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The members of the Portland cabal, Magnum Opus, are:

  • Nigredo, a Moros Silver Ladder. Despite the grimness associated with her Path and the stodginess associated with her Order, Nigredo has a reputation in Portland's Consilium of the Rose as being somewhat flighty and distracted. Her cabalmates love to tease her about her pre-Awakening year in the 70s following Fleetwood Mac around the United States on tour, and insinuating that she's "gay for Stevie Nicks," in Albedo's words. Nigredo is a witch, first and foremost, skilled in old traditions of witchcraft. She loves being around people, and particularly loves shopping for new and over-the-top shoes. She is a chain smoker, and her voice is slightly husky as a result of years of smoking, though it doesn't seem to have affected her health beyond that. Nigredo is the Farseeker for Magnum Opus.
    • Eos, on her mentor Nigredo: Insufferable woman! Eos had lived & seen nearly half as much life as this arrogant witch had seen, yet she had the gall to try & humble & belittle Eos? They never got along, although her mentor always seemed some infuriating combination of fond & amused. But when Eos was hungry to learn more, her mentor would instead decide not to teach that day, instead they would spend time sitting at a mall watching people, or shopping for pointlessly extravagant shoes. When Eos would be melancholy or struggling, her mentor would instead pile on more tasks & assignments. And then...demand tea of all things! And the woman didn't even drink tea!! It would just sit there, all tea & perfect like, and grow cold. Until she would finally remember it & then pour it out into a nearby dead plant. Probably poisoned by tannins. Eos would have wished for a focused & strict mentor, but instead she got some deranged & random woman who was addicted to nearly unwearable shoes, chain smoked cigarettes & suffered from acute ADD. A gease to stay away from her for two years would seem like a blessing. But...somewhere along the way. Eos stopped hating her & found herself, though she'd never admit it, admiring her. Just a little mind you. Probably just due to familiarity over the years. Indeed. Insufferable silly thing. ...Hope she's alright...
  • Albedo, an Obrimos Adamantine Arrow. A racing motorcycle enthusiast, Albedo is Magnum Opus' Doorwarden. She has a reputation for brash arrogance, and a refusal to back down. She enjoys hanging out in biker bars, downing whiskey, and looks forward to the brawls that inevitably break out. Though she has a reputation as a lesbian, she refuses to confirm or deny this, instead telling people she likes to mind their own damned business, and simply punching those she doesn't like in the gut.
  • Citrinas, a Thyrsus Free Councilor. A burlesque dancer, fire-juggler and all-around transgressive entertainer, Citrinas has a measure of fame in the Burlesque community as "Alara Rose." She is deeply motivated by creators' rights and the proliferation of artistic opportunities in all communities, and routinely organizes avant-garde art shows, "art terrorist attacks" (where she and a number of other guerrilla artists show up in inappropriate venues to paint the walls, put on impromptu performances and other similar acts). Citrinas is the Farseeker for Magnum Opus.
    • Rasayana, on his mentor Citrinas: "It took me a while to get used to her, um, unorthodox behavior and methods. I don't think I've ever been on the receiving side of patience and tolerance before. She shook me up, encouraged me to find my own way, and kept me grounded. She made sure I never forget how much Sleepers matter."
    • Rasayana has been trying to clear Citrinas of charges that she attacked the Seattle magi.
  • Rubedo, an Obrimos Mysterium; also called "Finder" by her apprentice, Autumn. An older woman with a nurturing demeanor who deeply cares for those around her. Rubedo acts as Hearthmaster and Loremaster for Magnum Opus. Most people guess that Rubedo was a mother at one point, but rumors in the Consilium of the Rose say that her family perished in an encounter with some kind of spirit - crueler rumors state that it was a spirit that she herself called up. She doesn't ever talk about it, however, and anyone gauche enough to show interest has the rest of Magnum Opus to answer to first.
    • Autumn, on his mentor Rubedo: Finder, Autumn's mentor, was like an aunt to him. In the wake of his family's passing and his own resurrection, Finder took him into her home and treated him with warmth and compassion. One part grief counselor, one part personal tutor, one part spiritual advisor. She meant the world to him and provided him an island of safety and stability in the wake of his personal tragedy. Where his grief might have become rage, she channeled it into productivity; where it might have become self-loathing, she transformed it into service. Autumn was quite distraught when the Helots suddenly packed he and his cabal-mates off to Astoria. In many ways, it is like he is leaving home for the second time, and newly finding his way in the world without the support of his mother figure.
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