Master of the Estate

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The Master of the Estate

Thirteen White Starlings
Sitting in a Row
Twelve Drops of Blood
Dripping To and Fro
Eleven Lions Made of Stone
Standing Tall and Proud
Ten Shiny Wicked Blades
The Shrieks Are Too Loud
Nine Rivers Blue and Black
Roaring Waters Cold
Eight Ancient Hungry Hags
Their Teeth Aren’t So Old
Seven Days of Midnight Dark
Never Stop for Rest
Six Days of Terrible Sun
Far Beyond the Blest
Five Wicked Gardens
With Poison Flowers Vile
Four Eternal Canyons
That Echo All the While
Three Ancient Tombstones
Who’s the First to Die?
Two Black Talon-Trees
Reaching Toward the Sky
One Master Clad in White
Lord of Dread and Fright

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