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As many as a quarter of the magical groups in New Orleans are mixed-tradition groups. These magical groups are often dedicated to a specific purpose, something that unites the magicians other than the practice of an individual tradition of magic, such as corporate sponsorship, service to an organization or some civic goal.

Gold & Chrome

A shadowrunners group that has been around since the 50’s, open to voudoun, shamans and mages originally, though sub-groups have formed that include other types of magicians.

  • Gold & Chrome: voodoo, shamans, hermetic mages
  • Jet & Veridian: witches, wiccans, druids
  • Ivory & Argent: Buddhist, Shinto, wuxing magicians
  • Cobalt & Adamant: theurgists & qabbalists
  • Iron & Bone: physical adepts

The House of Twenty Petals

A notorious Yakuza group, consisting of Hermetic, Ainu Shamanic, Buddhist and Shinto magicians as well as physical adepts

The King’s Men

A magical jazz group, with Shamanic, Chaos Magic, Traditional Witchcraft and Voodoo membership.

The Mississippi Fellowship

A group dedicated to the preservation of the Mississippi, including Shamanic, Druidic, Norse, Shinto, Traditional Witchcraft, Voodoo and Wiccan magicians.

Project: Rivermouth

A Shiawase group, made up of Hermetic, Shamanic, Chaos Magic and Shinto magicians.

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