Great wine barrels are set up as "stands," with attendants offering free samples of wine, for sale by the bottle from racks between the barrel stands. Prices are by the bottle.
    • Berduskan Dark (Fine, 12 gp): rich, heavy, sweet wine so red it is almost black, with an unheard-of high alcohol content.
    • Berduskan Sweetred (Fair, 3gp): red clarry, sweeter and less alcoholic than the Dark.
    • Beregost Lion's Way Orchard Best (Fine, 13gp): apple brandy fortified pear port wine.
    • Evereskan Mistborn (Good, 8gp): ice wine saeres, wrought with jewelweed and greycloak rose nectars.
    • Greenfields White (Fine, 15gp): an exquisite white wine.
    • Greenfields Wise (Fine, 17gp): an amazing elderberry wine.
    • Hardbuckler Delight (Fair, 4gp): sweet onion and rhubarb hill-wine, created by gnomes of Hardbuckler.
    • Hardbuckler Hill's Gold (Fine, 14gp): honey wine, made by the halflings of Hardbuckler.
    • Wyrmwood Pale (Fair, 2gp): ice wine with the Wyrmwood Vineyards estate, from Soubar in the shadows of the Forest of Wyrms.

Ilidor of Savras, Diviner (C8)

Master Diviner

  • Has a true talent for prophecy; 25gp to answer questions
  • Human man with bald head on top, but long fringe of hair around sides, kept braided in strands past his shoulders.
  • He is also a Candlekeep sage, who is willing to talk about the Prophecies of Alaundo, from whose visions the Roll of the Years are named. 50gp per query about the Prophecies of Alaundo.

The Axe & the Bow, Finesmiths (C9)


  • A nicely-crafted tent, of sturdy charcoal grey canvas with green embroidered edgings. A sign is planted in the ground next the entry, marked with an axe and a bow, crossed over one another, surrounded by a profusion of small gems. The gems are of cut glass, but have clearly been enchanted to wink and flash as though they were very valuable stones.
  • The interior of the tent is cut in half by a long glass counter, under which a small fortune in finely wrought jewelry sits. A dwarven male and a he-elf sit or stand in turns behind the counter, explaining their work to those with questions.
  • Wares: Where the metalwork is delicate, with the look of elven craftsmanship, the stones in the piece are cut in precise angles as dwarves do; where the dwarven metalwork is chunky and angular, the elven stones in it are lightly set, cabochon or perfect spheres that dangle from the work. They favor working in gold, silver, and electrum, with Semiprecious and Fancy stones.